Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 755

Chapter 755 Counter Suppression

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Mo Wen had also not expected that he would encounter such an incident when he had only come along for the ride. A heretic force like the Ghost Lair had dared to go against the Huatian Palace. Something huge was certainly about to happen. It had certainly been an eventful time recently.

Wang Qinghan was slightly stunned to hear the youths voice in her ears. Before she had understood what he meant, an astonishing pressure instantly enveloped the entire mountain forest. Everywhere it passed, gales swept past and the sky turned dark.

In the sky above, all the people who were flying were pressed down by some kind of force. It was as though a formless, invisible giant hand was pressing them down to the ground.

The Sinister Wind Stratagem that enveloped the entire valley directly collapsed, shattered into nothingness by a terrifying force.

In the mountain range, trees fell over one by one. It was as though they had encountered a king that dominated the world and were frantically bending over to worship him.

The insufferably arrogant Ghost Lair ancient martial art practitioner dressed in black robes was pushed down to the ground by a formless power. He could not move his entire body. His face showed fear.

Who was doing this?

In the valley, everyone was terrified, including the members of the Huatian Palace. None of them had experienced such frightening pressure before. What realm did the ancient martial art practitioner belong to to have such an imposing manner?

"You" Little Tang, who was standing beside Mo Wen, looked incredulously at him. She was the closest to him, hence she could feel that this terrifying pressure was coming from this youth. For her, this pressure was like a heavenly force, an existence that she could not stand against at all. Who was he? How was he so powerful?

"Your Ghost Lair and I are truly fated to cross paths." Mo Wen smiled as he walked towards the Ghost Lair ancient martial art practitioners that he had compressed together. With the power of his pressure, he could capture these people without a fight. Previously, in the Fighting Spirit Tower, his cultivation had temporarily broken past the limits of the Martial Arts Grandmaster, reaching an even higher level. Hence, he had a very deep experience with that level of pressure. His level of control over his own pressure had also reached unprecedented heights.

Although he was not a Martial Arts Grandmaster yet, his control over Compulsion was not lower than that of a Martial Arts Grandmaster, even surpassing that of an average Martial Arts Grandmaster.

One could imagine how frightening the pressure that he was currently releasing was. Although his cultivation had reverted to its previous level, his imposing manner stemmed from the heart. He had battled against the Dragon Horse now. How could he be measured against ordinary standards?

"The power of Compulsion. Martial Arts Grandmaster cultivation! Who are you?" The black-robed leader of the Ghost Lair looked at Mo Wen, who was slowly walking towards them. His eyes were filled with dismay and panic.

He had actually encountered a Martial Arts Grandmaster while he was out on a mission! Even in his dreams, he would not have expected to have such an extraordinary encounter. Even in the Inner worlds, a Martial Arts Grandmaster was a pinnacle existence, and it was rather unusual to encounter one. In the main space. It was impossible to encounter a Martial Arts Grandmaster. Also, this Martial Arts Grandmaster was so young.

On the other side, Granny Fu Qing and the group of Vermillion Bird Palace Hall Executors were also looking at Mo Wen with expressions of surprise. How had a Martial Arts Grandmaster strong practitioner ended up here?

Shangguan Qingyou and Invisible Saber Demon had already recognized Mo Wen and now had looks of disbelief. They wondered whether they were dreaming.

That Mo Wen when had he become a Martial Arts Grandmaster strong practitioner? Wasnt he a Four-star Executor with only Qi Nucleation Realm cultivation?

Although Mo Wens fame in the Vermillion Bird Palace Hall was not insignificant, it was limited to the Four-star Executor level. A Qi Nucleation Realm ancient martial art practitioner would naturally not draw too much attention. Now, he had become a Martial Arts Grandmaster. This was incomprehensible.

"My apologies. Let me introduce myself. I am Mo Wen, a Huatian Palace Vermillion Bird Palace Hall Four-star Executor," Mo Wen said with a smile.

"What? You are also a member of the Huatian Palace?" The black-robed leaders expression changed drastically. He had not expected that this youth was a member of the Huatian Palace. If Mo Wen was a Martial Arts Grandmaster from another faction or sect, maybe he could use the Ghost Lairs reputation to buy Mo Wen over or threaten him. After all, most of the ancient martial art practitioner sects feared the heretic forces. But this Martial Arts Grandmaster was from the Huatian Palace. There was no possibility of negotiation.

"How is a Martial Arts Grandmaster like you a Huatian Palace Four-star Executor?" The black-robed leader looked at Mo Wen in disbelief. A Martial Arts Grandmaster would at least be a Huatian Palace Eight star Executor.

"Go to hell and meet its king!" Mo Wen slowly extended a hand. A mass of golden flame rose from his palm. The flames did not seem to have any heat, but in the area they burned, the space seemed to contort.

"Wait a minute. We are members of the Ghost Lair. If you kill me, the Ghost Lair will certainly not let you go."

"The same thing has been said to me by a person called Chu Yuan from your Ghost Lair."

"What? Lord Chu Yuan?" The black-robed leader had not expected that this youth would know Lord Chu Yuan. Lord Chu Yuan was an incredible figure, an existence comparable to a Second Realm Martial Arts Grandmaster. Ordinary Martial Arts Grandmasters were no match for him at all.

Mo Wen coldly laughed. A mass of flame suddenly flew out from his hand. It swept out in an instant and enveloped all the members of the Ghost Lair.

