Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 744

Chapter 744 The Meeting In The Mountain

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The entirety of Intentionless City was covered in a layer of ice. The air was frigid and even the clouds in the sky froze, the rain turning into snowflakes which floated downwards slowly.

The snow fell across an area of a thousand miles, and the entire scene was rather magnificent. Even though the cold was startling and everyone in the city could feel it, it did not hurt. The coldness right now did not seem natural. Instead, it was like a spirit that would automatically protect the humans who might be hurt by it.

However, this situation only happened in the city. The coldness was brutal in the sky as the cold winds howled. The warriors who surrounded Mo Wen were encapsulated in the ice one by one. Even though all of them were warriors in the Golden Elixir Realm, they could not withstand the terrible coldness.

In mere moments, more than a hundred warriors in the Golden Elixir Realm were frozen. They looked like statues as they froze in mid-air in odd shapes.

Grandmother Hui Ling used all the strength in her body to fight against the cold air surrounding her. She would shatter the layer of ice that settled on her body with her fist the moment it formed. However, the coldness was too terrifying. Another layer of ice would form just after she shattered the first layer.

"How is this possible? How can he wield so much power?" Grandmother Hui Lings eyes were filled with incredulity. As Mo Wen had released all the power in his body without holding back, she realized just how powerful he had become.

There were more than two hundred Golden Elixir Realm warriors in the sky. However, there were only a few who could shatter the ice, and their numbers could be counted on one hand. Other than Grandmother Hui Ling, there were only a few other later-stage Golden Elixir Realm warriors who barely managed to escape being frozen. As for the other warriors, they were all completely stuck in the ice and could not move at all.

A black ray of light shone forth from Mo Wen. He was like a black sun at this moment, releasing a brilliant light that seemed unending. A terrifying coldness spread out with him at the center and swept across his surroundings.

Mo Wen had discovered earlier that his body had gone through a thorough transformation since he had emerged from the Fighting Spirit Tower. The techniques that he cultivated in had also undergone major changes. Even though the fire and cold attributes of his Nine Yang Divine Technique and Nine Yin Divine Technique had already been strong, they were now much more powerful.

Mo Wen had the power of three attributes because he cultivated in three different types of technique at the same time. Having a single attribute was characteristic of a single technique.

He merged the inner Qi of the three techniques. Even though his inner Qi had increased multiple times, it was impossible for his attribute strength to increase by the same amount. When he had previously used his attribute power, he could only use one-third of his inner Qi that belonged to that attribute. His power would suffer and was not as strong as merging the inner Qi of the three techniques. He would not use the attribute power but instead attack with his powerful inner Qi. This was also why he rarely unleashed the characteristics of the two techniques despite having cultivated in the most powerful cold and dark, and fiery and strong techniques in the world.

However, in the Fighting Spirit Tower, for some reason unknown to him, the inner Qi of the three different attributes merged into one complete entity. When he thought of using the Nine Yin Qi, which was of the cold attribute, all his inner Qi turned into Nine Yin Qi. When he wanted to use the Nine Yang Qi, which was of the fire attribute, all his inner Qi turned into Nine Yang Qi. When he wanted to use the Celestial Scripture: Sun and Moon, all his inner Qi was endless, a characteristic of the Celestial Scripture.

That meant that he would be able to use the three attributes inner Qi in him to their fullest extent no matter which attribute he wanted to unleash. Furthermore, it would be three times stronger than it would be in usual circumstances. One could imagine how powerful three times the coldness of the Nine Yin Qi would be. Otherwise, with Mo Wens current cultivation, it would be difficult for him to freeze Intentionless City as he had done.

Mo Wens used the Nine Yin Qi that had absorbed the Dark Soul Pearl. A cold wind swept around wildly, and it was snowing heavily within a thousand-mile radius. Warriors in the Golden Elixir Realm fell from the sky one after another. They landed on the ground unmoving, like ice sculptures.

"How is that possible!" Bu Zhangkun could not believe what he was seeing. Only a few people were still in the sky. He had never seen anything so shocking in his life. It was like a nightmare that should be impossible. It was crazier than a dream.

Grandmother Hui Ling and He Xiangyus expressions immediately grew horrified. They only now realized that Mo Wen was no longer the Mo Wen that they knew. He was already at a stage that they could not imagine.

"How can he be so powerful. Its impossibleIts definitely impossible!" He Xiangyu looked at Mo Wen, his face extremely pale. Despite having seen many great things, he stood motionless in shock and could not react after a long time had passed.

On the ground, Jiang Jingtao and Jiang Pingzhou lay stiffly. They had been waiting for their allies to save them and hoped that Grandmother Hui Ling and the other older experts would be able to take Mo Wen down. However, darkness surrounded them, and they were filled with fear.

Was Mo Wen even still human? He seemed like a demon!

On the execution stage, the expressions of the residents were all dazed. They watched the scene in the sky with shell-shocked expressions. They could not imagine the scenes they had just witnessed in their wildest dreams. As they were standing on the ground, they were not affected by the cold aura released by Mo Wen. However, everyone seemed as if they were frozen. They stood still and did not move.

