Inescapable Consequence Dark Cloud Chapter 6

6 Day 2 Diver


Twentythree miles away from the Shadow City's Western Border

Mount Lestat (Approximately at 7,500 feet)

There was an airplane's crash site on Mount Lestat at Ridge of the Saints. At ground zero, this private jet was crash landed at while ago since it had already covered with several inches of snow. Its body was totally mangled and a fire blurted out. A moment later, there was a team of two people arrived at the scene. They searched around that area several times, but they found nothing at all. One of them was an elderly lady in a widow dress. She was yelling at the sky.

"Argh! She isn't here! Argh!"

There was another young girl in a sailor school uniform, who stood beside that elderly lady.

"Calm down, Ms. Temperance."

"Ms. Chariot, I wish I could. We had spent couple of hours searching around here. And we got nothing."

"It seems Servant was not around. I didn't see any footprints leading away from the scene."

"No sign of her, what so ever..."

"According to Ms. Sun's report... Servant should be on this private jet. After the plane got shot down by the missiles, it crashes landed in here. Umm... Unless, WF is also there."

"Huh? Servant is with WF?"

"Becareful, maybe they are still around here. We just can't see them."

"Argh! I don't understand. Just tell me what is going on?"

"Within Killer Incorporation, only WF could manipulate space... And that's why we can't able to detect them."

Ms. Temperance nodded and replied.

"So, this is Ms. Wheel of Fortune's trick"

Ms. Chariot looked at the sky for a moment and said.

"The snow is coming Stay around won't help much. I think we better meet up with the others in Town of Kensington."

Meanwhile, inside the fifth dimension. Two young girls were sitting side by side near a chained-up coffin. One of the girls with a purple maid uniform dress was talking to the other girl who dressed up in a black maid uniform dress.

"Servant, this is bad... It seems Ms. Chariot and Ms. Temperance found out my trick."

"Sorry... Ms. Wheel of Fortune... My regeneration process shall be finish within five minutes..."

"Oh, don't worry a bit. Take your time. They can't get in here."

"Ms. Wheel of Fortune... I have a question."

"Please, just call me WF... And what is your question?"

"Ms. WF, why my master wants me to dress up in a maid uniform dress?"

"Umm... About that part... It is too difficult to explain it to you... For my understanding, maybe it is about his obsession."

"My master's obsession is on maid uniform dress? Or maid?"

"Sigh... Seriously, I don't have any idea at all. I think you should ask him for yourself."

"As my master's creation, I shall fulfill his desire. Since the day my master had assembled me. I would please him whatever he wants."

Servant paused for a moment and took a look of her body.

"Do I look good in a maid uniform dress?"

"Haha... Servant, you are so cute... I guess you aren't automata anymore... Haha..."

Servant looked into Ms. Wheel of Fortune eyes and asked.

"Why Ms. WF needs to dress up in a maid uniform dress too?"

Ms. Wheel of Fortune was shocked and blushed afterwards. Then, she looked down at her purple maid uniform dress and replied.

"Umm... Maybe I'm as same as you... I want to fulfill his desire."

A moment later, Servant stood up. Then, she picked up that chained-up coffin and carried it on her back. Ms. Wheel of Fortune looked at her and asked.

"So, you are ready?"

"Affirmative, Ms. WF..."

Later, Ms. Wheel of Fortune gathered her thoughts and started chanting. Both of them had come out from the fifth dimension. Ms. Wheel of Fortune took a look of the surroundings.

"Servant, this weather isn't in our favorite. We better get going."

"Ms. WF, for my record. There is a town nearby. It is approximately two miles away from Mount Lestat. Its name is Town of Kensington."

"Let's hope everything goes according to our master's plan."

"Ms. WF, as the Number Two of Origin Six. My master has high hopes of you."

Ms. Wheel of Fortune turned around and smiled at Servant.

"Let's go. Number One!"
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