I’m Really A Superstar Chapter 1425

The Chinese netizens.

“Damn, they’re purposely trying to pick a fight!”

“This is clearly a provocation!”

“This hotel is too arrogant!”

“The Asakusa Hotel? I stayed there when I took a vacation to Japan last year!”

“Fuck! What’s the meaning of this?”

“Apologize! They have to apologize!”

“This is bullying!”

“If it were some smaller hotel, it might not matter. But this is the Asakusa Hotel we’re talking about. Fuck, how can they do something like that? So many organizations and travel agencies work with them too! Oh, they’re secretly placing some right-wing mags in the hotel while making money off of our Chinese citizens? Motherfucker!”

“They must make an explanation for that!”

“Right, this is too disgusting!”

The Korean netizens.

“Ask the hotel manager to step forward!”

“Does anyone care about this?”

“Actions like these are despicable!

“I can’t believe it! There’s actually a hotel like that?”


“Boycott staying in the hotel!”

“I suggest that us Koreans should permanently cut all corporate ties with the Asakusa Hotel!”

“Those magazines must be destroyed!”

“This kind of talk cannot be forgiven by providence!”

“History is not something that you can erase just because you want to!”

Many of the Asian countries’ peoples came forward to curse at this. They had long forgotten about the boycott of Zhang Ye. When it came to such major national issues, there was absolutely no room for negotiation. So everyone’s attention was diverted to the Japanese in an instant!

Similarly, a lot of Asian celebrities came forward to protest!

Xu Meilan posted on Weibo: “Despicable!”

Zhang Yuanqi posted on Weibo with a remark: “Let’s see how long it’ll take for your hotel to be done in!”

Jiang Hanwei’s Studio’s Weibo: “Respect should be mutual. Don’t overstep your limits!”

Another Heavenly King: “To all the Chinese people, please remember the name of this hotel! Even if you’re going to throw your money away, don’t let them earn it!”

The people were firing shots!

The celebrities were firing shots!

The media was firing shots!

This incident grew in intensity at once!

At Zhang Ye’s Studio.

Everyone here also saw the news.

Ha Qiqi was stunned. “The Asakusa Hotel? Isn’t that the hotel where Director Zhang will be staying?”

Wu Yi cursed, “Those fucking Japanese! Fuck their grandpas!”

Zhang Zuo said, “They’re trying to cause trouble!”

Little Wang said, “The main issue is, who knows how long those problematic magazines have been on display for? It was intentional! They’re intentionally provoking us!”

Everyone was scolding!

This was indeed a bit too much!

If you weren’t looking to earn the Chinese and Korean people’s money in the first place, then fine! You could have shown that attitude right from the start. You didn’t have to accept the Chinese tourists, or corporate bookings of the other countries’ travel agencies and the accommodation of the foreign athletes. They wouldn’t have wanted to stay at your hotel either! But no, the hotel actively sought out many corporate deals and managed to get a lot of Chinese and Korean tourists to stay at the hotel. Yet they still secretly placed all these problematic reading materials inside of everyone’s rooms, deliberately mocking them for not understanding what was written in them. Moreover, the other Japanese guests and hotel employees who could understand Japanese would secretly laugh at them without bringing the matter to their attention!

What was that supposed to mean?

Are you taking us to be idiots?

Everyone was furious, except for Zhang Ye, who remained rather stoic. This was because he found this news rather familiar. It had happened before in his previous world as well. The incident also happened in Japan, and it was also an issue with the in-house reading materials. The only difference was that the hotel was different. It seemed like some incidents were simply inevitable even after the world was now a different one. There would always be idiots with no idea of the stupid things they were doing.

The situation kept getting worse!

The voices of protest were getting louder and louder!

Sports organizations, charities, travel agencies, and many other corporate partners of the Asakusa Hotel put forward their requests to have the hotel take away their problematic reading materials!

The Chinese authorities also protested!

The Japanese media was also highly concerned about this incident!

But in an interview that was leaked out, a Japanese official gave a statement.



“Can we ask you what you think about the Asakusa Hotel incident?”

“That is a matter for the hotel to handle. We have no authority to interfere.”

“But many countries in Asia have raised serious protests!”

