I Will Be The Harem King Chapter 79

79 Ray Vs Madara Uchiha Iii


My sword that had both vibration magic and lightning magic clashed with his susanoo's sword and the shockwaves created by the clash destroyed everything around us while we fought without giving much thought to the environment around us.

Since his susanoo had two hands that wielded weapons, it was obvious that on the attacking side, Madara had the upper hand. But since I was faster than him, I was able to make my way through his attacks and land blows on him as well.

Because I was using vibration and lightning at the same time, the damage done on his armor was enough to create cracks. Although since I hadn't pulled out any big attacks and only used normal attacks, he was able to restore the armor relatively easily. But I wasn't that worried since my aim was to send in vibrations inside of the armor through the cracks.

Since his susanoo was so huge, the amount of vibrations needed to break it was also large. Even if I fought with this strategy for over an hour, I will only be able to blow up a small portion of his susanoo. But I had to be patient to succeed so that I don't end up regretting in the end.
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While I was fighting according to my battle plan, Madara himself was thinking on how to fight me inside the susanoo and if given enough time he could come up with really dangerous plans. Even if that weren't the case and he somehow decided to use more destructive and overpowered moves, I would be screwed. Especially with those black spots.

While I was still attacking his susanoo, from within the massive structure, Madara extended his hand towards me and worded something that I couldn't here. But I felt what he just said in no time as I was hit with a massive gravitational repulsion that sent me packing to the ground. Although he didn't use the black spots, the pain this attack gave me was enough to daze me and he took advantage of that.

"Chibaku Tensei."

This time I was able to hear him surprisingly despite my dazed state but I couldn't ponder on that as I understood the situation I was in. And that was amplified when I was dragged by an invisible force towards the small black hole in the sky. There was already a massive amount of rocks and trees gathered around it and quickly stuck to each other and once I fully recovered from my dazed state, I was already stuck to its surface and surrounded by rocks that were taking in a black color in an alarming rate.

I knew I couldn't use my intangibility anymore since I was surrounded by rocks that had those annoying black spots. And the same was the case for teleportation. I was trapped and I knew I had to take the crash that will come head on. Madara will not keep me captured, he will definitely crash this to the ground.

Realizing this, I started to think on how to survive this. While I could cover myself with lightning, it won't be enough to completely offset the damage. But if I used vibration to disrupt my immediate surroundings and created a lightning cocoon around me with an added barrier of vibration just in case it could work. Despite this, I know that there is bound to be damage I will take from this so I had to also make sure that the damage I take is not from those black spots so that I could heal myself.

After getting everything in order, I put my plan to action as the rocks around me gave way as I surrounded myself with lightning which took the shape of a cocoon soon enough. While this happened the vibrations I had used to create space started to compress around the cocoon while still keeping the area around it free of anything else. After doing so, I finally focused on the incoming boom.

After waiting for a while, I finally felt the artificial planet going down to crash. I mentally prepared myself for the impact as I once again checked my defense to see if there was anything amiss. Madara will either take the opportunity to land the finishing blow or leave after the crash, I don't know which one it is but I know that I will have to be proactive and deliver the decisive blow right after this. That's why, while I was setting up my defense, I sent vibrations through the air spaces and then through the air outside and into the susanoo through the cracks that were recovering to make sure I still had the upper hand in the long run.

Soon enough, the mass of rock plus me landed and exploded. The shockwave and the rocks flying around was slowly chipping away at my defenses and there were times when they made through my defenses and left lasting wounds on me through those black spots that I wasn't able to dodge because of the cramped space.

As the explosion finished and the spoke, dust and debris stopped hindering his eyesight, Madara watched the explosion sight to see where his opponent was. He still had his susanoo up and ready but not because he expected his opponent to remain unharmed after that. It was mainly because he was prepared to fight the other two men who he had met before this in case they tried something. Although there was some doubt in his heart that his current opponent will come out of this. Even if that is the case though, he will come out in no condition to fight.

Just as he thought of this, a massive pillar of lightning broke from the ground below him and hit his susanoo that created massive web cracks on its surface. Seeing this, Madara used the weapons on its hands to be the first contact point. but what he didn't know was that the intention of this attack was never about destroying his susanoo.

Once the attack ended, Madara moved the susanoo's hands to see me standing next to the place from where the lightning burst out. I was panting heavily and there was big gash on my back that was shedding blood like a river but I stood tall as I looked at him.

Next, before he could do anything, a massive spear of lighting emerged above me since it was too big to hold on to with my hands. As I took a big gulp of air, I sent the massive spear flying right on to the chest of the massive structure known as susanoo.

"Odin's Judgement." As soon as I finished saying that, the spear broke through the armor before dispersing, but that was enough. Because before he was able to completely seal the cracks shut, I was able to send in the required amount of vibrations inside as I staggered on my feet a bit.

"You survived without much effort from that. It seems I have underestimated you. But that will change now, I will take you seriously and give you the warrior's death that you deserve after what you have shown me." Madara spoke after watching the cracks seal shut and his eyes held a glimmer of respect in them at the end of those words.
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