Immortal's Diary Chapter 8

7 Iron Panther Sec

Miles away from the grotto Rog and Felicia rested in, there was a majestic palace known as cloud palace in the middle of the cloud capital.

The cloud king sat wearily on his throne, exhaustion clear on his pale face. He held a crystal in his hand, pouring energy into it hastily.

"At this rate it would take months to find her"

The cloud king was Felicia's father. From a simple elven fighter to a royal protector, he clawed his way up to the title of king after stepping on thousands of corpses.

He would be a ruthless individual when it comes to his interests, but would be extremely gentle with the daughter he doted upon.

The elven cloud kingdom was on the brink of war against the Iron-Panther sect, a powerful sect on the level of a royal kingdom. Both powers fell out with each other over a resource struggle in an ancient ruin.

In order to mend the relations between both powers, the patriarch of the sect proposed that his oldest son, who is the young master and the next heir to becoming sect master, marries the princess of the cloud kingdom.

The king was enraged at this proposal, but he gradually accepted this idea as he believed that the interests of the kingdom must be out first and that he could save many lives with this.

When the king informed his daughter about the marriage with the young master, she denied. Left with no choices, the king forced her to marry him. With that, Felicia stole from the royal treasury before riding away, hiding from the kings forces for months now.


Rog woke to a faint sound of splashing. He opened his eyes to see sunlight being filtered into the cave from the illuminated forest. The rays of sunshine bounced across the cave walls until most of the cave was visible.

Rog went to the shallow lake in the grotto to find a beauty standing inside the water, her golden hair cascading down her smooth back. Her disposition was that of an eternal beauty. Rog could not take her eyes off her as he stood there staring.

Noticing the gaze of somebody, Felicia turned around to see Rog staring at her in a dazed manner. Her face instantly became beet-red in embarrassment as she turned her back towards him again, letting the golden hair cover her figure.

"How do you feel now?" Rog asked after suppressing his emotions. "We should leave this place as soon as possible".

"I feel alot better". Replied felicia with a hint of bashfulness. To Rog's surprise, she climbed out of the water and stood in front of him. "you should come have a bath". She said slowly before pulling him into the shallow pool. He nervously threw his robe onto the cave floor as he stood facing Felicia, with half his body inside the water.

As their bodies clung onto each other, Rog felt heat coming from a certain part of his body as he felt Felicia's breast pressed on his chest. Felicia reddened even more as she felt something poking against her belly.

The cave reverberated with light moaning for half an hour before stopping. A few minutes later, a man and woman emerged out of the grotto with slightly weary expressions.

The duo walked across the forest in silence.

They kept walking for an hour before stopping by a small village in a mountain.

They bought a map before entering an inn. The innkeeper brought a menu and respectfully bowed "what will young master be having? ".

"Bring me everything on your menu". Rog said giving him a silver coin that he took from the bandit.

With an excited gleam in his eyes, the innkeeper nodded "As you wish sir".

a silver coin could last a normal family for a few months. So the innkeeper was naturally excited and instantly had a better impression of Rog.

The duo examined their map before they understood that they were in the territory of the Iron-panther sect. When the this sect's name was mentioned, Felicia would have a vicious glint in her eyes. Rog who had been told about this shook his head in helplessness before planning their next route of escape.

The door to the inn crashed open and a figure was thrown in, crashing into table and chairs. A youth with sword wound around his body coughed blood as he got up from the wreckage.

A middle aged man with a bright yellow mustache walked in imposingly with arrogance, followed by two guards.

"Give me the monster core and I'll let you live".

He said. "Fang Kin, you've gone too far, this monster core was obtained after sacrificing the lives of three of my brothers, I'd rather die!". The wounded youth said valiantly pulling out a long sword.

Rog stood up in vigilance as a heroic sense ignited inside him. Felicia held his hand to stop him, but he nodded to her in confidence, reassuring her slightly.

Rog interfaced with his spiritual consciousness and willed his power to create three 'light shot's with his fingers. the space around him slightly trembled due to the immense heat and flew at a blinding speed towards the middle aged called Fang Kin and his two guards, hitting them squarely in the chests. Spurts of blood flew as all three of them dropped onto their knees and stared at Rog in shock

"F.. f.. fighter?! ". Fang Kin stuttered before bowing and saying "forgive us senior". And rushed out of the inn in haste with blood still leaking profusely from their wounds.

Rog stood there with a composed expression while his mind was in chaos, 'is this power really powerful?! '. He asked himself trembling slightly.

The wounded young man clasped his hands fearfully and looked at Rog "I am krendell, the young master of the iron-panther sect, I thank you for saving me". He said with immense gratitude and respect.

"Iron panther sect?! " repeated Rog, clearly shook. Felicia too got up from her seat in tension.
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