I Will Be The Harem King Chapter 83

83 The Last Battle

Once I finished off Aizen, I went into thinking mode. I had to decide what to do next, should I train some more so that I could get used to my newly increased strength or should I head into this last battle straight away. There is pros and cons to both, with the most important being that, if I train more, I could be better prepared and stronger in the fight, but if I go to fight now, I would have interrupted my last foe from getting any stronger.
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The last guy is both easier and harder to deal with than the rest of those whom I have fought already. His arsenal of moves while nothing to scoff at is not that many. But each one of those can be dangerous not to mention his hand to hand combat experience and skill. His CQC is the most dangerous asset to him and I know for a fact that he will be much more difficult to fight than it was fighting Madara.

It's not that he is stronger than Madara or anything like that. In fact, Madara has a much more diverse skillset and he has a lot of experience with them and he could also fight without any skills and by just using his body. This last guy on the other hand while similar to Madara, he is also different.

Although he doesn't have as diverse a skillset as Madara, his experience in using his existing skills and moves are slightly beyond me and even without that, as I mentioned, his most dangerous aspect is his CQC technique.

Back on topic though, I know I shouldn't be wasting time on taking him out but I also know that haste makes waste so I shouldn't be hurrying myself. But again, if he gets any stronger I might end up dead when the time for fighting comes. But if I also managed to improve more if I choose to train before going after him and increased my strength heavily, then I could put myself on equal footing against him.

Aggh, this is such a headache. I wish I could just go there and blow him to kingdom come before finally leaving this god damn place. Anyway, I need to come up with an answer quickly. I can't waste my time on this.

At the end of my thinking, I decided to at least get used to my body. And if I managed to get used to it before the day ends, I will spend two days to train and get stronger. If not, then I'll just have to go fight him tomorrow, no matter how slim the chance of survival is. And guess what happened at the end of the day? Not only did I manage to get used to the increase in my strength, I also had ample time to get some more training done before the day ended. And so, this was how I decided to spend the next two days putting myself through hell.

I had heavily focused on my physical attributes that could help me in close quarters because I knew that the upcoming fight will heavily demand that from me because of who I was going to fight. At the end, I was able to push through the hell I put myself through as I came out like a different man. No seriously, I was giving off a wild aura because of the sheer aura of strength my body was giving off.

If I had to guess, I would say that I had already surpassed Madara in terms of physical attributes. If I had to use another example, then I would possibly rank myself at the same level as Goku was when he fought Broly. You might think I am exaggerating but I am not. If you spent 48 hours breaking your muscles and reconstructing them all the while going through intense exercises while under heavy gravity without sleep, then it was only a matter of time before you reach that level not to mention the already high strength I had before that.

Once I finished training, I meditated for about an hour while using my control over time to recover from any type of exhaustion. Both mental and physical stress was taken care of as I stood up from where I sat. the moment I stood, my face couldn't help turn serious as beads of sweat went down the side of my face.

It would be a lie to say that I wasn't afraid. I was terrified even, I mean, I have a really good life on my hands right now but what I am about to encounter might end up with me dead. If I died, I would lose what I have right now. And that is what I am scared of, losing what I have right now. Not only the girls but also the Fairy Tail world in general. I have greatly enjoyed travelling around the world despite the unconventional method I used and I have also started to cherish those who I have encountered so far. Apart from those annoying people and Achnologia but I still cherish what I saw in this world.

And then there was the guild mates I had made in Fairy Tail. Though, I haven't really shown to others, I have connected with them during the short time I have been there. They are honestly the closest thing I have to a family ever since I died. Sure, I still consider my old worlds' parents as such even now. But I can't even see them anymore, but after having spent time with those in the guild, they have become brother and sisters to me, apart from my harem of course. Makarov himself has become a grandfather figure. Again, I know to those who are outsiders wouldn't have noticed me interact with them but that doesn't mean I haven't.

But despite all of this. All the fear, anxiety and nervousness of losing what has become dear to me, I am also excited. I know I am starting to sound like a battle maniac more and more but I can't help it. The people I have been fighting so far has always been against those who I have only watched on a computer screen. The blood boiling scenes I encountered through a screen, now I was experiencing it myself against those very beings whom I saw as only a fantasy. Nonetheless, I didn't forget the main goal of coming to this plane.

I calmed my raging feelings down after taking a deep breath. And then, I released all of the aura I had contained in my body that formed a silver colored energy field around me like those in dragon ball does and the immediate surrounding was blown away by the sheer density of it.

After releasing everything I had, I closed my eyes and waited for my last opponent. I knew he would definitely sense me after what I just did and so I didn't have to waste any time to go and search for him. And sure enough, around two hours later, I detected a massive presence making its way over here and soon landed before me. The final battlefield that I had chosen was a grassland, I knew it wouldn't survive long because the scale of the fight wouldn't let it exist after that.

"It seems things are finally going to come to an end." The figure before me spoke up as I looked at him with familiarity. The same face, the same attire and the same condescending gaze. Oh, this is going to be both exciting and annoying.
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