Immortal Asura Chapter 223

The Anti-soul Rain was in a trend of getting heavier and heavier. Except the flowers, gra.s.ses and trees which were receiving the moisture of the rain, all the other creatures with souls were driven to race out of the mountain.

Those Meng people who were chasing Meng Yao were all crying out in pains caused by the rain, and only Meng Xiuming, as the highest-cultivated one, could resist barely.

However, the rain was a great help for Zhang Yan, rather than a threat, for he could climbed the mountain without any hinders now.

After six hours, Meng Yao and he arrived at the center of the Baodu Mountain Range and greeted the legendary Baodu Mountain. Towering straight into the clouds, the mountain was too high to be seen its peak.

When they came to the foot of the mountain, the Anti-soul Rain suddenly stopped, and the dark clouds in the sky also quickly dissipated, allowing the entire range to return normal once again, no suffocating silences under the thick dark clouds anymore. A wired feeling forced Zhang Yan to turn up his head, and what he saw was only the b.l.o.o.d.y-red setting sun, lingering in the sky.

Zhang Yan and Meng Yao looked at each other, then Meng Yao asked, "Why it suddenly rains here? And this rain is so strange!" After all, the Anti-soul Rain was not recorded on the books of the Family Meng, so she had no idea about the rain.

Zhang Yan repeated the Purifying Lotus' words to explain, and Meng Yao got startled a lot, saying incredulously, "I didn't expect the ghost emperors to be so powerful that they can even control the weather here!"

"I think what you said is quite reasonable. This rain can really be seen as a soul attack by the ghost emperor Zhou Qi!" Zhang Yan sighed.

Worries sat in Meng Yao's heart, "Since the ghost emperor is so strong, then are we going to be found in its territory? And if we are, are we going to die?"

"That depends!" Zhang Yan replied firmly, "But don't worry! I will protect you, and get out of the Huangquan Road safely to save my friend as well!"

"Let's go!" He took Meng Yao to go up to the mountain, heading for a pool at the halfway up a hill.

As soon as they put their feet on the mountain, Zhang Yan suddenly felt a soul resilience, which was also like a soul attack. Every time mysterious energy was going to suppress his soul, the Stone to Suppress Souls in his Knowledge Ocean would begin to shake, then absorb the energy to protect Zhang Yan's soul

However, Meng Yao screamed out, and Zhang Yan immediately worried, "What happened to you? Is your soul hurt?"

Meng Yao shook her head, "No, but it has been completely sealed. I can't mobilize my soul energy now!"

"And you? How do you feel?"

Zhang Yan revealed a confident smile, "I'm pretty fine. My Knowledge Ocean is not easy to seal. I have once told you, huh, that soul attacks are ineffective for me."

Zhang Yan ran fast up the Baodu Mountain, while continuing to comfort Meng Yao. Although the Baodu Mountain was very high, they met no danger in it. Maybe the ghost emperor Zhou Qi liked to be quiet.

Zhang Yan guessed, "Perhaps, all the creatures here will be suppressed of souls, so no one is willing to survive here, but this way, I can safely find the Huangquan Spring!"

But all of a sudden, a strong message emerged not far from Zhang Yan and Meng Yao, which shocked both of them. Zhang Yan fell into the muse of how to pa.s.s it without disturbing it?

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