I Will Be The Harem King Chapter 84

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"It seems things are finally going to come to an end." The figure before me spoke up as I looked at him with familiarity. The same face, the same attire and the same condescending gaze. Oh, this is going to be both exciting and annoying.

"I agree. All of this would be over and I can go finally go back. You on the other hand, well, I will be sending you straight back to the place where you were picked up from." I replied to him as he gave an amused expression at that. Though his disdainfulness was still there in his eyes.
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"I knew mortals were a failure but for you to be this disillusioned, I can't help but find this whole farce of bravado pitiful." Just like his eyes, his voice when he said that contained a heavy amount of sarcasm and disdain but I had the perfect retort for this guy.

"Says the guy who was beaten by a mortal like myself once before." And I got the desired effect from saying that as his original smug face contorted in to anger and hatred.

"Watch yourself, mortal. You should be glad I allowed you to be in my presence at all. Push your luck anymore and you will find out true despair." He said through gritted teeth as he was barely holding back his urge to trample on me. And hearing his words, I knew just another sentence against him would start our fight. And I will have to stretch my focus to its very limit.

Because standing in front of me is a man with spiky black hair that has 2 bangs hanging to the right of his forehead and 2 bangs hanging to the left. His hair also stands up in the front with 4 spikes and 3 bangs in the back. He was wearing a dark grey vest, a long-sleeved black undershirt with a turtleneck, a red sash, black pants and white boots. He was also wearing a sole earring on his left ear. If you still haven't guessed who this is after this very detailed description, I seriously want to question your love for anime and manga because this guy was one of the main antagonist of the "Future" Trunks Saga of Dragon Ball Super, Goku Black.


"Funny. Is that supposed to be a threat? Advice? Or are you begging me to take you as a god?" I covered my body with lightning as I spoke mockingly to him as he raised his palm at me and fired a black energy ball that had a golden tint to its outside after he was unable to hold back anymore.

The energy ball grew in size as it flew towards me and the strength behind it also grew with its size. But seeing this, I only raised my one arm in response and stopped it in its path. The huge energy ball was trying to push me back but I held my ground firmly as I stabbed my fingers into it before swiping my arm aside that sent the energy ball with the swipe.

"Not bad, but if that is all you have got, then I guess you are all bark and no bite. Don't tell me that the almighty god has such little strength." I gave a look to my hand before speaking to him and he only squinted his eyes in anger in response. I know most would think this is stupid on my part since, emotions play a big part in a saiyans strength. And standing in front of me was a saiyan, though he wasn't one in soul form, but the traits of the warrior race exists with him. And to provoke him like this is just digging my grave.

But while that would be true, I knew I had to do it. Not only so that I can provoke him into making a mistake which is highly unlikely but also because I don't want to waste too much time fighting him while he held back as that would allow him to grow while in battle and that would be a headache.

"Is that so? Then allow me to show you the difference between us. From now on, I will be making you go through hell and when I am done with you, you will be begging me to stop." Black spoke after a while and it seems he has gotten back his calm despite my words. This could make things more difficult for me but since this is how it is, I have no choice but to fight a prolonged battle now.

I readied myself as I got into a stance, and he leaned forward slightly before he accelerated and appeared before me. As soon as he was in front of me, we started to trade blows. He kept sending his fists in a boxing motion while I used my own way of fighting to block and counter his attacks. We both landed some hits but it wasn't anything really and even if it did hurt, I could have just used my time control to heal since he isn't using the black spots.

For the first few minutes, we only fought with our fists but as we got more into the fight, we started using our legs to get some kicks in and we also started to use more force behind our attacks. And the more force we exerted in our attacks, the stronger shockwaves we were creating and sending our surroundings on the path of destruction.

We weren't going to stop so that we can worry about the environment however and kept going at each other. Now though, our hits were starting to take its toll on us slowly but we didn't stop. At this moment, he sent his left fist towards my face and connected while I sent a right fist and buried it deep into his gut. That was the end of our first exchange however as we both were pushed back from the impact of the hits.

A trickle of blood flew down my mouth from a cut I got from his last punch but I didn't do anything about the blood or the cut. While he was holding his stomach and coughing. After that he was panting slightly but recovered his breathing in no time at all.

"That was better. But I hope for something more. How about we kick up the notch a little?" I spoke up after we stared at each other and released a torrent of lightning energy to form a bigger lightning coat while using a huge amount of lightning to increase my reflex and speed.

"Hmph, you are not bad for a mortal yourself. But you are right, if this is all we will be doing, it's going to be boring." He replied to my words as a black aura erupted from him as he powered himself up and gave me a confident smirk.

We waited for a while before we both raised our two arms at once and fired energy projectile at each other. I fired blue lightning balls, and he fired black and gold Ki balls at me. Our respective blasts met each other mid-way and exploded against each other and the following dust and smoke blocked our sight.

When the smoke cleared after we stopped our energy attacks, we readied for another round of battle in close quarters as we got into stance. And then we disappeared from our respective spot and met each other again in the middle with our fist connecting against each other that destroyed our one meter surrounding because of the shockwave from the blow.

Ray vs Goku Black
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