Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 710

Chapter 710 Killing Two Beast Kings Victory

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The Fire Scorpion Beast King was terrified. It had not expected that the human ancient martial art practitioners would be able to instantly recover all their Inner Qi and heal their injuries. How could it defeat them under such conditions? It could not quickly recover its strength or heal its injuries. It seemed as though the treatment that the Beast Kings received was not on the same level as that of the human martial art practitioners.

If only ordinary Martial Arts Grandmasters had the ability to instantly recover, the Fire Scorpion Beast King would not mind. It could kill them in an instant, and they would not have the chance to recover at all. However, this youth was different. Not only was his cultivation rich and deep, but the Fire Scorpion had not been able to kill him even when it unleashed its Ancestral Devil Sacred Spirit and fought with all its strength. Under such circumstances, how could it defeat this person?

Mo Wen once again disappeared from his spot. The Fire Scorpion Beast King had already experienced his lightning speed. It was so scared that it fully activated its Ancestral Devil Sacred Spirit to prevent Mo Wen from approaching it.

Activating an attack with the full power of the Ancestral Devil Sacred Spirit needed time. The Fire Scorpion Beast King had just gone all-out. It was impossible for it to activate the same power again in a short amount of time. If it did not have enough power, it would be impossible for it to stop Mo Wen.

With the help of the illusionary mountains profound level weapon, Mo Wen blocked the attack of the Ancestral Devil Sacred Spirit. Then with a dash, he moved through the air and appeared right above the head of the Fire Scorpion Beast King.

A terrifying aura suddenly emanated from Mo Wen. Bolts of lightning leaped continuously on his body. The blue lightning and the golden flames mixed together to form dazzling lightning flames.


The Fire Scorpion Beast King could sense a terrifying power from Mo Wens body. It trembled in fear. It could not block Mo Wens attack at all. Moreover, with its huge figure, it could not possibly dodge his attack either.

If Mo Wen once again attacked its head, it would very likely be killed by just one blow. The power of this human youth right was extraordinary. The Beast King was left with a sense of impending doom.

The Heavenly Serpent Divine Spear became a beam of starlight as it headed towards the Fire Scorpion Beast Kings head. The spear was so fast that it was impossible to evade it. The Beast Kings head, which had already been injured, was completely enveloped by the light given off by the spear.


The Fire Scorpion Beast Kings eyes were full of fear. It activated the Ancestral Devil Sacred Spirit with all its strength. The Ancestral Devil Sacred Spirit furiously opened its mouth and spat out a beam of dark green light. The light ferociously crashed towards Mo Wen. However, it was all too late.


The Heavenly Serpent Divine Spear savagely crashed into the head of the Fire Scorpion Beast King. Its huge head instantly exploded. The terrifying power of lightning surged into its body. Lightning as thick as an arm leaped over the entire body of the huge scorpion. A smell of burning filled the air.

At the same time, the dark green light pillar descended and collided with Mo Wen, sending him flying. He was once again severely injured.

However, a red light flashed. Mo Wen used a top grade Healing Light and once again his injuries were instantly healed.

The Fire Scorpion Beast Kings huge body slammed forcefully onto the ground. It did not get up again. Its body, which was more than a thousand meters long, was completed destroyed by the lightning and thunder. When it slammed onto the ground, it broke into a few pieces.

Lightning flashed past and Mo Wen appeared on top of the Fire Scorpion Beast Kings corpse. Only after checking that the Fire Scorpion Beast King was completely dead, did he breathe a sigh of relief.

The Fire Scorpion Beast King had been very strong. If Mo Wen had not killed it in one shot, he would most likely have had to pay a higher price later on.

The Ancestral Devil Sacred Spirit, which was floating in midair, lost its power source. It gradually faded, disappearing bit by bit. After a moment, it dissipated completely.


Mo Wen looked downwards. A glint of bewilderment flashed in his eyes.

Streaks of starlight appeared on the ground, each one as wide as a bucket.After a moment, the area within a thousand meters was completely covered with starlight. The starlight surged frenziedly into Mo Wens body.

"So, killing a Fire Domain Beast King can actually also increase our cultivation."

A glint of surprise flashed in Mo Wens eyes. The amount of starlight produced by killing the Fire Scorpion Beast King was equivalent to ten times the starlight produced by killing a Pinnacle Beast King. An unimaginable amount of starlight surged continuously into Mo Wens body.

The Inner Qi in his body circulated frenziedly. When all the starlight had disappeared, Mo Wen noticed that his cultivation had reached the Martial Arts Grandmaster third realm. Of course, this achievement was only in terms of his Inner Qi cultivation and not his realm cultivation.

Mo Wens figure shook. Waves of formidable power gushed out from his body. Compared to before, his power had almost doubled.

Five masses of light appeared in front of Mo Wen. After killing the Fire Scorpion Beast King, light tools would evidently be dropped.

Among the five masses of light was a superb grade Unsealing Light, a superb grade Healing Light, and a superb grade Recovery Light. Aside from that, there was also a small blue flag and a milky white insignia.

"It is actually an Incomplete Spiritual Talisman!"

Mo Wen looked at the white insignia. A look of astonishment flashed in his eyes. It was actually a spiritual talisman. He had not expected that killing the Fire Scorpion Beast King would cause a spiritual talisman to drop. Although the spiritual talisman before him was an Incomplete Spiritual Talisman, its might was far above a ninth rank talisman.

Talismans were divided into nine ranks. Similarly, spiritual talismans were divided into nine ranks, from the first rank which was the lowest to the ninth rank which was the highest. The legendary ninth rank spiritual talisman was rumored to be able to kill a Mighty Immortal Cultivator.

