I Will Be The Harem King Chapter 81

81 Ray Vs Aizen Sosuke

"Shatter." As soon as he opened his mouth, I covered my whole body with lightning. This effectively cut off my line of sight which could have become fatal in any battle, but I had no choice in this matter as in order to avoid falling for his hypnosis, I had to have not seen his shikai release. If it wasn't this way, I would have closed my eyes so it would end up the same way anyway.

When the lightning retracted from my vision, I saw him with his sword out of its sheath. His previously calm face now had a slight seriousness to it seeing as I had managed to avoid seeing his shikai release. And so he knew that he will have to fall back on his kido mastery and swordsmanship to face me. But the main reason for his seriousness has to be the fact that he doesn't have his biggest advantage anymore and that is his illusions.

"You seem to be hiding more than it seems. How did you know about my zampakuto?" Aizen asked as he saw me revealing my eyes through the lightning cloak. But instead of answering him, I charged at him with my sword in hand.

Although my sword usually wouldn't be able to handle a fight against a zampakuto, but due to me covering it with lightning and vibration on the surface, it could manage a prolonged fight but only once. The following clash was against swords and as the sound of clashing resounded, I kept upping my speed to get my attacks through his defenses. But his experience allowed him to stand toe to toe with me and I had to try and keep the pace up to find an opening.

"Bakudo #1: Sai."

"Hado #4: Byakurai."

As soon as he muttered those words, my hands that were mid swing stopped before folding behind me. Once my hands were tied behind me, he pointed his index finger at me and fired a black lightning bolt right on my chest. Although it seemed as if the entire lightning was black there was still a lot of blue so that means that the blackness was those darn spots again.
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But I withstood my pain and somehow broke free of his spell before once again going on the attack. I swiped my sword at his waist height and sent a lightning bolt out of it that was able to hit him on the sides but was blocked by his sword from the attack hitting his chest.

But that wasn't the end as continued my attack with an overhead swipe which he was only barely able to block. But because of the strength I had put into the attack, he was pushed to the ground as a crater formed beneath him. He managed to come out of the attack by rolling away though and pointed his index finger at me once again.

"Hado #31: Shakkaho."

He generated an orb of fire at his finger point and fired it towards me. I had gotten sloppy because of exhaustion so the huge fireball hit me head on as I got serious burns and flew backwards. Despite being a mid-level hado spell, the power he used in it was massive so the damage done to me was also on a large scale.

I had flown a large distance away from the battle and I had the sudden idea to escape. Am I being a coward? Maybe. But what else do you want me to do? I had just finished a long fight with Madara and now I am fighting Aizen. Not to mention the wounds I suffered at Madara's hands, now I have just taken a freaking lightning bolt and a fire ball that is only worsening the situation.

Having made up my mind, I started to use my space power and lightning magic to the limit as I bolted to the end of the barrier that was surrounding me. Of course, seeing as I was running away, Aizen gave chase and damn was he fast.

He was able to keep up with me despite the fact that I was using lightning and space to become faster than normal. But since I was ahead of him and the distance between us wasn't shortening, I was able to focus on running away. That was cut short as Aizen started firing one spell after another and this caused my speed to slow down a bit since I was forced to dodge the attacks.

But it seems that after the recent run of bad luck, I managed to get some good luck in this situation because just as Aizen managed to close the distance between us even more, I reached the barrier wall. And as quickly as I can, I exited the damn thing and teleported away. Again, cowardly? Maybe. Do I care? Absolutely not.

I didn't manage to go far though and I had to teleport once more. But since I had enough time to actually concentrate this time, I managed to travel over hundreds of kilometers this time. And that is how my first encounter with Aizen ended. Now all I have to do is recover so that I could finish him for putting me into a situation where I had to run away.

Back at the barrier wall, Aizen stood there silently as he watched the place where I disappeared from while wearing a contemplative look on his face. He was nursing his left shoulder and right waist from the lightning slash bolt I had sent after having deactivated his shikai. As he stood there, he felt a familiar presence coming in so he waited quietly.

"Where is he?" Soon enough, an old man landed next to him as he asked Aizen. He had noticed only Aizen here right now but had perceived a second presence as he was arriving here. And he was sure that Aizen hadn't killed him since the presence had felt like it disappeared too quickly for someone who died.

"He retreated. I can't call it running away since I had started to fight him right after he finished Madara. And given what that man is capable of, I think he must have been heavily wounded after the fight. To have fought me at equal strength with those condition is praiseworthy enough." Aizen replied after sorting out his thoughts and the old man merely nodded at that in reply as the two fell into a silence.

"Well, I shall leave first then. I have to recover from these wounds, although it isn't anything fatal, it is dangerous to leave it alone. Until next time then." Aizen spoke after some time giving a glance to the man who stood next to him before he left using shunpo.

The old man looked at Aizen leaving before he turned his head towards the western direction where a certain man/boy/old man/pedoph- was recovering from his wounds. If Ray had known that this old man had somehow managed to pinpoint the general direction of his whereabouts, he would have just shrugged his shoulders and said 'As expected'. But that is not now nor then.

The old man turned around and left the place he was in as he decided to put some time aside to get some training done and get stronger. It wasn't like he had anything else to do besides waiting for Ray to come find him since knowing the general direction didn't mean he knew where Ray exactly was, especially in a huge realm like this.
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