Immortal And Martial Dual Cultivation Chapter 857

Chapter 857: Bite Off More Than One Can Chew

It looked like Xiao Chen could not use the Thunder Emperors route as a reference. It was no help.

My personal opinion is that you should make the saber soul the main. Help the saber soul swallow up the will, and use the will to strengthen the saber soul. In the future, when the will improves, it will strengthen the saber soul further. When your Saber Techniques improve, you can also strengthen the will.

Think about it: you cultivate the physical body, Mental Energy, and Saber Techniques. None of them is simple. Just one of them can make you unrivaled everywhere.

There is a saying do not bite off more than you can chew. You are better off focusing on Saber Techniques. With your talent, you will be able to make your strength soar in no time at all.

Ao Jiao voiced her opinion.

Xiao Chen smiled bitterly. He had not expected this. Originally, he simply wanted to take the will of thunder the Thunder Emperor left behind, to strengthen himself. However, doing so now resulted in this perplexing crossroad.

Ao Jiaos words were simple to understand: focus on the saber and devote all the time he would use on his physical body, close-combat techniques, and Mental Energy on the saber.

With such copious time, how could his strength not improve?

However, this route would bring Xiao Chen only up to the level of the Thunder Emperor and the Azure Emperor. Surpassing them would be extremely difficult. He wanted more than this.

Now, Xiao Chen made up his mind. He once again slowly tried to merge the two, only he purposely assisted the will this time, allowing it to swallow up the vague form of his saber soul.

The two were initially on an equal footing. When one side gained Xiao Chens assistance, it immediately got the upper hand. The saber soul struggled for a while before it entered the purple Lightning Talisman.

After assimilating the vague form of the saber soul, the purple Lightning Talisman gained an all-conquering, supreme sharpness.

With just a thought, the purple Lightning Talisman split into four beams of golden light. Each beam of light was a small immortal saber.

Xiao Chen revealed a satisfied smile. The golden light returned to his forehead and reformed the purple talisman in his sea of consciousness. Then, he put on the Sea Monarch Headscarf once again.

The distracting thoughts disappeared from Xiao Chens mind. His heart became as calm as still water. After examining himself carefully, he found that he had no regrets over his choice.

He was Xiao Chen. Not the Thunder Emperor or the Azure Emperor.


Due to his injuries, Xiao Chens movements slowed dramatically. However, by the time he returned to the Heavenly Saber Pavilion, most of the severe internal injuries had already healed, his body recovering to peak state.

As Xiao Chen expected, Liu Ruyue had not returned yet. However, he met with another familiar face.

Brother Xiao Chen is becoming even more awesome. Did you bring any treasures back for this Fat Lord?

Jin Dabao had been waiting at Qingyun Peak for some time already. When he saw Xiao Chen, a smile immediately filled his face, reducing his eyes to slits, as he ran over. His figure remained the same as before, similar to that of a ball.

When Xiao Chen saw Jin Dabao, he was rather happy. After he heard what Jin Dabao said, he smiled faintly and said carefreely, You probably wont care too much for the things that I have. I heard that the Golden Roc Merchant Association now monopolizes most of the business in the Sky Dome Realm.

Jin Dabao opened his folding fan and chuckled. Its just some small business, nothing to be proud of.

The two chatted for a long time in the courtyard, sharing their experiences. When the fatty heard Xiao Chens stories of the Kunlun Realm, a light appeared in his eyes. Then, they dimmed, appearing conflicted.

Xiao Chen, do you think that with this Fat Lords intelligence, I would be able to gain some fame in the Kunlun Realm? After holding back for a long time, Jin Dabao finally whispered this question.

Xiao Chen felt speechless at this, nearly spitting out the wine in his mouth. It is best that you dont go. Just stay here and cause trouble for the other people in the Sky Dome Realm.

While in the Sky Dome Realm, Xiao Chen had already suffered a lot at the hands of this fatty. If this underwear maniac went to the Kunlun Realm, this fatty might end up bringing him a lot of problems.

After thinking for a while, Xiao Chen replied with utter sincerity, I feel that it is better if you stay in the Sky Dome Realm. The IQs of those geniuses and old monsters of the Kunlun Realm and yours are on entirely different levels. It would be boring.

When the fatty heard this, he could not help but sigh. He picked up his wine cup and drained it in one gulp. He said, Great minds think alike. There are not many people in this world who can keep up with my mind. Xiao Chen, you are one of them.

So be it. Ill just not go. I have already been very lonely in the Sky Dome Realm for a long time. If I go to the Kunlun Realm, Ill still be this lonely. There is no point. It looks like this Fat Lord is destined to be lonely forever.

The fatty revealed a sentimental expression on his face. With such an expression, if he changed his looks, he would be able to attract many romantic girls who liked such a temperament.

After changing the fattys mind about going to the Kunlun Realm, Xiao Chen moved on to another topic. Brother Dabao, do you have any way to enter the Sky Dome Immortal Realm?

The fatty felt it was strange. He asked, Why do you want to go there? The Great Tang Nations Royal Court invited me several times, but I did not go. It is too dangerous inside. There are all sorts of mutated Immortal Beasts and Spirit Beasts. The competition between the Royal Courts of the various nations is also very intense. If one is not careful, they will enter up suffering a lot.

Xiao Chen felt excited. It seemed that this Jin Dabao really did have a way. In that case, he did not have to think of another method to enter the Sky Dome Immortal Realm.

Apparently, the environment in there was not as simple as that Great Qin Nation guardian made it out to be. This hardened Xiao Chens resolve to go there even more.

Tell me more about this Sky Dome Immortal Realm.

The fatty chuckled and said, WellBrother Xiao Chen, I still have not seen the present you brought back for me yet.

