Insanely Pampered Wife: Divine Doctor Fifth Young Miss Chapter 697

Chapter 697 Thrashing Fatty Qu

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Third Aunt Du could not help but chuckled at the familiar scene.

In the past, Little Roar was often thrown out by Sima You Yue when he ran into her arms. She didnt expect this again.

Alright, Little Roar just has that temperament. Whats there to fuss about? She chuckled.

Third Aunt, your toleration has spoilt him. Sima You Yue said helplessly.

Arent spoiling him the same. Third Aunt saw Bei Gong Tang who was sitting to the side and asked, You Yue, this is?

Look at me. I was so glad that I forgot to introduce you. Sima You Yue said. Third Aunt, this is my good friend Bei Gong Tang, who grew up with me. She knows about my matters. Bei Gong, this is my Third Aunt, my third uncles wife.

Bei Gong Tang stepped forward and saluted to Third Aunt Du. She called, Third Aunt.

Good child, thank you for taking care of You Yue over the years. Third Aunt Du nodded to her.

Its You Yue who has been taking care of us. Bei Gong Tang began, You Yue, you just met Third Aunt. There must be a lot of things to say, but if we dont go back soon, theyll be worried. How about you stay here while I go back and tell them.

Sima You Yue originally wanted to say that they could use the fast Son-Mother stone to tell them. But considering she had a lot to say to Third Aunt, she agreed.

Third Aunt, Bei Gong is leaving ahead. Bei Gong Tang saluted to Third Aunt Du.

Ill let Wuer send you out. Third Aunt suggested and called out, Wuer.

Little Wu entered, who was no longer in mens clothes. Master.

Wuer, send Miss Bei Gong out. Third Aunt Du ordered.

Yes, master. Little Wu gave a cautious glance at Sima You Yue. Why was this guy staying with Master for so long?

Go and send Miss Bei Gong off. Then come back and meet masters niece. When Third Aunt Du said this, it was an explanation of Sima You Yues identity.

Yes, master. Little Wu finally regained her smiling experience and took Bei Gong Tang out.

After the two left, Sima You Yue looked at Third Aunt Du and spoke with a smile, Third Aunt has found a good disciple.

Yes, Wuer is very talented. Although I havent started teaching her the Du family needlework, I already taught her some other embroidery methods. She has learned them very quickly. Third Aunt Du was very satisfied with her disciple. Then she looked at Sima You Yue, You, when I made you learn embroidery at first, it seemed I was making you eat arsenic.

I dont have that talent. Third Aunt, are you not clear about it? You forgot about the two sides I embroidered that were on opposites. Sima You Yue was not afraid to expose her shortcoming.

Third Aunt Du could not help but laugh when she thought of her holding the embroidery needle.

You ah, embroidery needles are the same as fighting.

But its harder than fighting. Sima You Yue grinned.

You! Third Aunt Du poked her on the forehead. Tell me how you lived these years, how were you reborn, and why are you here? And Fenger, how is he?

Third Aunt, no rush, lets make tea and chat slowly

When Bei Gong Tang returned to the inn, Little Seven saw that Sima You Yue didnt return. Her smiling face frowned.

Wheres Yue Yue?

Not back yet.

Not back yet? Shes still there? Ill go look for her. Little Seven jumped down and ran out.

Dont worry, shes not there anymore. Bei Gong Tang pulled her back.

Not where? Then where? Fatty Qu asked.

Sit down and listen to me. Bei Gong Tang released Little Seven. She told them how they accidently entered a spirit cloth shop and explained how Sima You Yue knew Third Aunt Du.

After listening to Bei Gong Tang, everyone sighed. Fatty Qu patted the table and sighed, You Yue is lucky. She can even meet her loved ones like this? At first, I thought her family all died, but I didnt expect a younger brother to be alive, and now an aunt.

You said her family all died? Little Seven looked at Fatty Qu puzzledly.

Fatty Qu covered his mouth and constantly shook his head to Little Seven.

Are you going to say it? Otherwise I will thrash you! Little Seven glared at him.

No, even if you thrash me, I wont say it. If you want to know, ask You Yue herself. Fatty Qu escaped far away.

Say it, say it! Little Seven chased after him. When her fists fell on him, he yelled in pain.

No, I wont say even if you killed me. Fatty Qu shouted.

Bei Gong Tang and everyone shook their heads and laughed. Fatty Qu didnt think before he talked. When Bei Gong explained, she did not directly say Sima You Yue lost her family in the past. Fatty Qu actually said it instead. Wasnt that making Little Seven curious?

Fortunately, though Little Sevens fists were strong, it still had some benefit when it fell on Fatty Qu. Although he cried out in pain, he was not heavily injured.

On the evening of the second day, when Sima You Yue returned, Fatty Qu was still lying in bed. Hearing her conversing with others, he cried out again.

What happened to Fatty? Sima You Yue glanced in the room.

Everyone was smirking and Little Seven raised her chin proudly.

You didnt come back yesterday. Fatty Qu said something wrong and was beaten by Little Seven. Bei Gong Tang answered.

Little Seven? Sima YOu Yue rubbed Little Sevens head and asked, Why did you beat up Fatty?

He wont tell me about you. Little Seven harrumphed. Then she grabbed Sima You Yues hand. You tell me.

About my matter? Sima You Yue glanced puzzledly at everyone.

Yesterday, Fatty accidently said that your family was killed. After, she wanted to know about your matters. Fatty wont answer, so she thrashed him. Bei Gong Tang explained.

You thrashed him because of that? Sima You Yue lowered her head and pinched Little Sevens nose.

He deserved it. Little Seven saw the disapproval in Sima You Yues eyes. She looked away.

Hes our companion. Sima You Yue lectured, If it was you, would you want me to ignore you or thrashed you?

Little Seven pouted and didnt speak.

Ill go check on Fatty, then Ill tell you about my matters, ok? Sima You Yue comforted.


Do you want to go with me?

No, I wont go. Little Seven snorted and ran into her room.

Sima You Yue chuckled and greeted everyone before going into the room.

Ouch ouch

Alright, dont keep shouting. Am I not here? Stop shouting. Sima You Yue rolled her eyes at the person in bed.

You Yue, quickly come and check on me. I was almost thrashed to death by that little guy. Fatty Qu moaned.

Your moaning is full of vitality. Youre still early to die. Sima You Yue walked over. She took his pulse. After knowing his physical condition, she raised her eyebrows subconsciously.

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