In Mha With Madara’s Powers Book 1 Chapter 95

Volume 1 Chapter 95

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The sounds of huffing and panting is what traveled around the dark room. Rumi and Madara had finished with their recent activities, and were now laying next to each other on top of the bed that was now threatening to break off.

Yes, that's right. The rabbit girl had discovered her new love for s.e.x.u.a.l intercourse with her boyfriend, and like the other girls, she had enjoyed it when the Uchiha went all out.

"*huff* That was incredible. I expect more of those in the future to come!" The ruby eyed women said as light amounts of sweat dripped down her beautiful brown skin. Holding Madara's right hand with her left, she turned to him and let out a smile that let him know just how happy she currently was.

"The future? Of course, I already told you you're not getting away from me." Madara said the generic line, eyes staring at the ceiling while his mind wandered off at imagining just what the future holds for him. Even with all his power, everything after the canon timeline was unknown to him.

From what he knew, All For One was currently the biggest 'threat', but just how hectic will events around the world start to get as he and the students grow older? Madara didn't dismiss this thought since the world he lived in was the type of anime where stronger opponents appeared one after the other.

He hoped that was case. He really did because as time passed, his hunger and l.u.s.t for battle grew. He wanted to feel it...That rush of adrenaline as his heart pumped in joy. This was the reason why he specifically wanted to fight All Might and Aizawa, but unfortunately the number one pro hero wasn't in his prime. It was also the reason why he never ended a fight instantly even when he knows damn well he could.

"Madara, what has you spacing out?" Rumi questioned, tightening her hold on his hand to break him out of his thoughts.

"The future..." Madara replied back. It was then that he remembered he had something to tell the woman next to him. It was already guaranteed that Rumi wouldn't ever betray him, but she needed to know just how he handles things.

Imagine one day he decided to kill a villain in her presence, shocking her in the process. Of course he wouldn't hesitate because of her, but it would just create annoying drama that could've been avoided if he had told her earlier. And that's exactly what he plans to do right now.

"Rumi, you're so sure about our future together, so I'll tell you in advance. There are some things that I may do that you find unacceptable, and that's fine, but I'll still do them because it's the way I deal with my problems.

People who intentionally antagonize me or want to ruin my life, use me, or just random villains I come across; I will most likely deal with them in three different ways depending on the specific person. I might just kill them, or even make them suffer something worse than death. Other times I might even play around with them until I get bor"

Before he could say anything else, Rumi had interrupted him. "Stop stop stop...hold on a second. The mood just took a sudden shift with this random discussion of yours, and by the sound of it, it seems like your enemies in your eyes are just toys for you to enjoy fighting until you get tired of them." She said.

"I've never thought of it like that. Well I probably have, now that I'm thinking about it more, but I never really acknowledged it. Maybe it's because of all this power I have and I know they'll never be a real threat so I don't particularly take them serious anymore.

Every time someone goes against me and is so sure that they will be able to defeat me, I just find it laughable at this point. I don't know what's changing or why I think this way. I mean, of course I was like this way before, but it has dialed up."

Madara said, but he knew this wasn't a problem or some personality crisis. It was just a slight change within himself that he noticed, and he had some ideas on why this was exactly.

"But enough of that. I don't think you understand what I was trying to say previously."

"No, I understand. Being a pro hero for years now should've already made this difficult for me, well at least it would've if we didn't already spend so much time together. If it was earlier when you met me that you told me all this, I'm pretty sure I would've started to get wary of you.

I already decided that I'll be with you for the rest of my life, but please, all I ask of you is to not include innocent lives or kill just for the sake of killing..."

Rumi replied back seriously which only resulted in the man next to her laughing a bit, confusing her greatly. Wasn't this supposed to be a serious discussion? What did she say that was so funny?

"Rumi, if I wanted to do that, I would've already used my quirk to sink the country just to see how the world would react. Test my attacks on the buildings around this city, just to see the beautiful destruction I'll cause. If I wanted to kill innocent lives so badly, I would've already destroyed this world."

Madara said,obviously joking....

"You know, you sound a little bit too serious when you say all this haha." Rumi said with a laugh afterwards, causing the Uchiha to shake his head.

"I guess my humor just isn't funny."

After talking for a bit, the pair decided on finally cleaning themselves up. It was only around 6, almost late afternoon and Madara didn't just want to leave Momo at home alone, even if he was sure Nejire was already there by now.

He and Rumi had showered together, taking longer than necessary when having another go, but they eventually got out and dressed themselves to leave. The rabbit hero would be staying at the Yaoyorozu mansion once again, so she took a backpack with her clothes in it, but chose to travel in her hero costume.

After cleaning everything up, they had left the house and ran towards the direction of where a cute black haired girl was currently residing in. The journey was peaceful with the afternoon air being the perfect temperature, and the calm atmosphere around the city today, so they decided to enjoy it by taking their time.

Unfortunately, that was all ruined when they had almost arrived at their destination. A villain was attacking and destroying anything that came by in the city. Apparently they had broken out of jail and decided to cause chaos, but when Madara and Rumi heard of this, they found it to be strange.

Why would a villain escape just to be put right back in? Also, there was no prison nearby... This man who seemed to be as big as two Nomus, covered in dark stone like rocks, was most likely doing this because someone had gave him orders.

That was the conclusion Madara reached, but that all didn't matter currently. On top of a building overlooking all of this, Rumi was currently gazing at him with a look that meant she knew just what he was planning.

With a smirk, he jumped down straight ahead.

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