Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 732

Chapter 732 Dragon Might

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Chu Yuans eyes swept across the crowd. His expression was sullen and there was a look of dissatisfaction in his eyes. The moment the spiritual fire entered into Mo Wens body, a bad feeling welled up inside of Chu Yuan.

The spiritual fire was the item that Lord Blood Soul had specifically asked for. If Chu Yuan returned empty-handed, he would certainly be punished, and it could even affect his standing in the Ghost Lair.

"Chu Yuan, if you are dissatisfied, you can go snatch the spiritual fire from Mo Wens hands. You can go right now. Dont shirk away in the Four Guardians Light Shroud like a tortoise." Nangong Mingzhu laughed coldly as she looked at Chu Yuan. She had a mocking look in her eyes. She had not expected that Chu Yuan would still be thinking about the spiritual fire. He obviously did not understand how things worked here.

"Thats right. If you are dissatisfied, you can always go and take it. The spiritual fire is an item of the world. If you have the ability, no one can stop you." Jin Ying glanced disdainfully at Chu Yuan. He was hiding away under someone elses protection yet still had the nerve to covet the spiritual fire.

"Shameless." Pei Fengwu coldly snorted.

It wasnt just the people who were close to Mo Wen looking at Chu Yuan withdissatisfaction. The rest of the human ancient martial art practitioners were also watching him with confused expressions. They had not expected that at this moment Chu Yuan would still be thinking about the spiritual fire.

In reality, although the human ancient martial art practitioners had all come for the spiritual fire, after experiencing so much, many of them had given up on the idea. Making it out alive was more important than anything else. Moreover, each and every one of them had received quite a few benefits so they would not necessarily be leaving empty-handed. Rather than coveting the ethereal spiritual fire that they were not certain that they could cultivate at all, it was better to be more realistic and grounded.

Also, only by having Mo Wen absorb the spiritual fire did they have a chance at defeating the Dragon Horse. If it was any other person, even if they had the spiritual fire, it would be impossible for them to defeat the Dragon Horse. In the end, it would have been all for nothing. Hence, aside from Chu Yuan and few people who were blinded by greed, no one else felt that it was inappropriate for Mo Wen to absorb the spiritual fire. Instead, they were happy that he had.

Some of the gazes of the ancient martial art practitioners that looked at Chu Yuan, some were mocking, while others were full of disdain, and more were condescending. Almost no one was supporting Chu Yuan. Even Bu Xingyi and the members of the Ming Temple had ugly expressions, although they did not say anything. They were very aware that there was nothing they could do and had no intention of embarrassing themselves again.

Chu Yuans facial expression was ugly beyond compare. Originally, he had not given the spiritual fire much thought. When facing almost certain death, being able to survive was a luxury. There was no time to spend coveting worldly possessions. But right now, since they had a chance of making it out alive, he immediately began thinking about it again.

"Chu Yuan, you truly are getting senile. I advise you to not seek death. Otherwise, whether you still have your little life will be a problem, let alone the spiritual fire" Nangong Mingzhu said.

Mo Wen closed his eyes and felt the power changes in his body. He subconsciously began to circulate his Inner Qi using his martial arts method. Based on the previous pathway that he had comprehended, he gathered the three martial arts methods together. The speed of circulation instantly increased several times.

The power of the spiritual fire kept spreading through his body, and his cultivation kept increasing. Suddenly, he heard the sound of an egg hatching in his body. It was as though something had cracked and broken through a bottleneck. In an instant, the power in Mo Wens body surged out like a river breaking its banks.

"The Golden Elixir Realm!" Mo Wen opened his eyes. His eyes shone with golden light like two suns. The power of his body instantly went through a change of essence, seemingly becoming much more solid. His power transcended to another level.

The Golden Elixir Realm! Mo Wen discovered that he had broken through to the Golden Elixir Realm; the true Golden Elixir Realm and not the illusionary power of this space.

The power of the starlight obtained from killing demonic beasts was only effective in this space. But Mo Wens current increment was not because of starlight but from the power of the four tail feathers and the spiritual fire. It was a true increase in his own power.

In an instant, Mo Wen discovered that his body had undergone a huge change. The essence of both his body and his Inner Qi had changed.

Moving from the Embryonic Breathing Realm to the Golden Elixir Realm was a true watershed moment. Although Mo Wen could battle against Golden Elixir Realm ancient martial art practitioners and even kill them, in the end, he was still not a Golden Elixir Realm ancient martial art practitioner. But right now, he had finally reached this level.

Endless power surged through him. He felt his control over his power had improved several times. With the same amount of cultivation, he would be able to unleash a greater amount of strength.

The four colored lights that enveloped Mo Wen gradually disappeared. The four tail feathers and the spiritual fire all entered into Mo Wens body, disappearing without a trace.

A circle of terrifying aura expanded with Mo Wen as the center. It was no weaker than that of the Dragon Horse after she had lost the spiritual fire.

Mo Wen slowly looked at the Dragon Horse. His lips curled into a smile as he said, "Miss Dragon Horse, the battle has just begun."

"You will not necessarily be able to defeat me. Originally, I did not wish to kill you. But I will not become a pawn. Even if I die, I will take you with me." The Dragon Horse pursed her lips. Her voice was still gentle, but from it, one could feel an unyielding determination.

"You will be unlikely to kill me," Mo Wen said plainly.

Before the Dragon Horse had lost the spiritual fire, Mo Wen was no match for her. But right now, after the power-up from the four tail feathers and the spiritual fire, he was not much weaker than the Dragon Horse.

