Immortal Asura Chapter 222

Suddenly a strange strong wind emerged in the mountain, driving the surrounding trees to sway. Although walking in the forest, Zhang Yan and Meng Yao could still felt the huge gust was blocking them.

The roaring wind has been going on for nearly an hour. During the period, many old trees were blown down. Zhang Yan and Meng Yao barely walked in the wind, and only when they turned over the hill, the wind stopped, and everything returned completely calm.

They began to rest against a tree. Zhang Yan sighed with confusions, "The climate in the Huangquan Road is really abnormal, cloudy in the last second, and windy in the next second. And the clouds were not scattered by such a big wind, instead, they became thicker!"

It was not long before Zhang Yan and Meng Yao just sat down, and some fizzled burst out. Countless raindrops dripped from the air, like a pour, and instantly the surrounding leaves squeaked loudly. When these raindrops fell on Zhang Yan's body, he could clearly feel that there was a soul attack, invading his Knowledge Ocean.

But it was instantly suppressed by the Stone to Suppress Souls immediately. Such dense raindrops had no effect on Zhang Yan, but did on Meng Yao.

Hence, Meng Yao cried out loud, when the rains fell on her body. She endured the pains brought by the soul attack, holding her head.

When Meng Yao was almost unable to hold on, the raindrops suddenly disappeared. She opened her eyes and looked around, but found a spiritual energy shield wrapped her. it turned out that Zhang Yan chose to take the attacks on his own.

Meng Yao looked at Zhang Yan in worries, "Can you withstand so many soul attacks? Or just let me do it!"

Zhang Yan shook his head with a smile, "Don't worry! This kind of soul attacks are useless to me at all."

Shocks prevailed Meng Yao; she asked, "Why?"

Zhang Yan replied smilingly, "This is called a talent! My soul is more powerful than the rains. Let's hurry to the Boadu Mountain under the cover of the rain!"

While heading for the Baodu Mountain, Zhang Yan asked the Purifying Lotus, "Why there's a sudden rain with soul attacks? It's weird!"

The lotus answered, "Because it's not natural, but artificial."

"Artificial?" Zhang Yan shouted with a big surprise, "Who gets such powerful abilities to control the nature?"

"Who do you think will possess the ability except for the ghost emperor Zhou Qi?"

"Zhou Qi? But why does he make such a rain?" Zhang Yan asked in confusion.

"Zhou Qi hates the ghosts in the Huangquan Road, but is unwilling to pay many efforts on them, so he lets the them wander in the Baodu Mountain, and makes regular rains to drive away the ghosts. Thus, the rain is also called the Anti-soul rain."

"Even the other ghost emperors will be be completely destroyed under this rain, let alone the small ghosts. Therefore, few of them dare to step in the Boadu Mountain Range."

All the creatures in the Baodu Mountain were escaping away under the rain with screeches. Some of them whose movements were slow turned into a white smoke as soon as they were drenched by the awful rain.

In this way, Zhang Yan and Meng Yao were given a very safe time to head for the Baodu Mountain, and those who were chasing after them had disappeared without a trace.

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