Immortal's Diary Chapter 1

1 Inheritor

Middlestone high school - 2018



DIng...Ding...Ding..... The school bell kept ringing, the first lessons started as teachers streamed into their respective classrooms. Rog sat silently, staring at the beauty a few seats away from him cleaning the board. Her silky brown hair reminiscent of a flowing river, the plump and full breast in it's full glory bouncing joyfully. He became lost in time staring at her, causing a swift reaction inside his pants as he became as "hard as steel". Just as he was about to dive deeper into his broad fantasy, a sharp pain spread across his head as something kept beating furiously at his head yelling "pervert".

Rog turned around angrily to find his face covered by a small pair of soft mountains, he looked up to find a lolli that had caught him in the act of gazing dreamily at the beauty cleaning the board. Feeling the soft mountain of the lolli, he became harder and looked at the embarassed red-faced lolli who had hit him with a ruler. Seeing where Rog's face was planted in, she exclaimed "aaahhh" as she jumped back few meters in embarrassment pointing at him.

Just as she was going to make a big scene infront of Rog, the teacher walked into the class followed by a few students who were late. The lolli grudgingly cast a glance at Rog and went back to her seat before showing vulgar hand signs at him. Rog had zero interest in dealing with the lolli so he simply closed his eyes as he visualised himself in the soft embrace of the beauty with brown hair.

Just as he was going to further immerse himself in his fantasy, a sharp boom resounded in his consciousness, deeply alerting him. He felt a jolt in his mind as a golden square closed into his field of vision. The golden square came closer and appeared to be a book with fancy writing that had been exquisitely carved by a anceint method. "Immortal's Diary" were the words on the front cover of the book. a Dialogue appeared infront of his eyes "Oh magnificent awakener and inheritor of the immortal bloodline, save the realm and administer justice!!".

Using his mind to close the dialogue, he trembled in confusion and a newfound excitement as he immersed himself into the content of the book. He found a single row, containing a picture of a pink rose and words next to it; "the lord inheritor now can choose to beguile or cause a wave of infatuation to overcome target. Consumes 30 spirit energy." Seeing this Rog exclaimed in his mind and took a look around his mind sea and found a box containing several bars .

Spiritual energy : 49/50

physical strength: 30

goodwill: 50

energy: multi-attributed immortal energy


The rows after that were blank, it seemed like it was incomplete. Rog understood physical strength and vaguely understood spiritual energy as it may be related to the powers that are hidden within the human body. But her didn't understand goodwill or the energy function.

Before he could do any more exploring, he felt an impact on his forehead. "Rog Stitson! come stand at the front of class, you cannot sleep in my class!". yelled a furious but strangely alluring voice. Rog opened his eyes and smiled at the beautiful teacher sheepishly before yelling "yes ma'am" and walked front in embarassment. The students snickered as Rog stood at the front of the class, especially the rude lolli. He watched the teacher explain certain scientific theories before walking infront of him and talking to the rest of the class. He gazed at the teacher's slender waist and plump butt and smelled a alluring fragrance of lavender.

The intoxicating smell and the close proximity to the beatiful teacher caused a sudden reaction on his little jonny, causing it to surge forward like a longsword in battle. Rog's longsword poked against the teacher's plump butt. With a red face, he knew he couldn't resist this teacher with the tight knee-length dress. The teacher kept explaining various parts of the lesson leaning against her table infront of her while Rog had his longsword pressed onto the teacher's bum due to the tight space.

Rog kept awkwardly making strained faces as the teacher moved her bum a few inches every time she shifted her weight onto another leg. Just as he was going to pull back his distinct longsword, the lights in the room flickered and everything in the room shook as if there was an earthquake. The lights immediately turned off and all the students that were fearfully holding onto themselves started panicking and screaming. Rog felt the teacher start to panic and hold onto him. He felt her soft breasts pressing onto his arm while shivering uncontrollably, the constant friction between his arms and the teachers soft body enchanted him. Unkowingly when he focused on the teacher, his mind seemed to be losing some kind of energy.

"this must be that spell from that diary". Rog said to himself as he was completely aware that he had beguiled his teacher accidently through the Immortal's diary. The earthquakes kept on for while before the students started to hug onto themselves and stop screaming. In the darkness, Rog felt the teacher's hand moving towards his face. He smelled the faint scent of lavender coming closer to his face Before Rog felt a soft pair of trembling lips press onto his lips seductively. "F*CK! this diary is truly an immortal artifact!" Rog exclaimed in his mind as he started to intimately savor his first kiss with this beautiful teacher. He felt her tongue wrapping around his tongue, he instinctively moved his hands onto her soft boobs and started to squeeze them in delight.

Just as the teacher was moving downwards to unsheathe his longsword that had been threating to burst out, a soft voice inside his head started to speak "prepare for interdimensional transfer, Inheritor, save us". said the emotionless voice. "WHAT?!" he exclaimed on the inside.

The beautiful teacher felt Rog Disappear suddenly and she stretched her arms around searching for him. Little did she know where Rog had disappeared off to. Little did she know that she had made out with a future powerhouse of the realm.


Rog felt like he was drifting in the sea at a rapid speed, he felt himself experience a million years, but at the same time he felt bliss. He was travelling through space and time to a land that he was destined for. A land where strength reign supreme.
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