In his rush, Xiao Chen had forgotten about this fattys temper. He tossed out an Astral Coin and said, This is a priceless treasure of the Kunlun Realm. Just one equals half of a Rank 8 sect.

Jin Dabao took it and stared at it for a long time. However, he still could not make out what was so special about it.

However, when the fatty saw Xiao Chens calm and collected countenance, he feigned cognizance and said, This is good stuff. I can tell that this is extraordinary with just one glance. No wonder it is a treasure that equals half a Rank 8 sect.

As Xiao Chen watched the fatty treat the Astral Coin, which was worth a thousand Superior Grade Spirit Stones, as a treasure, he maintained a calm and collected expression, not a hint showing that there was anything wrong.

Jin Dabao blew on the Astral Coin before rubbing it. Then he said joyfully, Brother Xiao Chen really treats me well. The more this Fat Lord looks at it, the more I like it. However, what exactly is it used for?

Xiao Chen replied with a question, You dont know?

Jin Dabao laughed, How can that be? How can this Fat Lord not know such a famous item? It is thatthatthatthat thing, right?

Xiao Chen could not help smiling. He said calmly, This small thing is not really very useful. Lets talk about the Sky Dome Immortal Realm.

When the fatty saw Xiao Chen appearing to downplay the Astral Coin, he believed even more that it was a treasure. He rubbed his lower chin and told Xiao Chen about the Sky Dome Immortal Realm in detail.

After Xiao Chen heard everything, he pondered what he had heard. This Sky Dome Immortal Realm was more complicated than he had thought.

Naturally, the Sky Dome Immortal Realm was not a true Immortal realm. It was just named so by the people of the Sky Dome Realm. The Spiritual Energy in this place was abundant, and there were many natural treasures.

Cultivating there would be three to four times faster than in the outside world. However, it was still not as good as the Kunlun Realm.

The Sky Dome Immortal Realm was an independent small world about a tenth of the Tianwu Continent in size. It was considered rather vast.

The various Royal Courts had their own bases there. However, most of the places there were shared land, and they could go on experiential training together.

Rumor said that it was the actual residence of the Sky Dome Immortal Lord. Everything in the outer worldthe Tianwu Continent and the Boundless Seamaterialized over a long time as a result of the Sky Dome Immortal Realm.

Many Immortal Beasts reared by the Sky Dome Immortal Lord wandered around. After undergoing mutations, they had all become ferocious beasts filled with Spiritual Energy.

However, some Immortal Qi still remained in the Spirit Cores in their bodies. After one eliminated the impurities and absorbed it, ones cultivation would increase considerably.

These ferocious beasts were very strong; some were the equal of Superior Grade Martial Sages of the Kunlun Realm. They were the absolute supreme existences of the Sky Dome Immortal Realm.

Aside from the beasts that the Sky Dome Immortal Lord once raised, there were also plants that had lived for tens of thousands of years. These plants already gained intelligence and could even cultivate.

Inside the Sky Dome Immortal Realm, there was a very famous tree called the Longevity Tree. Rumors said that the Sky Dome Immortal Lord cultivated under this tree in the past.

The Longevity Tree could produce Longevity Fruits. These Longevity Fruits could not truly make one immortal. However, they could easily extend the lifespan of a cultivator.

One Longevity Fruit could increase a cultivators lifespan by a hundred years, although it would only have an effect when consumed for the first time.

Still, the true attraction for cultivators was not the Longevity Fruits but the seven-colored Auspicious Signs that would fall from the sky when the Longevity Fruit matured.

Auspicious Signs were graded by their colors. The more colors they had, the higher their grade. Seven-colored Auspicious Signs ranked below only the eight-colored and nine-colored ones.

Above the nine-colored Auspicious Signs were the legendary Heavenly Signs. Heavenly Signs appeared only when someone advanced to Sovereign Martial Emperor, made an Emperor Grade Medicinal Pill, or when a tree like the Undying Tree bore fruit. There were all sorts of great things that even the Martial Sages of the Kunlun Realm would seek.

Seven-colored Auspicious Signs were already of a very high grade. The Spiritual Energy contained within them was even purer than that of a Rank 3 Spirit Vein. Just one mote would be able to make a cultivators cultivation soar. Furthermore, it did not have any side effects that would negatively affect ones growth for the sake of a quick boost.

The Longevity Fruit matured every five thousand years. This period happened to be the maturation season of it.

Not only were the younger generations of the Royal Courts targeting it, but some of the old cultivators with unfathomable cultivation, who were at the limits of their lifespans, were also making a move.

Naturally, the younger generations wanted the seven-colored Auspicious Signs while the older generation sought the Longevity Fruit. Everyone would obtain what they needed.

However, resources were limited. There would not be a lot of the seven-colored Auspicious Signs or the Longevity Fruits. The competition and backstabbing there was easy to imagine.

Strange. This Longevity Fruit and the seven-colored Auspicious Signs should be very attractive to you as well. Why do you appear not to be interested at all? Xiao Chen asked, feeling doubtful as he watched Jin Dabao fiddled with the Astral Coin.

Jin Dabao carefully blew on the Astral Coin a few times before smiling and retorting, With this Fat Lords intelligence, how can I not understand what they are thinking? There is simply nothing for me there. Why should I go and join the excitement?

What do you mean?

Jin Dabao chuckled and smiled. He said, Of the five nations, the Great Jin Nations Royal Court is the strongest. Even when the other four nations work together, they are not as strong. They are the ones with the most experts, princes, princesses, and young geniuses supporting the Royal Court.

One can only walk to the Longevity Tree. There is a great storm in the sky. Along the way, there are many ferocious beasts. The people of the four nations have to kill their way over bitterly and also be wary of each other. Only the strong Great Jin Nations Royal Court would stand a chance.
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