Insanely Pampered Wife: Divine Doctor Fifth Young Miss Chapter 696

Chapter 696 Little Roar Is Being A Rogue Again

Chapter 696: Little Roar is Being a Rogue Again
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The curtain was swept open by slender hands, and a beautiful figure came out. When she saw Sima You Yue, them two, she showed a professional smile. I am the embroideress. Is this young master interested in our spirit cloth?

Sima You Yue looked at the unfamiliar face and those familiars. She stared at her dumbly.

You loafer, what are you staring at my master for! Little Wu rushed in front of Sima YOu Yue, blocking her sight.

Bei Gong Tang could not help but twitch her lip. Little girl, which eye did you see You Yue staring? Shes only excited, okay!

Wuer, dont be rude. They are guests. The female was puzzled by Sima You Yues gaze, but she still pulled her apprentice away. Do you feel uncomfortable, young master?

Third Aunt Sima You Yue called out quietly. The tears she held back for long fell down.

Who, who are you? Third Aunt Dus body shook and Little Wu rushed over to support her.

Master. Little Wu looked anxiously at Third Aunt Du.

Third Aunt Du saw Sima You Yues tears kept falling. Her eyes were so familiar that she felt she was under an illusion.

Third Aunt, its me, Im back. SIma You Yue held herself back, only to tremble all over.

You Yue, are you You Yue? Third Aunt Du said doubtfully and surely.

Sima You Yue nodded while crying. Its me, Third Aunt. Im You Yue! Im back!

Third Aunt stepped forward and grabbed Sima You Yues hands. She touched Sima You Yues eyes with the other hand. Her tears also fell. Although your eyes have changed, the gaze hasnt. Its really you, child.

Sima You Yue flew into Third Aunt Dus embrace and was emotional.

Third Aunt Du held Sima You Yue. She felt it was too surreal. You Yue, are you really You Yue?

Third Aunt, Third Aunt

Master? Little Wu said the scene and wondered if she should pulled the loafer away.

Wuer, close the door. Lets close the business. Third Aunt Du returned to the present with her disciples call and quickly ordered.

Yes, master. Little Wu went to close the door. Fortunately, there were no customers in the shop.

You Yue, lets talk inside. Third Aunt Du patted Sima YOu Yue on the shoulder.

Okay. Sima You Yue released Third Aunt Du and wiped the tears on her face.

They went to the backyard and arrived at the courtyard where the master and disciple lived. They left Little Wu in the front and did not let her in.

Third Aunt, youre wearing a human skin mask? Sima You Yue asked Third Aunt Du.

Third Aunt Du nodded. She tore off the mask on her face, and she returned to the beautiful appearance in You Yues memory.

How did you become like this? Wasnt it said that you died? Third Aunt Du looked at Sima You Yue.

Before Sima You Yue spoke, Little Roar inside the Spirit Pagoda wanted to go out, so she let him out.

Beauty Third Aunt, wuwu, Little Roar misses you! The moment Little Roar came out, he rushed to Third Aunt Du and rubbing shamelessly on her chest.

When Third Aunt Du saw Little Roar, her doubts fell away and she hugged Little Roar. You little fellow, you still look the same.

MM, Little Roars lascivious nature hasnt changed. Sima You Yue laughed, and her sorrow dissipated a bit.

Child, where have you been all these years? I heard you died, how did you survive? Fenger, he Third Aunt Du thought of the dead Ximen Feng, her eyes redden.

Third Aunt, dont worry. Fenger is still alive. Sima You Yue hurriedly said.

Fenger is still alive? But the members of Zong Zheng clan said they killed both sister and brother. Third Aunt Du said.

Fenger is really alive. I have met him. Sima You Yue explained. As for me, I did die at that time. But I dont know why I didnt go to the ghost world, instead I was reborn in the body of another person.

Reborn? Third Aunt Du looked at Sima You Yue in amazement. The bone age of this body was quite young.

Its good to live, but this male body.

Sima You Yue chuckled. She turned off the illusion array and she recovered her female appearance.

Third Aunt, all you see is the illusion given by the illusion array. I am still a female.

Third Aunt Du covered her mouth in surprise. She didnt expect her to be so thoroughly disguised.

Thats good, thats good. She smilingly said.

Third Aunt, why are you here? How did you escape? Sima You Yue took Third Aunt Dus hand and sat down aside.

When disaster happened to the Du family, I wasnt at home. Third Aunt Du recollected. That day before the disaster, because of a problem with the spirit cloth shop, I rushed over there. I evaded the disaster. When I got the news and rushed back, it was too late. I searched my home, and didnt find anyone alive. But I heard that it was Zong Zheng Clan and Yin Yang Palace who destroyed my family clan. Afterwards, I fled. You know, I dont like to go out. I often stay at home to cultivate and do embroidery. Not many people outside know me, so I was able to escape.

Then how did you end up here? Sima You Yue asked.

The Du family had long ceased to exist. It was not easy for her to flee from the central regions to the outer regions alone.

It was a coincidence. It was after a while before I fled to the outer regions. Third Aunt Du didnt intend to give Sima You Yue a detailed account. She used a single phrase. Later in Green City, I accidently discovered spirit silkworms in the dark forest, and made a living by weaving and embroidery.

Have you ever met those people?

I met the people of Yin Yang Palace once and they went to the Dark Forest. But they didnt recognize me. I led them to the zone of spirit beasts in the Dark Forest by virtue of my familiarity. All were killed. When Third Aunt Du said this, her eyes were full of hatred.

She was an orphan. When the Du family found her, she was by herself. Later she married Sima You Yues third uncle. She finally had a family, but it was ruined by those people, how could she not hate them!

Sima You Yue took Third Aunts hand. Dont worry, I wont let any of those people go!

Third Aunt Du grabbed her hand in turn. Child, what are you going to do? Dont mess around!

Beauty Third Aunt, dont worry, Yue Yue wont mess around. Little Roar comforted Third Aunt Du with his small paw.

Sima You Yue saw Little Roar stroking her under the name of consolation. Her foreheads knitted into three dark lines. She couldnt hold back the second time, and she grabbed Little Roar and threw him back.

When Little Roar was thrown out, he twisted his butt the moment he was about to collide with the wall, and he kept his balance.



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