I Will Be The Harem King Chapter 86

86 Descent Into A Somber Mood

3rd POV

Fairy Tail, Magnolia

Inside of the guild it was rowdy as usual, as the members drank alcohol to their limit and fought amongst each other that started because of the two troublemakers Natsu and Gray. The girls sat near the bar as the chatted with each other and Makarov sat on one of the bar stool as he drank beer from a mug while watching over the guild with a grandfatherly smile.

Things had been going smoothly for the guild ever since Ray arrived as the news of him joining the guild brought in more and more businesses. And that also brought more bragging rights for him for the next annual meeting between the guild masters. The members of the guild fulfilled request but spent majority of their time at the guild interacting with each other, and this was what made him happy the most since he didn't want his children to go after money or fame. He'd rather see them make bonds with each other and have fun being a family to each other.

"Ooi master, I haven't seen Ray-niisan anywhere recently. Do you know where he is? He still hasn't fought me yet and I'm dying to show some new tricks I got since the last time we met." Over at the crowd, Natsu who held Gray in a headlock suddenly stopped squeezing his neck with a sudden recollection as he turned his head towards Makarov while he asked that. All the while holding Gray in a headlock.

"Hm, he said was going on a private mission. He said it was very dangerous and didn't allow anyone else to accompany him and that it might take a while. Ah, it has been more than two weeks already, he should be on his way now. You can challenge him then, Natsu." Makarov looked at Natsu as he heard him call out and replied after some thought.

"Oh man, why didn't he bring me with him for the exciting mission. I probably would have kicked ass no matter what came my way. Let him come back and show him what I can do, then he is bound to bring me with him next time." Natsu grumble to himself and for a while forgot his spat with Gray which gave him the opportunity to get out of Natsu's grasp and send a flying kick to his head which started another round of chaos.

"So do you girls have any news about him?" Makarov asked after turning his attention to the group of girls next to him seeing that Natsu was pre occupied. He knew that if there was anyone who had information on Ray before anyone else, it would be these group of girls.

"No, it seems he still has the habit of running away from us after a little bit of time spent with us. I swear if he does this one more time, we will really have to snap his legs and tie him up. I mean, he hasn't even sent a message to us to let us know how he is doing." Lisanna spoke after hearing Makarov's question as the rest also shook their heads at him.

"I am sure he just didn't have the time or maybe didn't have a way to get into contact with you. Just be patient, as I said, he must be on his way back now after finishing whatever he is doing." Makarov spoke with a nervous sweat drop at the violent comment from Lisanna while she had the most innocent expression in the world.

"Calm down Lisanna, we can decide what to do with him when he actually gets here. Before that, we can only wait." Anna being the most calm of the group spoke up after seeing Lisanna pout and about to speak once again. Being someone from the past and suddenly thrust into the future had given a glimpse of what Ray was capable of and what he must be involving himself with. And as such, to see him being so serious before he had left made her both nervous and scared. She knew that to make someone like Ray, who even Zeref was wary of, serious like that had probably encountered something that he thought was going to possibly cost him his life. And it was this realization that led her to wish she didn't know what he was capable of, even though she herself didn't know much about his true strength.

Before anyone else in the group or the guild for that matter say or do though, they suddenly got to their feet as silence ensured. The reason? Because above them, just below the ceiling of the guild, a massive crack appeared that was giving of a massive aura. But to the members of the guild who has been fighting for a long time, they could realize that this was just the residual aura. And just this residual aura was enough to make them sweat while they held their breath and stood on their feet shakily.

They were about to attack whatever came through the crack but stopped when out of it appeared a bloodied person that had two missing limbs. As the person dropped down from the crack and landed on the ground of the guild by crashing through a table, the members recovered from their shock as Natsu moved first to check on the person.
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"Ray-niisan!!" After he turned the person onto his back, Natsu suddenly shouted that sent shivers down the spines of the rest of Fairy Tail members. The girls were the first to move as they made their way and surrounded the now identified Ray. The rest of the guild soon followed them and had to take a deep breath at what they saw.

Ray was on the ground with his eyes closed while Anna held his head on her lap. His left arm and leg from knee down was missing and blood was flowing out of it endlessly. His face was also covered in cuts and so was the rest of his body. It was covered in small and big wounds that shed as much blood as anyone would in such a case.

"What are you all doing? Quickly move him into the infirmary. Jet quickly go and bring Porlyusica here. I don't care what you have to do, bring her here no matter what. Tell her that I am in no mood for her stubbornness and that I will go and drag her if necessary" Makarov, who had his eyes wide open at the sight of Ray's condition recovered and shouted at Jet who had the fastest speed in the guild to bring Porlyusica who was the only person who could save Ray. He had seen Ray's chest move slightly and so knew that at least right now, he was alive. And he would make sure that it stays that way.

He knew from the beginning that whatever it was that Ray went to do, it wasn't something anyone else in the guild could have handled, and after he felt that massive residual aura and seen the condition Ray was in, that belief was only strengthened. But he cast those thoughts aside as he turned his face to the girls who were in a crying fit while surrounding Ray after he saw Jet run out of the guild to get Porlyusica.
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