Insanely Pampered Wife: Divine Doctor Fifth Young Miss Chapter 376

Sima You Yue felt like her whole body was being torn apart. The rest must have felt equally uncomfortable. Seems like this pathway wasn't that robust.


With the sounds that came with falling into water, the whole group was thrust into a lake.

"Cough--" Sima You Yue choked as she came out of the water. As felt the water around her, she could not help but curse loudly. To think that in both entering and exiting that place she had to be thrust into water!

"Is everyone alright?" Guo Pei Pei surfaced as well, and asked everyone around her.

"We're alright."

"Let's head to the shore." Sima You Yue said. Thankfully the shore was not far off and they reached it quickly.

"Why are a few of them missing?" Wei Zi Qi saw that there were less people than he thought, and that only two or three of the group were there with them.

"The portal moves, and if the time between each entrant differs too much, they will appear at different locations." Guo Pei Pei's amazing figure was showing through her wet clothing, and she quickly used her heat energy to dry up the water that was on her body, and went back to how she originally looked.

"You Lin and Yun Feng aren't here." Fatty Qu said.

"Don't worry. Yun Feng will know that You Lin will be transported to another place and he will look for him. The time between them was not that long, they should be close to one another." Guo Pei Pei said.

"Is this the Restless Continent?" The spirit energy here is a lot thicker than where we came from." Sima You Yue felt the place for a moment, her eyes filled with envy.

"Yeah, no wonder the people here are stronger than us." Sima You Yang said.

"You Yue, we are going home now, why don't you come with us?" Guo Pei Pei suggested. "You saved us, we should repay you."

"Do you know how to get to the Yilin Continent from here?" Sima You Yue asked.

"We don't know, but maybe our elders will know!" Guo Pei Pei said.

"We're not familiar with this place, so we can only rely on you now." Sima You Yue said.

"What about You Lin?" Sima You Lan asked.

"The Yun Family's residence isn't far from ours, I think if Yun Feng were not to bring him to his own house, then he will bring him to ours." Guo Pei Pei said. "I think he would guess that that's where we're headed too as well, and he will come looking for us there."

"If after a long time they do not appear, we will go look for him." Sima You Yue took out her jade stone and looked at it, and saw that Sima You Lin was rather far from where they were. "We can look for a way to get home while waiting for him."

"Let's go then, this place is rather far from the city." Guo Pei Pei said.

It was only after two days after riding a flying spirit beast that they were able to catch a view of the city. In this journey they realised for themselves how large the Restless Continent was. They went to the Spirit Lord's Guild, and moved on to another city with the help of a transportation array, before arriving at the city where the Guo Family resided. When they emerged from the transportation array, Sima You Yue started to vomit, startling the Guo Family members.

Guo Pei Pei teased her, saying "I never thought that a strong, array master like you would get motion sickness."

Sima You Yue waved her off, her expression bitter.

The teleportation arrays here were stronger than those at the Yilin Continent. But because the distance was greater, it caused her to feel uncomfortable in the stomach all the same. Sima You Qing patted her on the back, saying, "When I first met him, we also used a transportation array. After that, he passed out for a few days, and I gloated over it for a long time."

"Looks like we will have to stay a night here in the city." Guo Pei Pei looked at Sima You Yue, and brought them to one of the guesthouses in the city that was owned by the Guo family.

When the owner of the guesthouse saw Guo Pei Pei and the rest had returned, he got up from the counter immediately and bowed, saying, "Young Miss, didn't you head to the Little Realms? How is it that you have returned before the time is due?"

"There was a situation, and so we left earlier than planned." Guo Pei Pei said. "Prepare some rooms, we are going to rest here today."

"Yes, Young Miss." The owner prepared the rooms quickly, and gave the keys to the best room to Guo Pei Pei, but she turned around and passed the keys to Sima You Yue, Sima You Ran and the rest.

"You all take her in the rest first." Guo Pei Pei said.

"Alright." Sima You Ran took the keys, and brought Sima You Yue to the room that was stated on the key to rest. The rest followed the attendant to the backyard, leaving Guo Pei Pei and the guesthouse owner to discuss several issues.

"Young Miss, who is that?" The owner asked out of curiosity. The room that she was staying in was the Sky Room, and was not lent out to anyone but the Guo Family's young masters and misses, yet Guo Pei Pei had lent the room to that sickly-looking stranger, which made him extremely curious.

"That is the benefactor of the Guo Family. If not for him, none of us would have survived." Guo Pei Pei explained. "And he is from a noble background, make sure that he is attended to well, alright?" Guo Pei Pei ordered.

"Yes, Young Miss." The owner answered.

Guo Pei Pei called Guo Fu over, saying, "You should get home first. Tell my father what had happened at the Little Realm, and let them warn the Zhan family first. I will go back when You Yue is better."

"Yes, Older Sister." Guo Fu did not hesitate, and took Guo Liang with her along with a few others and headed off. Although the Guo family was the biggest clan in this area, they did not stay within the city but in the outskirts. A flight there on a spirit beast would be half a day's journey.

Just as Sima You Yue and the rest had arrived at the Restless Continent, those who had made their way to the Primordial Lands had also arrived.

How it differed from the other Continent was that the pathway to and out of the Primordial Lands was fixed. Although the destinations could differ, the exit was always at the same place. Some of the clan members had already gathered at the exit to wait for their people to bring them back.Especially for those who were below the Divine Rank, for if they were to meet any form of trouble, they would simply become the playthings of another.

"It has opened." Someone in the crowd said, and everyone saw the portal on the mountain summit open slowly. One after another, the disciples emerged, and as they saw their own clanspeople, they rushed down to them, in case they were to be mistakenly killed by other clans, and told their clanspeople what they had encountered.

The Cloud Cave members and the Divine Devil Valley's people were not far apart. The Cloud Cave members glanced over at them and whispered, "Every time people go into that Little Realm, many die. Zeng Cheng, do you think your Divine Devil Valley people might just have all died in there?"

Zeng Cheng was in the entourage from the Divine Devil Valley. Hearing the mockery from the Cloud Cave, he raised his eyebrows, saying, "You're right. Maybe everyone from the Cloud Valley has been wiped out. When that happens, we will be sure to feel sad for you."

"Humph. We still can't be sure who has died in there!" The Cloud Cave member promptly ended the taunting with that statement, in case he revealed the schemes if he continued talking.

As time slowly continued to pass, a few thousand others had emerged from the portal, yet no one from the Divine Devil Valley or the Moonbow Clan had arrived. As the two clans saw the smug smiles of the Cloud Cave members, they guessed that they had something up their sleeves.

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