Immortal's Diary Chapter 4

4 Commitmen

The greenwood village was a town in the remote region of the elven territory that was mainly used as a commercial hub for this sparsely populated region of the elven dominion. homes of elves were scattered around the vicinity of the village and each elf would have their nearest neighbor a 100m away while close relatives would live closer to each other. But the widest known rule for the elves were to never build houses too close to one another as the elves specialize in growing herbs with unique medicinal effects. Therefore these special plants imbued with magic would absorb spiritual energy from the air, thus to prevent neighbors from fighting due to the low density of spiritual caused by the consumption of plants this rule was imposed.

Roughly a km away from greenwood village a dead middle aged man lay on the cottage of an elven teenager's lawn with a bloody hole on his chest. Infront of him was a youth in a red robe who had killed him with the powers he inherited from the immortal's diary.

Rog was tensed as to what he would do with the body infront of him that lay on a pool of blood. Just then, 2 prompts appeared infront of his eyes " As the skill the inheritor used earlier was unnamed, what would you name it?". Seeing the prompt he thought to name it a simple name like 'light shot' , if he were any less mature he would have named it something comical such as 'super foe-banishing ray of destruction'. He scoffed at his own thought and confirmed the prompt.

"you have successfully name the skill 'Light Shot' congratulations!". The dialogue said before closing itself to reveal a new prompt which read "The Lord inheritor has entered a situation here he may wish to make a corpse vanish, this skill would disintegrate the skin and bones of any dead existence and leave behind any artificial entities, this skill is named as 'cleanser' and costs 0 spiritual energy".

"Sweet!". Exclaimed Rog before willing 'cleanser' to take effect as he looked at the dead middle-aged man. Then the body of the middle aged man appeared to be boiling until he completely disappeared from existence along with the pool of blood he made. Watching the gruesome scene, Rog held himself back from throwing up and found that a leather pouch and a silver ring lay on the grass. He pocketed the ring and picked up the pouch and examined its contents, he found a fair number of silver coins which the middle age man might have plundered from innocent people. It was now Rog's.

Just as he as gazed at the cottage infront of his eyes, he felt like he was in an immortal dreamland. The luster of the myriad of vines tangled around the large number of trees left Rog dumbfounded at it's scene. He could smell the faint fragrance of the different plants in the garden. He then felt a faint tug at the edge of his robe to find Rose staring at him with appreciative wide eyes. "t..thank you, that was really heroic of you". She whispered cutely before locking him in a tight embrace.

"May i know your name?" she asked in a while after separating from Rog. Only now did he carefully observe the features of her face properly, besides the longing eyes filled with gratitude, he noticed a pair of pointed ears, 'She must be an elf'. He said to himself. He studied quite an amount of mythology and folklore when he was in earth so he was quite familiar with this.

Remembering that the beauty infront of him asking a question, "i'm Rog, nice to meet you". Hearing this, Rose giggled cutely and said "We just had sex, you speak as if we just met. And since you took away my first time i'm going to demand compensation". She looked at him with a gaze filled with different emotions. Hearing this, his eyes moved to the bed and he noticed a faint red spot on the sheets. He inwardly sighed in guilt and looked at her "how can i compensate you?".

"I know that you're not from the elf continent, i saw you weirdly appear out of thin air back at dusk prairie, also, how did you kill that man and make his body disappear like that?" . The beauty began assaulting him with questions. "i'll tell you, but you must promise to keep this between us as this could cause me many troubles if leaked".

Just as Rog asked her to keep it a secret, Rose conjured a secret elven arte that allowed her to write a contract and instantly showed it to Rog. The illusory contract stated that if she were ever to reveal what he said to anyone without Rog's consent her soul would be extinguished. Seeing the swift capabilities of Rose, his eyes widened in astonishment as he exclaimed. "Is this an exclusive elf magic?!".

No it is a family secret technique....

Hearing this, he sealed the contract and began telling Rose about his origins and how he got here including the Immortal's diary as he trusted her. As he recounted everything that happened to him, her eyes would palpitate in amazement or would just look confused. It was still noon and the day was quite fresh, looking into Rog's eyes, Rose blinked at him with a reddening face.

This time he did not seem to need the Immortal's diary to use as he felt the connection and deep trust the elven girl had towards him and vice versa. For the first time, he felt like devoting his life to a girl. In earth, he never met anyone as special as Rose was to him. He was doomed to have an average figure and build so he would not spark the interests of girls.

But this time, pure love seemed to be the only thing in Rog's heart as he vowed to protect this girl forever. Sensing Rog's mental fluctuations, Rose moved her faced closer towards Rog as she locked him in a trance-like state. The soft feel of her lips and the intense and authentic feeling of ecstasy caught him so hard that a thousand s would fail to achieve.

He got caught in a stupor again as his hand started to explore every curve of her figure, every smooth edge and every imperfection. They became one once again, but this time it was pure and authentic. Little did Rog know that the identity of this women would change his life once again......
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