“As I said, the hotel has its own way of managing its operations, so we won’t be interfering.”

After a few hours.

The Asakusa Hotel held a press conference.

Many reporters from China, Korea, and Japan showed up at the venue!

In the end, the hotel owner’s first response was, “We will not be taking away the reading materials in question! Those magazines will always be placed in every one of our hotel rooms!”


Too arrogant!

The Chinese and Korean reporters were enraged!

A female Korean reporter said loudly, “Aren’t you afraid of losing the foreign tourists as your customers?”

But the hotel owner looked at her and said, “Our hotel will always welcome every guest. If you don’t wish to stay here, don’t come. We can’t force you to stay here either. We have our own way of doing business, and as long as we keep our real customers happy, the hotel won’t suffer any losses. On the contrary, we’re doing great every year, and the hotel is even thinking of expanding its operations. This matter won’t affect us at all.”

The Japanese authorities were indifferent!

The Asakusa Hotel’s attitude was terrible!

This was the answer they had given!

The Chinese and Koreans cursed like crazy.


“What kinda people are those!”

“Can’t we curb them?”

“Quickly take away the problematic magazines!”


The matter blew up even more!

Many Chinese and Korean travel agencies immediately announced the termination of all future cooperation with the Asakusa Hotel, and many travel service sites also announced that they would immediately blacklist the Asakusa Hotel from their search results and reservation services!

One day.

Two days.

Furious scolding!


Cancellations of cooperation!

Wave after wave of attacks were aimed at them!

But it was all in vain as the Asakusa Hotel stood firm no matter what the outside world did. They refused to take away the reading materials and continued behaving however they wanted. They even used this matter as a way to attract more right-wing Japanese guests to their hotel. No one could do anything about them!

It seemed like the matter was going to carry on unanswered like this.

At the studio.

Zhang Ye still did not make any comments about the incident.

The netizens were scolding and the celebrities were all calling for a boycott, but only Zhang Ye did not make a response. This left everyone in Zhang Ye’s studio extremely surprised.

Little Wang blinked. “Director Zhang, let’s express our stand as well!”

Ha Qiqi also suggested, “Yeah, we have to at least scold them a little as well.”

However, Zhang Ye smiled and said, “There are already so many people scolding them. I won’t be missed.”

Little Wang was getting a little anxious. “But that’s not the same. We have to express our stand. Otherwise, how will people view us? Every time something like this happens, haven’t we always been obliged to say something about it?”

Zhang Ye shrugged. “What does it matter what others think of me? You’ve already seen the attitude of those people at the Asakusa Hotel. What’s the use in scolding them further? They won’t give a damn.”

Ha Qiqi said, “But!”

What was going on with Director Zhang?

Why was he so low-key this time?

They could not understand.

At this moment, the Asian Charity Association called because tomorrow was the day of departure to Japan.

The call connected.

Qu Huahua said: “Teacher Zhang.”

Zhang Ye said: “Hello, Sister Qu.”

Qu Huahua said: “Too many things have happened over the past few days, so we didn’t have the time to contact you until now. We’ve already held many discussions with the Asakusa Hotel, but nothing conclusive came out of it. We’ve decided to terminate our corporate agreement with them, so we’ll be switching you to another hotel. Why don’t you see if there any other place that you’d like to stay at and we’ll arrange it for you?”

However, Zhang Ye’s reply was shocking!

Zhang Ye laughed for a bit. “I think that the Asakusa Hotel should be pretty good.”

Qu Huahua was stunned: “Ah?”

Zhang Ye chuckled and said: “Just go ahead with them. There’s no need to change the accommodation.”

Qu Huahua gasped: “But no Chinese citizen dares stay at their hotel anymore. Don’t you know about the incident with their problematic magazines?” This”

Zhang Ye said: “No one dares to stay there anymore? Well, I do.”

Qu Huahua was speechless.

As was the staff of Zhang Ye’s Studio.

Zhang Ye said happily: “Sister Qu, I have decided to stay there.”

Qu Huahua said in a speechless manner: “Since you say so, then alright. But have you thought it through?”

Zhang Ye: “Hur hur, I’ve thought it through.”

Don’t dare to stay?

Why would I not dare to stay there!

You should instead be worried about whether they dare to let me stay there!

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