"We will not know that until the very end. Dont think that just because you have thespiritual fire, you can win against me."

The Dragon Horses body released a silver light. She extended her hands towards her head and then plucked the two dragon horns off. The dragon horns sparkled with silver light as ancient and miraculous runes flashed over them.

The next moment, the two dragon horns became two longswords that flashed with silver light. The swords were four feet long and similar to ancient swords from Hua Xia. A powerful aura was emanating from the longswords.

Mo Wens gaze flickered. Demonic Spiritual Treasures! The pair of dragon horns were the Dragon Horses Demonic Spiritual Treasures. The dragon horns were the toughest part of a divine dragon. Demonic Spiritual Treasures based on dragon horns would certainly be extraordinary.

From the two longswords, Mo Wen could sense an aura that was no lower than that of a superb-grade profound level weapon, matching his Heavenly Serpent Divine Spear.

The Dragon Horses arms shook slightly and the two longswords became silver dragons that charged towards Mo Wen.

Mo Wen laughed softly. With a shift of his mind, the six flying swords that were floating around him immediately flew out. They arranged themselves point to end, becoming a sword arrangement and directly enveloping the two silver dragons inside them.

The six flying swords were all superb-grade profound level weapons. The six of them could also combine and interconnect, forming a powerful arrangement.

One could imagine the might of the sword arrangement formed from the six superb-grade profound level weapons. The six flying swords trapped the two silver dragons. The flying swords gently shook and countless sword threads flew out. The sword threads covered the sky and enveloped the two silver dragons, slicing them into countless pieces in a few breaths.

With flashes of silver light, the two longswords escaped from the sword arrangement. Their lights were dim, and it seemed as though they had been damaged.

"Right now, you are no match for me," Mo Wen said plainly. Although the Dragon Horses Demonic Spiritual Treasures were very powerful, against the sword arrangement formed from the six superb-grade profound level weapons, they paled into insignificance.

Initially, the Dragon Horse had not been remotely concerned with the might of the six flying swords at all and had been suppressing Mo Wen with absolute power. But right now, the situation was not as it was before. The might of the six flying swords was immediately displayed.

"Dont celebrate too soon." The Dragon Horse coldly snorted. Her pure white hands caught the longswords as they flew back. A pure light flashed, and her silhouette disappeared from her original spot. The next moment, her entire being became a gust of wind. The wings on her back flapped and an incarnation of a white dragon suddenly appeared in mid-air. The white dragon emanated a rather astonishing and terrifying imposing manner. Even Mo Wen was shocked.

The white dragon was exactly the same as the Primeval Flaming Dragon from before. However, this white dragon was not an Ancestral Demon Sacred Spirit, but the incarnation of the Dragon Horse herself. It was much more substantial and emanated even more frightening power.

"Ancestral Demon Incarnation!" Mo Wen softly whistled. He had not expected that the Dragon Horse could actually unleash an Ancestral Demon Incarnation.

An Ancestral Demon Incarnation was similar to the Ancestral Demon Sacred Spirit. It was related to the strongest ancestor of their bloodline. However, an Ancestral Demon Incarnation was far rarer than an Ancestral Demon Sacred Spirit. Demons that had Ancestral Demon Incarnations would certainly have Ancestral Demon Sacred Spirits, but demons with Ancestral Demon Sacred Spirits would not necessarily have Ancestral Demon Incarnations.

According to legend, among a thousand demons that had Ancestral Demon Sacred Spirits, only one would have an Ancestral Demon Incarnation. It was a thousand in one chance.

Even among demons, the Ancestral Demon Incarnation was a rare sight. Moreover, the Dragon Horse right now was just a demonic beast. Based on the purity of her bloodline and her talent, this Dragon Horse clearly surpassed the power of many demons.

The figure of the white dragon trembled, and it crashed straight into the sword arrangements formed by the six flying swords. Terrifying power flowed out, sending Mo Wens six swords flying.

In the blink of an eye, the white dragon dashed up to Mo Wen and sent a huge dragon claw fiercely clawing out.


The Heavenly Serpent Divine Spear became a beam of silver light and collided with the dragon claw. Terrifying power swept through, moving mountains and draining seas, parting the skies within ten thousand kilometers.

The power of the white dragon was astonishing. Mo Wens figure trembled as he flew backward.

"As expected, the Ancestral Demon Incarnation is indeed very powerful." Blood flowed out from the corner of Mo Wens mouth. Although the white dragon was only the Dragon Horses Ancestral Demon Incarnation, it had traces of the Primeval Flaming Dragons power. Even with his current cultivation, he could not block that power.


A dragon roar sounded loud and clear. The next moment, a terrifying pressure descended from the heavens. In the sky above, the clouds churned. A huge image of a dragon that seemed to cover the entire sky appeared above the clouds. The dragon image was majestic. It had a cold and imperious look in its eyes.

The terrifying pressure descended from the sky like the might of the heavens, directly crashing towards Mo Wen.

Dragon might!

Mo Wen was shocked. Dragon might was the power that the divine dragon clan was renowned for. According to legend, the dragon god had the bloodline of the king of demons. Its might was a deterrent and was inviolable. Once dragon might was unleashed, everyone would succumb to it.

As a renowned supernatural power of the divine dragon clan, Mo Wen naturally knew how frightening dragon might was. He had not expected that the Dragon Horse could unleash such a power.

Purple light flashed and the Cries of Hades Bell appeared in Mo Wens hand. His expression turned serious and his eyes were burning with two masses of golden flame.

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