Insanely Pampered Wife: Divine Doctor Fifth Young Miss Chapter 770

Chapter 770 Removal Of Obstruction

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Di Zhe listened as Ghost Master finished speaking, his eyes filled with irrepressible surprise.

That powerful? He was a little skeptical, wondering if Master Ghost had exaggerated, but from what he knew of him, Ghost Master was not the type.

Mm. Ghost Master held the black pearl in his hand, thinking something over.

Di Zhe dared not interrupt as he turned around and focused entirely on the other servants, What information have you gathered?

Lord, there are many spirit masters across the river. They say they want to come in and defeat us. The servant replied.

Want to defeat us? Hmph. Just an average bunch of people, but they dared come in? Theyre looking to die! It happens that Im missing a few souls, so just take them! Di Zhe ordered.

You cannot. Master Ghost rejected the idea.

Why? Were we not just speaking about how we should make up for missing souls? Why would we not do it when people have come to us? Di Zhe didnt understand.

This is not the time. Ghost Master replied, If nirvana fire did not appear, then these people would have been an opportunity. However, now that nirvana fire has appeared, what we should be doing now is to hurry and leave this place. We can return to the ghost realm to look for more souls.

Then, are we still going to do that soul branding? Di Zhe asked.

We are. Ghost Master said, But it wont be easy now. Im afraid we will have to sacrifice many.

We still have to try! Since he is a wielder of the nirvana fire, if he goes to the ghost realm, we might even have a use for him. Di Zhe said.

Its good that you have this kind of idea. Alright, then I will take care of it. Ghost Master replied.

Ill have to trouble you. Di Zhe said.

However, since those people want to come in, we cant let them enter just like that. Even if we cant take their souls, we should let them have something to do. Ghost Master said.

Arent we heading back? Could it be that you want to wait till they come in before we leave? Di Zhe asked.

Of course I want to wait. Ghost Master said, not only should we wait, we should also unlock the space.

Master Ghost, if we unlock the space, we will have to leave within three months.

Its fine. Ghost Master said, Perhaps, we will not even need to wait for three months to pass

Then I will immediately call our ken back and prepare to leave. Di Zhe said.

Be careful. Do not let the other party find out what our intent is. Ghost Master ordered.

Du Zhe lightly furrowed his eyebrows, Those people have come because they have been chasing after us. Im afraid that its impossible for them not to know if we have any movement.

Then mislead them. If they leave with us, we will be in big trouble when we return. Why dont we let others settle our problem.

Youre saying to let those people in and let them deal with the others? This is a good idea. Ill get them to be careful. Di Zhe replied before turning around to leave.

Continue to keep watch. Ghost Master said to the two kneeling at the front.

Yes, Boss . After speaking, the two of them bowed to Ghost Master before getting up to leave.

As for the address of Boss, the Lord had ordered that he was to be offered the same amount of respect. As such, nobody dared neglect his order.

Ghost Master stood alone on the cliff, his hand clutching the pearl. His black chung pao fluttered in the wind, but he paid it no need.

When Sima You Yue and the others returned to the city, the Qiu brothers and sisters were still inside the secret room. She and Little Roar went down, fusing before they entered the barrier.

You guys finally returned! How were things? Are they okay? Qiu Ruo looked at Sima You Yue as she fussed.

Just went through something. Were you that worried? Sima You Yue asked.

Although we did not spend much time together, we have all been trapped in here together, so we are comrades through suffering. Qiu Ruo said.

Big Sis, since Young Lord Sima is here, they will definitely be fine. Qiu Rui said.

Sima You Yue smiled, saying, Theyre upstairs. Those spirit beasts have been taken care of, and the danger is past.

Then let us go out and take a look. Qiu Ruo said as she closed the barrier.

Eldest Sis, since it isnt dangerous now, we should go outside as well. Little Fatty, Qiu Zhan Tang said.

What are you going out for? Qiu Ruo asked disapprovingly.

Its been a long time since we went outside. Qiu Zhan Tang said, lowering his head.

Qiu Ruo saw the pleasing eyes of her younger brother and sisters and heaved a sigh inwardly. They were still children, and this was the time where they loved to play, but had instead been locked up in here for a long time. The moment they heard that there was no danger, they wanted to go out and play.

However, the situation has yet to be completely settled, so what was she to do if they got into danger when they went out?

Young Lord Sima, can they go out? Compared to her sisters hesitation, Qiu Rui was a lot more direct.

It should be okay for a while. Sima You Yue said, However, it would be best not to take long. They should return after letting out some energy.

After both groups of the ghost clansmen had been heavily beaten back, they should still be reeling.

Since Young Lord Sima says that it is fine, Big Sis will let you guys out for half a day. Qiu Rui said.

Thank you. Little Fatty looked at Sima You Yue gratefully. The group of children behind him have her grateful glances as well.

Then, we should head out now. Sima You Yue smiled.

The group of them left the secret room and were even walking towards the room when they felt something move in the air above.

This feeling?!

She quickly walked out and actually saw a group of people walking out from a space portal. They landed in the room, in front of Blue Blade and the others.

Greetings, Master, Master Purple Blade, Uncle Li, and my fellow brothers. Blue Blade led his team in a bow.

Master Blue Blade was a square faced youth. He looked simple and kind, with a pair of eyes that shone enigmatically.

We have already told others of what you have reported to us. They are now recruiting more manpower, and should be able to hurry over. We took some men with us to come first. He nodded at Blue Blade and the others, but was looking right at Sima You Yue.

Sima You Yue got an idea of who these people were based on Blue Blades address of them. She cupped her fists in salute as she asked, Whats going on? Wasnt it that we were unable to contact the outside?

When you went down, we suddenly felt as if the space had been unlocked, and the shackles were removed, so we were able to contact the outside. That is why we quickly reported the situation to our Masters, who rushed over. Blue Blade explained.

You should be our Little Friend, You Yue. Master Blue Blade asked.

You Yue greets Master Blue Blade. Sima You Yue said respectfully.

But how did they know about her? Did Blue Blade and the others tell him? But she had only gone down for a short period of time. Were they really able to tell them so many things? When she thought about this, she consciously looked over at Blue Blade.

Ha ha ha, it was not them who told me. Master Blue Blade guffawed, but your name has been resounding throughout Mushui City.

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