Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 763

Chapter 763 Too Big Of A Bully

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"You know of him?" Lin Qing was a little stunned. Mo Wen had just returned so it did not make sense for him to know who Fan Junsheng was.

Truthfully, Lin Qing had not told Mo Wen about him precisely because she was afraid that there would be tension between Mo Wen and Fan Junsheng, or some kind of clash with the Crimson Star Sect. Hence, she was still thinking of a way to tell Mo Wen about it. Yet even before she got the chance to say anything, Mo Wen had already found out about it.

"Dont you want me to find out about him?" Mo Wen raised his brows.

"No, I just think that we shouldnt be too hasty about this matter," Lin Qing said a little awkwardly. After all, she had not told Mo Wen about it and he had found out for himself. However, she was indeed rather worried about this Fan Junsheng guy. Although Mo Wen had Dafang Sect behind him, all the ancient martial art sects of the series of three big Mountain ranges combined would not be a match for the Crimson Star Sect.

"Mo Wen, I think you really have to calm down a little." Dongfang Yi smiled bitterly. He had not expected that Mo Wen would offend Fan Junsheng so soon, to the extent that he had already come to their doorstep. However, Fan Junsheng was not very easy to get along with either. He was normally very bossy and if not for the fact that Shen Jing needed to be hospitalized for treatment, he may not have been willing to send Shen Jing into the capital.

Dongfang Yi did not know that his and Lin Qings knowledge of Mo Wen was now a few months out of date. Even the Ming Temple from the Floating Mystery Dimension would not dare to do anything to the current Mo Wen, let alone the Crimson Star Sect,

"Dont worry guys, I will handle this issue. Didnt Fan Junsheng cause a scene at the hospital? Lets go. I want to see just how far he wants to take this." Mo Wen stood up and walked out.

Dongfang Yi and Lin Qing shared a glance, before following him helplessly. Both of them knew full well that nobody could stop Mo Wen when he was feeling stubborn. They just hoped that things would not be too chaotic.

A Bentley rolled to a stop just outside the capitals military regions leading hospital and three people alighted from it. They included Lin Qing who had returned.

Mo Wen straightened his clothes and strode into the hospital. Dongfang Yi purposely trailed a distance behind and silently reached for a satellite communication device. He called Mo Qingtian when he was at the corner of the stairwell. Mo Qingtian was a rather high-ranking individual in Huatian Palace. Although Dongfang Yi did not know how, Mo Qingtian would definitely help to Mo Wen if he was willing to lend a hand.

No matter how powerful Crimson Star Sect was, they would not dare to do anything If Huatian Palace stepped in.

"Whats the matter?" a calm voice said. There was a slight confusion laced in his voice. The number of times Dongfang Yi approached him could be counted on one hand.

"Mo Wen has gotten into trouble. Since you are roommates, can you see if you are able to help?" Dongfang Yi said with a light cough. Mo Qingtian was very odd. If not for such a thing happening, Dongfang Yi would not have wanted any dealings with him.

"Huh? What trouble did he get into?" Mo Qingtian was slightly stunned. This lad Mo Wen stirred up trouble again! Couldnt he just live a quiet life? If, with his skill level, Mo Wen needed his help, it meant that the trouble was relatively big.

"Hasnt Shen Jing, Mo Wens little lover, been admitted into hospital due to poisoning? Apparently, that has something do with Crimson Star Sect. Now that Mo Wen is back, I am afraid that he will go against Crimson Star Sect. You know how strong Crimson Star Sect is"

"Crimson Star Sect, which Crimson Star Sect?" Mo Qingtian interrupted Dongfang Yi. He had not heard of any Crimson Star Sect that would make Mo Wen even a little fearful.

"Its the Crimson Star Sect thats fourth out of the Ten Great Sects. Do you not know of them?" Dongfang Yi was rendered a little speechless. Mo Qingtian did not even know of Crimson Star Sect. They were so renowned in the world of ancient martial arts, that could not be possible.

"Oh, that Crimson Star Sect." Mo Qingtian was astounded. Then, he asked incredulously, "Are you sure Mo Wen needs my help?" With Mo Wens current ability, not many people even from the inner world would be a match for him, much less Crimson Star Sect from the main space. Mo Qingtian could not figure out why Dongfang Yi had called for him just because of a mere Crimson Star Sect.

"If you dont come, who else can possibly help him?" Dongfang Yi was stunned. He could not think of anyone other than a person of high rank in Huatian Palace who could become involved in matters concerning a major sect like Crimson Star Sect.

"Mo Wen doesnt know about this, does he?" Mo Qingtian asked.

"I called you secretly. After all, this matter" Dongfang Yi smiled bitterly. If Mo Wen knew about it, he would be too concerned about his reputation.

"Its alright. You wont be needing me for this matter. You are worrying unnecessarily worried." Mo Qingtian hung up on Dongfang Yi a little impatiently. Even a hundred Crimson Star Sects combined would not be a match for Mo Wen. Dongfang Yi was worrying for nothing.

However, although Crimson Star Sect was not a threat, there was definitely something unique about them that helped them make it into the fourth position of the Ten Great Sects. It was getting closer to the Martial Arts Circle Convention that happened once every five years. Given that Mo Wen had offended them at such a time, the convention would definitely be more exciting than usual! Mo Qingtians lips curled up into a smile.