Be it a talisman or a spiritual talisman, when immortal cultivators manufactured them, there was a high chance of failure. Sometimes after they failed, the spiritual talisman would be completely wasted and not serve any function. Other times, they would not fail completely. Although the manufacturing process would not be successful, some of its power would be preserved. This sort of spiritual talisman was known as an Incomplete Spiritual Talisman.

The white insignia was an incomplete first rank spiritual talisman. Its might could not compare with a first rank spiritual talisman, but it far surpassed that of a ninth rank talisman.

A look of joy flashed in Mo Wens eyes. Although it was just an Incomplete Spiritual Talisman, its might was rather astonishing. A first rank spiritual talisman was equivalent to an all-out attack by a Primordial Soul realm immortal cultivator. Although an incomplete first rank spiritual talisman was not so powerful, it would not be difficult for it to kill a monstrous beast such as the Fire Scorpion Beast King.

Mo Wen stared at the little blue flag which was quietly suspended in midair. His face had a strange expression. Based on his judgment, he could tell from a glance that this little flag was not a spiritual treasure. It was also not an immortal cultivator treasure. Instead, it was a stratagem flag for a large stratagem.

He held the blue stratagem flag. The stratagem flag had a blue background with a Black Tortoise drawn on it. It had the back of a tortoise, the head of a dragon, the tail of a snake and the palms of a tiger. It was the Divine Beast, the Black Tortoise. A message was transmitted into his mind from the stratagem flag.

The Black Tortoise Flag!

This blue stratagem flag was called the Black Tortoise Flag. It was one of the stratagem flags of the Four Guardians Heaven Sealing Stratagem.

Mo Wen did not know how powerful the Four Guardians Heaven Sealing Stratagem was, but strangely, the Black Tortoise Flag in his hand was only one of the stratagem flags of the Four Guardians Heaven Sealing Stratagem. Only by collecting all four of the stratagem flags could he set up the Four Guardians Heaven Sealing Stratagem. With just the Black Tortoise Flag, he could not set up the Four Guardians Heaven Sealing Stratagem at all.

Mo Wen looked incredulously at the Black Tortoise Flag. What use was it giving this item to him? He did not have the other three stratagem flags. Even if the Four Guardians Heaven Sealing Stratagem had might that defied Heaven, it was useless to him.


Nearby, a huge rumble sounded. A huge snake that was a thousand meters long was furiously smashed into the ground. The clouds churned and gales howled. The huge snake struggled for a long while but actually did not manage to get back up.

Mo Wen raised his gaze and looked in that direction. He saw Nangong Mingzhu floating above the Fire Snake King. Her beautiful black hair fluttered in the wind. Her silver mask gave off a cold metallic shine. Her body was enveloped in a black demonic light. A terrifying aura covered an area with a radius of a thousand meters.

She raised her dainty hand and then swiped it downwards. A three hundred meter long jet black blade appeared in the sky. It furiously cleaved down at the struggling Fire Snake King on the ground. At the same time, she raised her other hand. In her other hand, she held a black insignia. This insignia flashed with ancient runes. It became a chain of runes, binding the illusion of the huge snake in the sky.

The huge snake illusion was a few thousand meters long. It emanated an ancient aura and was no ordinary living creature. It was obviously the Fire Snake Kings Ancestral Devil Sacred Spirit.

However, right now, the Ancestral Devil Sacred Spirit was actually bound by Nangong Mingzhu. It could not unleash its power at all and was forcefully suppressed.

Mo Wen was shocked to the point of being speechless. This woman was formidable. Also, the black insignia in her hand seemed to be a special item.

The jet black blade was sharp beyond compare and easily chopped off the Fire Snake Kings head. Blood splashed out and formed a stream, tainting the ground red.

The Ancestral Devil Sacred Spirit, which was in midair, and the Fire Snake Kings body started to crumble, transforming into streaks of starlight and gushing into Nangong Mingzhus body.

When Nangong Mingzhu had absorbed all the starlight, her cultivation increased once again. Her Inner Qi cultivation showed faint signs of surpassing that of third realm Martial Arts Grandmasters. Her cultivation was still leagues above Mo Wens.

"Such a formidable woman."

Mo Wen glanced at Nangong Mingzhu, impressed. Nangong Mingzhu was definitely far stronger than Chu Yuan. Regardless of the treasures that they possessed or their own ability, Chu Yuan paled into insignificance when compared to her.

Mo Wen counted himself lucky that he had attacked swiftly and killed the Fire Scorpion Beast King before she managed to kill the other Beast King. Otherwise, he would most likely have lost the bet.

After the Fire Snake King died, a few masses of light appeared in front of Nangong Mingzhu too. There were a total of four items, one item fewer than those awarded to Mo Wen. In terms of ability, the Fire Snake King was weaker than the Fire Scorpion Beast King so that was only to be expected.

Among the four masses of light, there was a superb grade Healing Light, a superb grade Recovery Light, a small white flag and also a purple Incomplete Spiritual Talisman.

Apart from missing out a superb grade Unsealing Light, the items that dropped were similar to Mo Wens.

"You win." Nangong Mingzhu stared at Mo Wen. There was an incomprehensible temper hidden in her tone. She had not expected that she would actually lose once again at the hands of Mo Wen. She had gone all out to kill the Fire Snake King, yet she was still a step slower.

"I was lucky," Mo Wen said with a plain smile.

"A loss is a loss. You are indeed very powerful. According to our previous bet, as long as it is within my power to do, you can request one thing from me," Nangong Mingzhu said nonchalantly.

"Then I will tell you when I decide what I want." At the moment, Mo Wen could not think of anything Nangong Mingzhu could help him with. If he asked for a profound level weapon from Nangong Mingzhu, she would surely not agree to it.

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