Immortal Asura Chapter 224

Both Zhang Yan and Meng Yao had carefully concealed their breaths, for fear of being discovered by the unknown and powerful message in the distance. Zhang Yan was pondering how to get over this strong opponent with the cultivation of Martial Saint State, whom Zhang Yan couldn't defeat.

Meanwhile, a familiar message behind them was approaching fast, which aroused Meng Yao's concerns; she sighed, "d.a.m.n it! It's must be Meng Xiuming! He will definitely kill us if catching up with us!"

"I didn't expect this old guy to be so persistent under the Anti-soul Rain!" A sneering smile emerged on Zhang Yan's face, "But lucky for us! Someone's gonna replace us to cope with that strong guy!"

Meng Yao could tell Zhang Yan must had made a good idea from his expression, so she asked, "What do you want to do? Do you want Meng Xiuming to deal with the one in the distant front of us?"

"Yes! Let's see who is more powerful of them two!" Zhang Yan responded, "You go to find a place to hide yourself, and I will go to lead the one to Meng Xiuming."

He released his spiritual energy at once, which allured both Meng Xiuming and the strong message to rush towards him quickly.

In the next second, he disguised his breaths again with the energy of the Purifying Lotus, and went where Meng Yao hided, squatting behind a tree, ready to see a good show.

In less than a moment, the strong message plunged into Zhang Yan's sight, and Zhang Yan could recognize that it was a human warrior, but looked very strange without any redness of the skin.

Zhang Yan asked the lotus in confusion, "This guy is so strange! Is he a man or a ghost? Or is he the ghost emperor Zhou Qi?"

"The ghost emperor? How can such low-cultivated be the ghost emperor?" The lotus answered, "This person should have been a ghost in the Huangquan Road after his death, but the ghost emperor, but the ghost emperor re-condensed his soul through a special method to maintain his memory and intelligence, in this way, he should be under the control of the ghost emperor as a servant."

"Such warriors are called the ghost messengers, doing everything on behalf of the ghost emperors when the latter are cultivating or sleeping. So, the ghost messengers own high status in the Huangquan Road."

The ghost messenger stopped where Zhang Yan just released his breath, and looked around. Suddenly, it turned back, and looked into the direction of the mountain foot. Zhang Yan knew that it must had discovered Meng Xiuming.

Meng Xiuming was rushing to it, but as when he was about to arrive, he abruptly stopped, because he found a more horrible message, which robbed his courage to move forward.

However, the message had already found and locked him. Recognizing its ident.i.ty, he knew that he was allowed no time to escape.

Therefore, he greeted it with a hold fist salute, "Mr. Ghost Messenger, my name is Meng Xiuming from the Family Meng in the Fengdu City. I have been chasing, no intention of disturbing you! Please let me go!"

The ghost messenger made a cold cry, "Those who dare to go to the Baodu Mountain and disturb our ghost emperor must die!"

It revealed strong imposing manner in a flash. Meng Xiuming refused to be friendly anymore at present, and responded aloof, "I've already showed my respect to you, but you didn't accept it, then I'll let you see my strength!"

He released his imposing manner all well, to form a confrontation against the ghost messenger in the air. These two energies collided into each other fiercely.

At this moment, the ghost messenger snorted, "Just a warrior in the fourth level of Martial Saint State! How dare you have the nerve to make troubles here! You're looking for death!"

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