I'm A Duke Chapter 2

2 Before Leaving

Windsor Castle

While Arthur and George VI ate their breakfast, a 14-year-old girl with blond hair and blue eyes, wearing a white dress with a pink hat on her head, sat elegantly next to George VI, and kissed his cheek. .

"Good morning, Dad," Isabel said with a beaming smile on her face.

"Good morning. Isabel" Jorge said while biting a piece of bread with butter.

"Arthur, what you and my father were talking about with serious faces." Isabel spoke narrowing her eyes as she gave Arthur a kind smile.

Seeing Isabel's gentle smile, Arthur felt a shiver run through his body. As future queen of all UK Isabel is one of the smartest people in the world. So try to fool this young princess and almost like the lottery bet and win.

Jorge VI next door just cringed and started eating faster, He just wants to run away as soon as possible. When your daughter gets angry even, he will suffer.

Arthur just wanted to cry but the tears didn't come out so he could only show Isabel a hard smile.

"I was telling Uncle I'll change my territory." Arthur spoke trying to stay calm as he prepared to flee as quickly as possible.

"Which?" Isabel asked as she looked straight into Arthur's eyes with a dangerous look.

"Australia." Arthur spoke quietly as he looked away from Isabel.

When Arthur spoke, the atmosphere grew tense, while George VI turned pale with fear and ran straight from the garden leaving Isabel and Arthur alone.

"Reason" Isabel didn't call her father Running away and told Arthur.

Arthur only sighed and told the contents of the Conversation he had with Jorge VI.

"So because of me, you have to leave your hometown and go to that dry, poor land." Isabel spoke with her eyes almost crying as she looked at Arthur with shame and anger.

"Don't cry, I have my reasons So don't be sad." Arthur spoke with a gentle smile as he wiped the tears on Isabel's face.

"You really have to go." Isabel spoke with a sad face as she looked at Arthur with hope.

"Sorry, I really have to go." Arthur spoke as he sighed seeing Isabel's sad expression.

"Isabel, you can always come visit me at my castle in Australia." Arthur spoke trying to cheer up Isabel.

Listening to Arthur, Isabel's eyes began to glow, she had never left England so Isabel was very excited.

"Ok, I'll visit you whenever I can." Isabel spoke excitedly as she looked at Arthur with happiness.

Seeing Isabel's smile, Arthur sighed with relief and finished eating his breakfast with Isabel.

At night, in Jorge VI's office

Arthur was signing the sales papers for his properties all over the UK.

"Arthur, you sold almost half of your possessions, the sum total of all was 6.5 Billion, but we will only be able to pay 5.5 Billion. The 1 Billion will be turned into 30 fully armed Warships. . " Jorge VI spoke with a very kind smile to Arthur, who was cautiously looking at Jorge VI.

"Uncle, I told you, I won't lend you money." Arthur spoke without the slightest respect and rejected George VI without hesitation.

"Come on, Arthur along with those 5.5 Billion Pounds. You currently have 12.7 Billion Pounds in total. Don't you think you can lend me a little?" George VI spoke kindly to Arthur, but his eyes were looking at Arthur as if he saw a living treasure.

"Do you think you fool me, uncle?" Arthur only looked at George VI with contempt.

"It's just worth a try, right." said Jorge VI showed a sad helpless smile.

"Have a good night, Uncle." Arthur spoke and ran from the room leaving Jorge VI helpless and alone in the office.

Arriving at his room, Arthur stripped off all his clothes and went to sleep naked on his bed with red silk sheets.

The next day

Arthur dressed with the help of Ana and other maids, and left Windsor Castle.

"Your Royal Highness, your car is ready." said A muscular man was wearing a black suit with a white tie.

"Thanks, Raizer." Arthur thanked Raizer and got into a black rolls royce phantom. Ana followed Arthur, and sat down beside him.

"Your royal highness, would you like to have a drink?" Ana asked elegantly as she looked at Arthur with a very professional smile.

"A glass of Nyetimber, Ana." Arthur spoke with a smile to Ana.

"Just a moment, your royal highness." Ana answered with a smile and got up to get a bottle of Nyetimber.
for visiting.

A minute later Ana placed a glass of wine in Arthur's hand. Arthur looked at the wineglass with a passionate look.

In Arthur's past life, he was a rare and exotic wine addict. So it is a great happiness when he tries a wine as rare as Nyetimber.

"This flavor, this aroma is just perfect." "Arthur drank some wine and spoke with a happy face.

"Raizer, you can start driving, let's go to London before leaving the UK." Arthur spoke to Raizer and then continued to taste Nyetimber with a smile on his face.

After Arthur finished speaking, the Rolls Royce Phantom and four more cars drove toward the city of London.

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