Immortal And Martial Dual Cultivation Chapter 858

Chapter 858: Strange Place

So when the Great Tang Nations Royal Court came to seek this Fat Lord to become cannon fodder, this Fat Lord immediately rejected them.

A startled look appeared on Xiao Chens face. He said, Brother Dabao, you will probably have to become this cannon fodder even if you dont want to.

Jin Dabao stared at him blankly for a moment, before he quickly reacted with a smile, saying, Dont look to this Brother Fatty for this matter. You are strong. Naturally, you dare to go anywhere. The bones of this Fat Lord cannot take that kind of torture. If there is nothing else, Ill take my leave first.

After patting his butt, Jin Dabao stood up and prepared to leave. The Sky Dome Immortal Realm was not as nice as its name sounded. It might sound very poetic, but it contained all sorts of ferocious beasts and spatial storms. Those who were careless could end up losing their lives.

Xiao Chen smiled faintly, and an Astral Coin appeared in his hand. With a tinkling sound, he flicked it towards the fatty.

Hu chi!

Jin Dabao turned around. His eyes were sharp, and his hands were swift. The moment he turned around, he snatched that Astral Coin out of the air. From his appearance, he seemed to have anticipated that Xiao Chen would do this.

Haha! The only person who can keep up with this Fat Lords thoughts is probably you.

The fatty smiled so widely that he was like a flower blooming. He was overjoyed. With two Astral Coins, he could buy a sect once he got to the Kunlun Realm.

Lets go!

Xiao Chen was already familiar with the fattys habit of pretending to let go in order to gain more. Naturally, he knew that the fatty did not really want to refuse.

Using his full power, he tore space, bringing the fatty with him. They moved very fast. In a mere half day, they arrived at the Imperial Capital of the Great Tang Nation.

Such horrifying strength made the fatty sigh, stirring even more excitement in his heart.
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