Immortal And Martial Dual Cultivation Chapter 861

Chapter 861: Bashful

Xiao Chen smiled faintly and removed his hood. Then he calmly called out to stop Liu Ruyue, Feng Feixue, Ying Yue, Xiao Yulan, and Xiao Jian. Everyone, though it has been a few years already, do you really not recognize Xiao Chen anymore?

The few of them turned around. When they saw the delicate face wearing a headscarf, those familiar facial features, and the sharpness radiating from Xiao Chen, they all gaped, unable to say anything for a long time.

Indeed, it is him! The corners of Liu Ruyues eyes moistened with tears. Hundreds of emotions intertwined in her heart. The person that she thought of, the person she loved really returned.

Xiao Yulans eyes filled with incredulity, not daring to believe everything before her eyes was real. The Cousin Xiao Chen who kowtowed three times to express gratitude back then actually reached such heights.

The one in even greater disbelief was Xiao Jian. His lips curled up in a bitter smile. Who could imagine that the person who left the clan seven years ago could grow to such an extent?

Xiao Chen did not say anything more. He walked over and slowly wiped away Liu Ruyues tears. She immediately blushed red, and her charming face turned bashful.

The others smiled faintly and left this place in tacit agreement. A bitter smile appeared on Xiao Yulans face. Although she knew that Cousin Xiao Chen already made his choice, she could not help but feel a pain in her heart surging out, now that she saw it for herself.

Ying Yue walked over and patted Xiao Yulans shoulder. She smiled and said, Dont be sad. There is nothing much to this fellow. It is not worth feeling sad over him.

Feng Feixue slowly walked over. Like before, she still cross-dressed and radiated a confident and relaxed atmosphere. She understood how Xiao Yulan felt and knew how hard Xiao Yulan worked. She pulled Xiao Yulan into her tight embrace and patted her back. As she closed her eyes, it seemed like tears appeared in the corners of her eyes as well.

Xiao Jians lips curled up as he somewhat shamelessly sat on the ground and played with the sword in his hand. He was no longer the petty person he had been in the past. In the first place, there were no irreconcilable grudges between him and Xiao Chen.

When Xiao Jian saw Xiao Chens accomplishments, he felt somewhat rueful, but nothing more. Fortunately, he already gained a thorough understanding over the many years. He now only hoped to be able to advance to Martial Sage in the Sky Dome Realm and protect his clan.

Xiao Jian shifted his gaze slightly to the side and looked at Xiao Chen, who was speaking to Liu Ruyue in the distance, watching his many expressions.

Xiao Jian could not help but think of their father in Mohe City. Xiao Xiong never said it, but everyone knew that back then, he had no other choice but to chase Xiao Chen away.
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