I'm A Duke Chapter 3

3 An Unforgettable Night 18

London, England

At night

Where Arthur's car entourage passed, everyone would make way for him to pass. After all, they saw the royal family's coat of arms raised on the rolls royce phantom in the middle of the cars.

"Raizer, I'm hungry, go to Rules Restaurant at 35 Maiden Lane." Arthur said, lying comfortably on Ana's lap.

"Yes, your royal highness." Raizer's serious voice was heard behind the black glass. And then the Rolls Royce Phantom headed towards Rules Restaurant.

Arriving at Rules Restaurant, Arthur climbed out of the car and walked to the entrance of London's oldest restaurant.

While walking, Arthur was accompanied by Ana and her bodyguards.

Entering the restaurant, Arthur was soon greeted by all the kitchen staff including the owner of Restaurando.

Of course all this commotion was soon noticed by everyone in the restaurant, and everyone looked curiously at the Boy with surprise and shock after all it is not every day that a royal family member appears in public places.

"Welcome to Rules, your royal highness, please follow me. Your Private Room is ready." The owner of the Rules restaurant spoke elegantly as he looked at Arthur with a very humble smile on his face.

Arthur just nodded and followed the restaurant owner into an extremely luxurious room.

Sitting in his chair, Arthur picked up the menu and began choosing his delicious dinner.

Of course Arthur let his bodyguards eat elsewhere and only stayed with Ana and Raizer in the room.

Suddenly Arthur sees something on the Menu that makes him very shocked. That's why on the menu is written. CHTEAU LAFITE ROTHSCHILD 1787 100,000 Pounds.

One of the rarest and most expensive wines was right in front of Arthur, and that to him seemed like a beautiful dream he didn't want to wake up to.

"Please waiter, Steak accompanied by a bottle of CHTEAU LAFITE ROTHSCHILD 1787." Arthur spoke elegantly to the Waiter in the doorway.

"Just a minute, you royal highness." The Waiter bowed with a smile and walked out of the room slowly.

Shortly thereafter the Waiter returned with two other waitresses carrying a Cart with food and an old-looking bottle.

Suddenly Arthur looked at the Fourteen-year-old girl serving him. He felt that the girl looked a lot like someone but, he couldn't remember who.

"What's your name, My Lady." Arthur asked as he looked into the girl's blue eyes.

"Marilyn Monroe, sir." the girl with light blond hair spoke embarrassed as she looked at Arthur's face from time to time.

Hearing the girl's name, Arthur's eyes lit up. Yes as he may forget, the woman considered one of the sexual symbols of the twentieth century. But looking at this beautiful, embarrassed, immature girl In front of him, Arthur can't help but stare at her body. after all Marilyn Monroe was immortalized by her blond hair and her voluptuous forms.

Looking at Marilyn's body, Arthur can only marvel at how God made Marilyn's perfect Body.

"I don't know if I can have the honor of having dinner with you." Arthur spoke with a sweet smile to Marilyn as he gently kissed her hand.

Looking at that sweet smile that melted her heart. Marilyn just showed a shy smile and nodded in agreement with Arthur's request.

"Ana, Raizer, please come out. I want to have a dinner alone with this lady." Arthur spoke as he looked at Raizer and Ana with a mysterious smile.

"Yes, your royal highness." they both got up and went out in silence, leaving Arthur and Marilyn alone.

They both knew that their master was interested in the girl so they both left the room in silence.

Arthur opened the Chanteau Lafite Rothschild, which cost 100,000 and served him and Marilyn.

"Marilyn, you're not from London right." Arthur spoke, sipping his wine as he looked at Marilyn with a charming smile at her.

"Yes, I'm from Los Angeles, I came to London to look for a job." Marilyn became less nervous. Drinking her glass of wine and speaking with a charming smile with her beautiful red lips.

"Marilyn, this is my last night in London. I don't know if you can join me on this memorable Night for both of us." Arthur came close to Marilyn and whispered in her ear.

"I'd love to, sir." Marilyn answered as she kissed Arthur's neck very temptingly.

Hearing the confirmation, Arthur just kissed her hard on his red lips and placed her on his lap and continued to kiss her until they were both out of breath.

"No hurry, the night is still a child." Arthur whispered in her ear as he gripped Marilyn's waist tightly.

Leaving a note, Arthur took the bottle and two glasses of wine and fled with Marilyn from the hotel without his bodyguards.

"Haha, come on Marilyn, I'll show you the real city of London." Arthur spoke to Marilyn as they ran through the cold streets of London that beautiful night.

After that the two of them ran all over London with just one bottle of wine and two crystal glasses.

Brown's Hotel

Arthur and Marilyn kiss intensely as if to merge with each other. Arthur's hands roamed Marilyn's whole body, further increasing their arousal.

"Lord, and my first time then be kind." Marilyn whispered in Arthur's ear as if she would melt at any moment.

"And mine too." Arthur spoke, breathing heavily as he looked at Marilyn with a very beautiful smile.

Listening to Arthur, Marilyn gave a very cute laugh and kissed Arthur more fervently.

Their clothes quickly disappeared and Arthur and Marilyn were naked under the bed with red satin sheets.

Arthur looked at this sight he will never forget and once again began to kiss Marilyn hard.

"Sir, I'm ready." Marilyn spoke breathing heavily after the kiss.

"So I'm going." Arthur spoke as he hugged Marilyn and placed his cock at the entrance to Marilyn's vagina.

Arthur began to enter slowly trying to cause Marilyn less pain, but Marilyn still gripped Arthur's back tightly from the pain.

When Arthur thrust his cock all the way into Marilyn's vagina. blood slowly stained the red satin sheets.

Taking a deep breath Arthur looked at Marilyn fondly and said, "Let's have our unforgettable night, Marilyn."

Marilyn didn't answer and just kissed Arthur, who began to move her waist bringing pleasure to both.

The whole room can only hear loud breaths and moans from a Young Woman.

Arthur began to move his waist up and down at a steady pace, sometimes slow, sometimes fast that only increased the pleasure for both of them.

"AAHH Sir ... It's ... coming ... Fast" Marilyn sensing she was coming she said breathing heavily as she looked at Arthur with her foggy eyes.
for visiting.

Arthur didn't answer her, and moved his waist even faster as he linked his fingers with Marilyn's.

Sensing that Marilyn was coming, Arthur thrust his cock deep into Marilyn's vagina, and threw it without hesitation into her womb, marking her as his own.

As for the likelihood of having children, Arthur never worried, even if Marilyn is pregnant, he has already planned to take Marilyn to Australia with him.

She's only his and no one else's as to if she wants to be an actress. Arthur fully supported, he wants to show that his wife, and the most beautiful in this world.

As for the concern that an 11-year-old is a parent, he didn't even care. as currently the richest person in the world and prince of the greatest power in the world. Arthur never cared what others would say about him.

[Note: I know some may find it embarrassing but I wanted to do so Romantic and not erotic.]

[Ps: I hope you enjoy it, it took a lot of work to write this chapter.]

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