If The Deep Sea Forgets You Chapter 97

Mo Han stared at her indecent smile and his heart sank. It's starting again.

"Why are you awake?" he asked.

Xia Qingyi merely smiled at him in a docile manner as she sat on the sofa. She was swaying left and right, as if she was going to fall on the floor. "Is there more alcohol? I want to drink!"

Mo Han supported her as he furrowed his eyebrows. He let her lean on her shoulder, "It only took a little alcohol to get you so drunk and act like this."

Xia Qingyi leaned on Mo Han's chest as her hands wrapped around Mo Han's neck. She shifted against him, "I want to drink."

Mo Han pulled her hand away, as he said impatiently, "Let me say once again, do you believe that I'd throw you out of the house tonight?"

"No." Xia Qingyi merely smiled as she did not let go.

Mo Han half pulled half carried Xia Qingyi up as he let her continue to talk nonsense to herself. He merely frowned as he brought her out, wanting to go buy some hangover medicine for her then bring her home to get a good sleep.

When he had just brought her over to the side of his car however, Xia Qingyi started to become restless again just as he was ready to force her into the car.

"I want to ride the bicycle back!"

"What bicycle do you want to ride? Get in quick." Mo Han pulled her hand.

Xia Qingyi shook him away swiftly as she shook her head, "No. I just want the bicycle."

Mo Han sighed, increasing the strength of his grip on her hand while he opened the door with his other hand. He forced her into the front passenger seat in his car before closing the door. He then rushed over to the side of the car where the driver's seat was.

He had not even sat properly in the car after entering the car when Xia Qingyi suddenly opened the car door and rushed out.

"What are you doing?!" Mo Han could only chase after her.

All he saw was that Xia Qingyi had run over to where a boy was pushing a bicycle by the road. She was holding on the boy's bicycle, unwilling to let go as she stared straight at him.

"I want to ride your bicycle!" Xia Qingyi pouted

Mo Han rushed over, having noticed that that boy was looking at her puzzled, "I'm sorry. I'm sorry. My younger sister's drunk today. Please do not mind her words." Mo Han explained.

"I'm not drunk! Did I drink?! You didn't even let me drink when I wanted to!" Xia Qingyi glared at him. She was afraid that the boy would not believe her and she turned to him and exhaled with her mouth opened, "Don't you believe? Smell it?"

Mo Han could only feel a headache coming as he pulled her hand to head back, "Are you done with your ruckus? Let's go home as soon as possible."

"No! No! I want to ride the bicycle!"

"Stop playing. Let's go back as soon as possible."

Xia Qingyi did not want to let go of the bicycle that she was pulling at, "No, I just want to ride the bicycle! Even if it's just for a while!"

Mo Han sighed. His head hurt really badly from her words. He had never got into such a situation before in his life. It was because of the damn alcohol. He would have watched her closely so that she would not have touched even a single drop of alcohol if he had known that Xia Qingyi would become like this after drinking.

The boy standing at the side glanced at Mo Han's expression, then he glanced at Xia Qingyi who had a begging expression. His heart softened a little, "How about this, Mr? Since I'm not rushing home today, you can use the bicycle to bring her back if she really wants to sit on the bicycle. You just need leave your contact so that I can go over to take the bicycle tomorrow."

"No, that would be too troublesome for you."

"It's not that troublesome. I think you'd have a hard time bringing her home if she didn't sit on the bicycle today." the boy smiled. He let go of his hold on the bicycle as he signaled for Xia Qingyi to hold on the bicycle herself.

Xia Qingyi immediately broke into a wide smile. She hugged the boy's neck and kissed him suddenly when he was totally unprepared.

"Xia Qingyi!" Mo Han pulled her back. His face was so dark that it seemed like he could kill someone in the next second.

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