Dongfang Yi stared at the phone as the line went dead. It was only then that he reacted. With a scoff, he scolded under his breath. "What kind of person is he? If not for Mo Wen being in trouble, I wouldnt even want to call him. Previously, he asked me to watch out for Mo Wen. Yet, now that Mo Wen is in trouble, he doesnt care at all. What is the meaning of this?"

While Dongfang Yi was hiding in the corner of the stairwell making the call, Mo Wen and Lin Qing had already burst into Han Jiangongs office.

Han Jiangong had been the one to break the rule to settle the discharge procedures, so Fan Junsheng had targeted him when he had been unable to locate Mo Wen. A group of people was still guarding Han Jiangongs office, with the order to send Shen Jing over within an hour.

"Senior Hu Tianfeng is trying to appease Shen Jings adoptive parents and Fan Junsheng now. You need to calm down. Dont be rash. This situation can still be turned around. As long as it is handled properly, I believe Fan Junsheng wont do anything too drastic to Shen Jing."

As they walked, Lin Qing had been continuously trying to appease Mo Wen. This time, they were not facing an average opponent. She did not want Mo Wen to be on the losing end just because he was impulsive.

"Thats enough. Why is a woman like you butting in so much? This is a mans business," Mo Wen rolled his eyes at Lin Qing.

"Hm?! A woman like me shouldnt butt in? If youre so amazing, why dont you just take back your company and not let me handle it?" Lin Qing was furious. Not only did Mo Wen not listen to her, he still thought of her as a useless busybody.

"Alright, alright, you are so capable. You are not the average woman. You are a superwoman." When Mo Wen realized Lin Qing was angry, he immediately turned around to appease her.

"How do you plan to handle the situation with Fan Junsheng?" Lin Qing asked with a light humph.

"How else can I handle it? He is such a big bully, lets just see how much longer he can live."

Mo Wen pushed the door to Han Jiangongs office open immediately without waiting to hear what Lin Qing had to say. Then, he took a huge stride into the office.

There were tens of people in the office. Other than a young man who was sitting on the sofa with a cold expression, the remaining people were all standing around regardless of their age or gender.

Han Jiangong was standing just a little in front of the youth and his expression was conflicted. There was anger in his eyes, but he did not dare to make it too obvious.

This youth was of exceptional origin and he possessed quite a bit of power so Han Jiangong was a little fearful of him. Han Jiangong had significant status in the hospital and had met quite a number of influential people. However, this youth had used some special methods to go against him. Han Jiangong was sure that he could no longer keep his position as the hospitals Deputy Director. It was difficult to even say for sure if he would be able to stay in the hospital at all.

"We are already halfway through your time limit of an hour. If I dont see Shen Jing by the end of this hour, you, old thing, had better watch out." The youth lifted his wrist to look at his watch, before looking at Han Jiangong icily.

Han Jiangongs expression turned sour but he did not say a word. This youth was simply a big bully.

Hu Tianfeng was standing to one side appeasing Fan Junsheng. He could not take it anymore. No matter what, Han Jiangong was just acting in the best interests of his sect. Hence, he said, "Young Master Fan, Lady Lin Qing has already gone to look for the sect leader. She will definitely be back in an hour. The sect leader is friends with Shen Jing. Hence, discharging her from hospital for further treatment was out of goodwill."

Hu Tianfeng was a renowned clan leader of the Ghost Physicians Hu Clan. Currently, however, he could only stand by the side of a youth, without even a seat.

Because Crimson Star Sect was very powerful, Fan Junsheng was very bossy and proud. Everyone else could only swallow their pride. Offending Fan Junsheng would mean offending Crimson Star Sect, and nobody dared to take such a risk.

A middle-aged couple was standing on the other side of the room. The lady was dressed elegantly and the man was dressed maturely, with his entire body adorned with branded items. However, at the moment, the two of them looked like mere servants as they had to submit to Fan Junsheng. Those two people were none other than the adoptive parents of Shen Jing.

Even though they were Shan Jings adoptive parents, they would be his parents-in-law after marriage. Despite this, they were still not offered a seat and could only stand by the side respectfully.

"Sect Leader? What nonsense is it that you dare refer to another person so respectfully in front of me? Old man, your head must be muddled. Are all the people from the Ghost Physicians Hu Clan stupid pigs like you? Even a dog like your sect leader can be Shen Jings friend? What is he even? If he does not bring Shen Jing back, I will make sure that his life is a living hell worse than that of a dogs life."

Fan Junsheng mocked without a care. Daring to address someone else respectfully in front of him was like a death wish. He did not care for any other sect leader. As long as they were in his presence, even a dragon would have to kneel down and a tiger would have to crawl. They had all better be more humble.

Hu Tianfengs expression immediately turned very cold. This little b*stard, Fan Junsheng, was simply a bully. If it had not been for his entire clan, he simply wanted to pinch this little b*stard to death with his own fingers.

"Youre saying that Im worse off than a dog? Young man, you must be really gutsy." At this moment, a voice rang out from behind the door. Soon after, a lanky youth pushed open the door and walked in. The youth was not very old, and was just over 20 at most. He was dressed simply but there was a certain might in his aura. It was an elegance that seemed to exist deep in his bones. The moment he entered, he fixed his gaze on Fan Junsheng with a cold piercing look.

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