The Intentionless Sect Elders breathed in deeply on the stone pillar. It was as if they were meeting Mo Wen for the first time. They looked at Mo Wen in shock and fear.

"He is so powerful. What realm has he reached exactly? Oh my god, I feel like the word powerful isnt enough to describe him anymore"

Chen Zi and Chen Zikuang were speechless as they stared at Mo Wen. They both knew a little about him. When they first entered the Green Ancient Mystery Dimension, Mo Wen was only in the Embryonic Breathing Realm. Not too much time had passed, but he had already reached such a terrifying stage.

"Useless. How dare you all try to attack me when your skills are so poor?" Mo Wen placed his hands behind his back and looked at Grandmother Hui Ling, He Xiangyu and the others coldly. His expression was one of indifference. It could be said that he had not even attacked, but a hundred Golden Elixir Realm warriors were already lying on the ground. The others, who had the slightest bit of combat ability like Grandmother Hui Ling, had most of their ability weakened by the cold. They did not dare to attack him.

"Mo Wen, you will regret your actions. I have already told you Intentionless City has a power you cannot defend against." Grandmother Hui Lings expression was terrible. She was truly frightened by Mo Wen who seemed like the devil. She could not withstand a single blow from Mo Wen, even with her cultivation which was at the pinnacle of the Golden Elixir Realm. She would believe it even if they said that Mo Wen was the legendary Martial Arts Grandmaster. It was all too terrifying.

If the senior had not come at this time, she feared that the Purple Qi Pavilion and the Five Beasts Sect would have failed in something that had seemed an easy task. A major problem would have affected the major sects of the Green Ancient Mystery Dimension. Fortunately, the worst had yet to happen.

Grandmother Hui Lings expression softened at the thought of the senior and she slowly calmed down. She believed that with the senior around, Mo Wen would not be able to cause too much trouble, even if he were a martial arts grandmaster.

"The Purple Qi Pavilion is a sect with a thousand-year legacy. Do you think that anyone can bully the Pavilion? Mo Wen, give us the Dark Soul Pearl, the Cries of Hades Bell, and the treasures inherited by the two major sects. Then, we will be able to negotiate. You will regret it if you refuse to hand it over."

Grandmother Hui Ling breathed in deeply, and she looked at Mo Wen coldly. Even though Mo Wen had a terrifying aura, and she could not help but tremble uncontrollably, she had to be strong right now. She was the Grand Elder of the Purple Qi Pavilion and their ancient sect had a thousand-year-old legacy. She had to protect the dignity of the Purple Qi Pavilion. The warriors from various major sects of the Green Ancient Mystery Dimension were gathered in the Purple Qi Pavilion. If they lost their dignity today, it would affect the status of the Purple Qi Pavilion in the Green Ancient Mystery Dimension to a great extent.

Furthermore, she had no other way of dealing with Mo Wen. At best, she would obtain the Dark Soul Pearl and the Cries of Hades Bell in exchange for Mo Wens life. Anyway, once the news spread, the Purple Qi Pavilion would find it hard to keep the two treasures for themselves.

"Regret?" Mo Wen laughed lightly and said, "Get your supporters here. I want to see who can make me regret."

"Hall Leader He, go and invite the senior out of the mountain. It would be best if you can invite all the seniors. I want to see if this lad will still be arrogant then," Grandmother Hui Ling said coldly. The news had already spread, and she was not afraid of blowing up the matter right now.

"Mo Wen, wait here if you dare." He Xiangyu looked at Mo Wen warily, afraid that he would attack him suddenly and kill him because he was going to bring someone here. At the same time, he was also afraid that Mo Wen would realize that something was wrong and leave. With his current abilities, no one would be able to stop him if he was determined to flee.

"Please!" Mo Wen placed his hands behind his back and did not even deign to look at He Xiangyu. His expression was one of indifference, and he looked supremely disinterested in what He Xiangyu was doing.

Grandmother Hui Ling immediately gave He Xiangyu a meaningful look. Mo Wen was very confident and did not look like he felt threatened. He probably would not stop He Xiangyu.

He Xiangyu immediately turned and flew towards a green mountain peak outside of Intentionless City. The forest on the mountain was green and dense and was very beautiful. It was ethereal and had always been an important land for the Intentionless Sect. There were many spiritual medicine and herbs there, and it was a very suitable place for warriors to cultivate or live in.

There was a palace on top of the beautiful mountain peak. In the great hall of the palace, a group of people were seated and were chatting with each other. The group was made up of men and of women, both young and elderly. If Mo Wen were present, he would recognize most of the people in the hall with a glance.

"I didnt expect that a senior expert like Old Tan would appear in the Green Ancient Mystery Dimension. Disregarding everything else, being able to get to know a person like Old Tan makes this trip worth it. It is a blessing." A sturdy-looking Elder raised the glass of wine in his hand towards an Elder sitting in the main seat in the middle and toasted him. He drank all the wine in one go. The man was no other than Pei Fengwus master, Zong Changsheng.

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