Insanely Pampered Wife: Divine Doctor Fifth Young Miss Chapter 375

The words that emerged from her mouth shocked everyone, even those who were on her side. If it was not going to be them, was there going to be someone else? But then again, they had not seen anyone else coming.

"HAHAHA!" The Cloud Cave Master laughed heartily, as if he had never encountered such a fool before. "I hear that you are the young master of the Divine Devil Valley. I thought that the young master would have been someone who was smart at the least, but it turns out he is a fool! If your people are not going to attack, would there be people from the air coming out to fight us?"

"HAHAHA!" The mass of people behind him started to laugh, mocking her for her perceived folly.

"You are the fools!" Sima You Yue looked at them dead in the eye. "Can't you see that by my side, there are two Beast Kings?"

"Humph. So what if you have the Beast Kings? Don't think that we're unaware of the fact that their clans are far away from here? Even if you call for them, they will not be able to hear it!" The Zhan family members knew that the territory of the Snow Wolves was far away.

"Let's not waste our breaths any longer, and proceed with this battle." Ye Yu Fan said, and called out his sacred beast. It was a double-headed snake, and although it was a second rank Sacred Beast, it had not yet taken a human form.

"Halcyon, go have fun with them." Sima You Yue said.

"Alright." Halcyon nodded, and jumped into the sky, changing his form and charging towards the double-headed snake.

"A morphing sacred beast!" The Sage Pavilion and Cloud Cave members were taken aback. When they had seen Halcyon by her side in the past, they did not know that he was a sacred beast.

"He is stronger than the double-headed snake, and the two are sworn foes. It looks like it will be a tough battle. We must kill that person as soon as possible. Attack together!" Ye Yu Fan commanded.

"Yes, Your Holiness, we will finish them off quickly!" Everyone cried out determinedly. Although it felt rather extravagant to have ten thousands of people attacking a mere hundred enemies, they prepared to attack together nonetheless.

"Young Valley Master, what should we do?" Seeing that their enemies were starting to move, the Divine Devil Valley members started to get intimidated.

"What's the rush? We will stand by and watch. My friends, come out." And with Sima You Yue's every thought, spirit beasts emerged before everyone one by one and forming a circle, surrounding the members of the Sage Pavilion.

"So many spirit beasts!"

"What the hell, there must be a tens of thousands of them!"

"My god, how could there be so many spirit beasts?"

"And so many of them are fifth ranking beasts!"

Sima You Yue ignored the astonishment that came from both sides and said, "This is the one thing that I need of you. Didn't you say that you hadn't fought in a long while? There you go. There had better not be a single one of them left."



Firmament and King Flame roared in a long cry, and called their clan members along with them for the battle. The Sage Pavilion and Cloud Cave members, as well as the others were rooted by their feet in fear as they saw the sheer number of spirit beasts that appeared before their eyes. Before they could react, the two beast Kings had already sprung over, and had ripped several people into two before casting them aside unto the ground. Before they could even react, the spirit beasts had flown towards them and grabbed them with their sharp claws, which their fleshly bodies were no match against, and many succumbed to their injuries. The Snow Wolves were not as good as the Sabre Toothed Tigers at airborne attacks, and so the Snow Wolves attacked from the ground, to finish off those who were injured.

The Divine Devil Valley and Moonbow Clan members watched the scene with their eyes wide open. They thought that they would be caught in a great battle, but all they did in the end was stand by to watch the fight. No wonder he had such great confidence! It was because he always had a trump card! At the same time, many of them stared bitterly at Sima You Yue. Wasn't he too much for not letting them know about his grand plan? It caused them so much worry!

Before half an hour had passed, a great number of the people had been wiped out. Even the young masters or his holiness and whatever had not managed to last long enough. This was a pretty much effortless battle!

"You Yue, we've finished them." King Flame and Firmament returned, saying.

Sima You Yue's lips curled into a smile. Those people had not just been killed, they had been utterly ravaged. What had tens of thousands of people had simply become a mass of corpses. If they had not been torn into two they had been ripped apart, or totally unrecognisable. But seeing that many bodies was frankly, rather morbid. She waved her hands, and put them back in the Spirit Pavilion, also keeping the two beast Kings.


WOOSH. Before they could say anything, there was a crack of thunder in the sky, and a great, fearsome aura fell upon them.

"What happened?" Everyone looked up, and saw that a tornado had appeared in the sky and was picking up speed quickly. As it continued to grow, it became a portal.

"Could it be that that battle had caused the portal to open?" Yun Yi said in surprise.

"Why are there two paths?"

"Do you think where we came from would be what's on the other side of the portal?" Guo Fu cried out.

"The other place would be the Primordial Lands." Shen Rao said.

"It looks like this is the portal for us to return to where we came from." Qiao Ya said.

"Hm, why isn't there a path to the Yilin Continent?" Someone said aloud.

With that, everyone suddenly realised that there was indeed no portal going towards the Yilin Continent, and looked at Sima You Yue and the rest, confused.

"We did not come through a normal route in the first place." Sima You Yue said. Taking out the compass, she focused her spirit energy. The compass flew into the air, attempted making portal, and then promptly landed. This took her by surprise.

"What's wrong?" Seeing that her expressions were off, they started to worry

"The battle involving Halcyon and the other spirit beasts has affected this area, and the compass no longer works." Sima You Yue said."The portal that goes towards the Yilin Continent cannot be opened."

"What now?" Sima You Qin said, worriedly. Sima You Yue looked at the portals above her and said, "The only way would be to try these two portals, though I'm not sure if we will be able to pass through them."

"We can only try."

"Since that is so, Young Master, why not follow us back to the Valley?" Shen Rao said. Sima You Yue had never imagined that she would head there this quickly, but it looked like there was no other way now.

However, as they made their way towards their portal, the other members of the Divine Devil Valley entered easily, but Sima You Yue and the rest were kept from entering the portal.

"It looks like we can't go to the Primordial Lands." Sima You Yue said.

"Why don't you try coming with us?" Guo Pei Pei suggested.

"Sounds plausible." Sima You Lin said, and flew upwards, and entered the portal without much resistance.

"Looks like it will be okay. I'll go after him." Yun Feng said, following him.

"Shen Rao, you guys should return. When you go back, find someone who can go to the Yilin Continent and tell my Grandfather that we are safe, and that we will find a way to go back." Sima You Yue said.

"Don't worry, young master. We will find a way." Shen Rao promised.

"Everyone, let's move quickly. The portal is about to close." Everyone looked up and saw that the portal was starting to change, and the whole bunch of them flew into the portals.

Sima You Yue brought everyone with her and followed the Guo Family to the portal that was heading towards Restless Continent, the Yun Family following close behind.

And not long after they had all gone through the portals, they were sealed shut.

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