Insanely Pampered Wife: Divine Doctor Fifth Young Miss Chapter 1175

Chapter 1175 I Want To Snatch Whats Yours

"Wheres my Mother?" She asked.

"I dont know either." Di Zhe continued, "No one knows where Little Aunt is. If you want to know, you should go back and ask your Grandfather, Ghost King."

"Do you really think I will believe?" Sima You Yue knew he would deny, so she didnt really believe.

"Why not?" Di Zhe continued, "If you dont believe, you can ask around in Ghost Realm, if anyone knows where Dark Princess Yu Ke Luos location."

Sima You Yue didnt speak, only staring at him.

But, he still didnt intend to reveal Yu Ke Luos location. Both of them refused to budge.

"Youre trying to say that I cant get to Ghost Realm now?" She faintly asked after a while.

"Youre not someone from Ghost Realm, you dont have to probe so much about Ghost Realm." Di Zhe said ruthlessly.

"Really? If I kill myself after leaving Immortal Realm and my spirit will go to Ghost Realm, wont I be from Ghost Realm?" Sima You Yue threatened.


Di Zhe was raging again, seeing her serious looks, he was worried that she would kill herself after she got back and got into Ghost Realm. Because it would be possible if it was for Little Aunt.

"Are you telling me, or not?"

"Yes, I know where your Mother is, but whats the point? You cant go Ghost Realm when youre in Human Realm, if your spirit goes over, youre only a little ghost with no memories or spiritual energy, you will be eaten by others moreover saving your Mother." Di Zhe said.

"Since you know I cant go, then why wouldnt you tell me where my Mother is and what happened that time?" Sima You Yue said.

"I dont know what happened last time, I wasnt in Ghost city." Di Zhe continued, "When I got the news and rushed back, I dont know where Little Aunt was brought too already. If she didnt leave me a secondary life jade, I wouldnt even know if she is still alive."

"You have Mothers life jade?"

"No, her life jade is in the palace, the Black Jade is given to me by your Mother when we were in the Human Realm. It is not as accurate as a life jade, but Im still able to know that she is alive. And"

"And what?"

"This can show us her direction." Di Zhe said, "Ive perhaps stirred up too much troubles over the past two years, thats why the Ghost clan found out."

"Ghost clan? Yu Dus Mothers clan?" Sima You Yue asked.


"No wonder Di Wu E knows your Mothers location, and also knows what youre doing." Sima You Yue said.

"Okay, Ive already answered your question, can you go back now?"

"When did I tell you I want to go back?" Sima You Yue continued, "I only said that Im safer in here compared to you guys, but I didnt say Im going back."


"I got a third motive." Sima You Yue didnt care if he was annoyed by her and said, "I want something from you."


"Hundred Ghost Banner." Sima You Yue said.

"No!" Di Zhe rejected without hesitation.

He would give her other things that she wanted, but not Hundred Ghost Banner because something that was going to be used to save Little Aunt.

"It will be better if you give it to me. If you dont, Ill get it by force." Sima You Yue continued, "Ill definitely get it, if not, I wont follow you for so long, moreover to this kind of place."


Robber! Thug!

"No." Di Zhe still wouldnt budge, "Do you know what Hundred Ghost Banner is for?"

"Di Wu E told me that you want to use that to save Mother." Sima You Yue said.

"Why do you still want to snatch it since you already know?" Di Zhe thought that she wanted it because she saw the power of the Hundred Ghost Banner on Red Mountain Peak, but he didnt expect that she knew the reason all along!

"Do you know the Master Divinator of the Human Realm, Yin Lin?" Sima You Yue asked.

"I know." Di Zhe said. This Divinators reputation was more popular than the one in Ghost Realm, as someone who had a connection with the Royal clan, he must have known who Yin Lin was.

"Just before entering the Immortal Land, he told me that I must get the Hundred Ghost Banner. He also said, this thing can only be in my hands, and only I can get it." Sima You Yue said.

Is the Divinator involved in this now?

"What if I insist on not giving?" He wasnt sure why Yin Lin said that, but he didnt want to give up.

"I told you, if you give it to me, youll be my cousin. If you dont, Ill snatch it. If at that point of time either one of us dies or we both die together, that is not within my control."

"Im your cousin, Ill always be your cousin!" Di Zhe shouted, "Im your relative!"

"Even Yu Du is my Uncle!" Sima You Yue objected.

He was killed by her even when he was her Uncle. So, dont talk about whether they were relatives or not, she was still not close with the Ghost clan yet!


Di Zhes guard realised that Sima You Yue had the capability to make their Master angry, although they didnt communicate much, but she could aggravate him all the time.

Sima You Yue looked at him, waiting for his answer.

"You Yue, I really cant." Di Zhe closed his eyes, "I need this to save your Mother. Im getting close to the truth after going through so much, you cant make me give up at this point of time. If you really want, Ill give it to you after saving your Mother."

Sima You Yue was unsure what happened between him and her Mother that made him so stubborn, but she was happy that someone persevered for her when she got into trouble.

"Do you have the confidence that you can save Mother?" She toned down and didnt sound that strong headed anymore, but that didnt mean that she gave up.

"If I manage to kill the ghosts here, therell be a fifty percent chance." Di Zhe said.

"Fifty percent? Meaning you dont have the other half." Sima You Yue said.

Di Zhe nodded, "Even if there is only one over ten thousand chance, Ill still get Little Aunt out!"

"You dont even have half the chance, do you want to cut off Mothers escape route?" If they were close, Sima You Yue would pry open his head to see what he was thinking.

"Cut off escape route?" Di Zhe was stunned by her chiding and said, "How will I cut off Little Aunts escape route?"

"How not?" Sima You Yue glared at him, "If you save her now with half the chance, perhaps you can save her. What if after a while, you might have an eighty percent chance? Mother could be saved by you, but because of your rashness and you fail? You die or the power in your hands is gone, then who can Mother count on?"

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