The terrifying high temperatures did not dissipate. A deep magma pool appeared in the ground where the Ghost Lair members were. Gas bubbles kept churning, but the surrounding area did not seem to be affected. Not even a blade of grass caught fire. Yet, the members of the Ghost Lair, including the black-robed leader, were all vaporized in an instant, completely disappearing from the world.

"Such powerful control. Such frightening flames. Is he truly a Vermillion Bird Palace Hall Four-star Executor?" Granny Fu Qing drew in a cold breath. This youths mastery of flame had already reached the realm of perfection. Also, the power of his flame had similarly reached an unbelievable level. With her cultivation, if she came into contact with a little bit of golden flame, she would most likely be completely burnt to ash.

Was such a powerful youth really a Vermillion Bird Palace Hall Four-star Executor?

"Senior Fu Qing, he is called Mo Wen. Before this, he was indeed a Vermillion Bird Palace Hall Four-star Executor. As for how many stars he has now, I dont know about that." Shangguan Qingyou laughed bitterly. At this moment, she did not know what to say. Mo Wen was very strange. Every time he appeared, he was even more peculiar and powerful.

Could it be that the members of the Mo clan were all like this? Mo Qingtian was weird enough. However, a Five-star Executor had all sorts of special privileges in the Huatian Palace. Even her own master, Nun Xing, the deputy head of the Vermillion Bird Palace Hall had asked her to humor Mo Qingtian a little.

This person who also had the surname Mo was even more bizarre. Not long ago, he was at the Qi Nucleation Realm. They had not seen each other for one or two months, and now he was actually a Martial Arts Grandmaster!

"Have you met this person before?" Granny Fu Qing looked at Shangguan Qingyou in astonishment. From the looks on their faces, there seemed to be a few among the Vermillion Bird Palace Hall young maidens who recognized the terrifying youth.

"Senior Fu Qing, I have fought him in the Vermillion Bird challenge ring before," Invisible Saber Demon said somewhat bitterly, the corner of her mouth twitching a little. Right now, she was wondering whether her previous experience was just sleepwalking.

The people who had come on this mission with Granny Fu Qing were all young maidens of the Vermillion Bird Palace Hall. A few among them recognized Mo Wen. After all, when Mo Wen joined the Vermillion Bird Palace Hall, it had caused quite a stir. Many people recognized him, but no one had expected him to be so powerful.

The ones who were the most astonished werent the members of the Huatian Palace, but Wang Qinghan and Little Tang.

Even in their wildest dreams, the two of them had never imagined that the young man who had tagged along for the ride was actually a Martial Arts Grandmaster. He was so young!

A cold wind blew and the lake of magma on the ground slowly froze. All the members of the Ghost Lair had evaporated. The valley fell into a deathly silence.

"Fellow Huatian Palace colleagues, how have you all been?" Mo Wen said with a smile.

"This this little friend. I will never forget that you saved my life." Granny Fu Qing saluted with her fists. She did not know how to address this youth.

By right, addressing a Martial Arts Grandmaster as a senior was very common. But this Martial Arts Grandmaster was too young. Addressing him as senior did not seem too appropriate.

She also did not know whether there were any other young Martial Arts Grandmasters in the Huatian Palace. Even if there were, they would most likely be extremely rare and could be counted on one hand.

"I wonder why the members of the Ghost Lair were here?" Mo Wen asked curiously. He felt that the Ghost Lair had been too active recently. There was certainly something afoot. After all, other heretic forces were not as arrogant as the Ghost Lair.

"Little friend, you may not know"

It turned out that when Mo Wen was in the Green Ancient Mystery Dimension, the Ghost Lair had been constantly capturing a large number of young women from all around. Their targets were also rather clear, and the thing that they had in common was the fact that they were young, virgin women with Yin body constitution.

A rough estimate indicated that the Ghost Lair had captured no fewer than a hundred young women recently, perhaps even more.

After the Huatian Palace investigated this incident, it immediately organized a large portion of its forces to stop the actions of the Ghost Lair. Although they did not know what the goal of the Ghost Lair was, such behavior definitely involved something huge. After all, before this, the Ghost Lair was rather low profile. For them to suddenly be so high profile, they most certainly had an extraordinary goal.

Upon hearing this, a look of understanding flashed in Mo Wens eyes. No wonder this group of Ghost Lair members had come to capture Wang Qinghan. Wang Qinghan had a rare Yin body. This Yin body was rare even among women.

Humans had both Yin and Yang, both existing in harmony. Men leaned more to Yang and women leaned more to Yin. But there were people who hadbody constitutions of pure Yin without Yang or vice versa. This sort of body constitution was called a Yin body or a Yang body. Yin Yang in balance was the orthodox of heaven. Hence, to some extent, pure Yang or pure Yin was not a good thing.

Before this, Mo Wen had said that Wang Qinghan was ill because of her Yin body. Women who had Yin bodies were born with a natural cold disease. They would suffer various torments, inside and out, and it was all rather painful. If it was severe, they could even freeze to death because of the Cold Qi from their own bodies.

However, there were no absolutes. If the person with a Yin body or a Yang body received proper guidance and development, they could even possibly become an extraordinary talent.

The members of the Ghost Lair must be planning something if they were attempting to capture women with such special body constitutions.

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