I'm Kita Duran Prologue

1 Prologue

Sounds of bass and disco-techno music pounded the air around Duran. The music, pulsing strobe lights and streams of fluorescent color sent his senses on a celebratory high.

He took in the scene of the lights bathing the gowns and suits of wedding guests dancing on the dance floor. The atmosphere was surreal to the point of utopia.

Finally, his mother had her one to settle with. A fact Duran was thrilled about. In his mind, he flicked through the number of fathers he had over the course of his life and, by his mother's standards, were never good enough in the end. But, today was different. He truly was happy for his mother's marriage and for the additional family to enrich his life.

'Hey my new Nii-san. You're not dancing?'

Duran glanced over his shoulder and greeted his new sister, Himeko Suzuki. He had met her before the wedding at a family introduction. At that time and now, he was relieved she didn't turn out to be a psycho-hose beast and appeared a sensible girl.

'I've two left feet. It's safer for everyone if I didn't.' Duran joked.

They watched their parents dancing in each other's arms like a pair of love-struck teenagers.

'They look good together eh?' Himeko commented through a warm smile.

'Yeah. I thought I'd be jealous but I'm glad she has someone else to love. It's been us for far too long.' Duran reflected on the day he met his new step-father, Ryuu-chichi, and the instant comfort he felt back then.

'What about you? You okay being family?' Himeko's words carried a sincerity. Her question made him grin.

'I am if you are,' Duran replied coolly.

'Hmm, well don't do anything weird. I won't hesitate to smash my guitar on your head if you do strange things.'

'Hah! What a waste of a guitar. In that case you don't need to worry about this Nii-san being a pervert or such,' Duran laughed off.

He studied his sister's expression from the corner of his eye. She seemed accepting of his words. His goofy grin stretched wider.

'Hey, kids, come dance,' Sakura called out to her son and step-daughter from the other side of the dance floor.

Duran was yanked toward the floor by Himeko before he had a moment to hesitate. Despite her lithe and petite build, she had quite a strength with her pull.

'What a she-woman.' he chuckled.

He sighed, admitting defeat. It was pointless being aloof now. He started moving stupidly to an upbeat pop track, which caused Himeko and his mother into laughing fit.

Duran felt his life was only going to be better from here on in.
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