Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 767

Chapter 767 Love What I Love

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Shen Jings eyes were red. She had really thought that she would die just like that and would never be able to see Mo Wen again.

The reason why she continued her deep sleep was also that she was afraid to face reality.

"Its okay. Everything is over now. Im back. Nobody can touch you." Mo Wen gently pulled Shen Jing into his embrace and patted her back. He also felt remorseful about what had happened. Before this, he had merely used force to keep Shen Jing by his side. He had never imagined that Shen Jing would actually commit suicide for him by poisoning herself.

"I have a feeling. In the near future, I will lose you. Its a very, very strong feeling." Shen Jing hugged Mo Wen tightly, burying her head deep in his arms. She feared that he would disappear from in front of her as soon as she took her eyes off him. In the past, she had never imagined that she would be so attached to a person.

"Its only a wrong impression caused by your nervousness. Everything is over now." Mo Wen stroked Shen Jings hair. Her feeling was totally unfounded.

"No. Its a very real feeling. Its the same as me being able to sense that you are back even though I was in my deep sleep. The feeling is clear." Shen Jing shook her head. She did not know how to explain the feeling to Mo Wen. He would be unlikely to sense that restlessness she felt.

"Dont be anxious. Youre very healthy. There is no problem with you at all. As for your adoptive parents and Fan Junsheng, leave them to me."

Mo Wen frowned. He could sense that something was off with Shen Jing too. Could it be that she had received too much shock before this?

"Even if I say it, you cant understand." Shen Jing wiped away her tears and said softly, "Im not afraid of Fan Junsheng or my adoptive parents who forced me to get married. Rather, I can vaguely sense that something is about to happen. This matter might cause me to leave you forever."

If someone told her that humans had a sixth sense and could predict the future, she would definitely agree with the statement without a doubt now. That was the feeling she had now.

"Something is about to happen?" Mo Wen frowned. He was aware that there were indeed some people who would have premonitions when they were under some special circumstances or when something big was about to happen. This kind of premonition appeared from thin air without any reason. It was also called a sudden inspiration.

The immortal cultivators could interact with the heavens and connect with the Qi circulation of the heavens and earth. If an immortal cultivator had a sudden inspiration, the premonition would most likely come true.

However, Shen Jing was merely a normal person. It was hard to tell whether her premonition would come true.

"Relax. It might just be your imagination. For the time being, I will stay by your side every day."

Casting his doubts aside, Mo Wen could only comfort Shen Jing with these words. Hopefully, her premonition was just her imagination. Even if it was her imagination, most likely nothing bad would happen with him by her side.

"Hold me. Stay tonight." Shen Jing lowered her head. Her rosy cheeks reddened. She looked so lovely with the Hope Diamond on her neck at all times. In the dark, the Hope Diamond emanated a crisp blue glow, complimenting Shen Jings elegance.

"Since madam has spoken, I will stay. I will never leave." Mo Wen immediately smiled. The corners of his mouth curled into a very pleasant arc. It was rare for Shen Jing to willingly share a room with him. Even when they went on holiday to the Fu Sang Country, Shen Jing only allowed him to sleep beside her, but did not allow him to have his way with her.

Right now, the invitation signals that she was sending out were clearly different from usual.

"All men are the same. Youd better return to your room to sleep."

Shen Jing rolled her eyes at Mo Wen. She gently pushed him away, rolled over and hid under the sheets. She had her back towards Mo Wen, but her face was red hot.

"This is my room. Right now, I want to sleep."

Mo Wen laughed and deftly stripped off his clothes and went under the sheets. If he still left at this moment, he was truly a fool.

"Madam, the weather is getting colder. Let me hug you to give you warmth."

The night passed. The next morning, Mo Wen leaned against the headboard, shirtless. His fingers were knocking on the nightstand. His eyes twinkled with thoughts.

Shen Jing snuggled in his embrace, sleeping peacefully. Her breathing was heavy. Most likely she had tired herself out last night.

Mo Wen took a light breath. A pleasing aroma gushed into his body and filled his senses. He was very familiar with this aroma. When he met Shen Jing for the first time, he had smelled the same aroma from her body. Initially, he thought it was just the smell of the perfume she used. Only later did he realize that the aroma was not perfume, but Shen Jings natural body scent.

This scent was very strange. Other people may not have sensed it, but he could sense that it was a bit different. He even suspected that when this eight trigram first activated, it was mostly due to the scent on Shen Jings body.

Although he did not have any strong evidence to prove it, the second time the eight trigram activated, it was because he had taken Shen Jings virginity. The various phenomena were but on the surface; the reasons the eight trigram activated was largely related to Shen Jing.

He had been wondering since last night whether the eight trigram would be activated again if he had sex with Shen Jing. However, he was disappointed. The eight trigram did not show any reaction at all.

"Could it be that only the first time could activate the eight trigram?" Mo Wen frowned. He had been wanting to activate the eight trigram again. It was because he knew that his previous life would not end so simply. Perhaps there were other follow-up stories and things that he did not know. He really wanted to find out what happened after that.

However, other than going through Shen Jing, he had no idea regarding other methods to activate the eight trigram.

"Could it be that the secret of activating the eight trigram was not with Shen Jing, but with other things? Was it a wrong impression of mine to keep relating the eight trigram to Shen Jing?"

Mo Wen had an urge to scratch his head. The more he thought about it, the more confused he was. In the end, he had no clue at all.

"Whats on your mind?" Shen Jing lay in Mo Wens embrace. Right now, her eyes were wide open. Seeing that Mo Wen had a preoccupied look, she couldnt help but be curious.

"I was thinking about what happened between us last night and was savoring the memories," Mo Wen said laughing, also pinching Shen Jing on the hip. He did not want Shen Jing to know so much to avoid creating more trouble.Read more chapter on our vipnovel.com

"Ruffian." Shen Jings face instantly turned completely red. She furiously pinched Mo Wen and hid under the sheets, covering her face tightly.

Although this was not her first time with Mo Wen, last time she was unconscious, so she had not felt anything at all, waking up to discover that she had lost her virginity. This time was different. Even now, this passion between lovers made her hot all over. A sense of belonging welled up inside of her from nowhere. Now, she did not have the sense of dilemma that she had before.

"The sun is already high up in the sky. Are you two getting up or not?" Outside the door, a voice suddenly shouted. Who else could it be but Qin Xiaoyou? Compared to usual, her tone carried a special meaning.

"SheHow did she know that I have awakened?"

Shen Jing was so scared she tightly clenched the sheets. She looked at the door anxiously. She had not expected that Qin Xiaoyous voice would actually pass through into the room. This feeling why did she feel as though she had committed adultery?

"After you moaned so loudly last night, even a pig would be woken up by you," Mo Wen said with a smile.

"What do you mean moaned loudly? How can you say that? Do you know how to speak? Vulgar, shameless, indecent. Ruffian."

Shen Jing could barely stop herself from kicking Mo Wen off the bed. This man had no tact. If it wasnt for him

"Youre the one who was moaning, and yet you dont let others talk about it." Mo Wen was speechless. He had merely said that Shen Jing moaned loudly last night. How was that shameless? How was that indecent?

For the next few days, Mo Wen did not go anywhere, accompanying Shen Jing and Qin Xiaoyou. For some unknown reason, Qin Xiaoyou no longer resented Shen Ying. Instead, Qin Xiaoyou treated Shen Jing rather well. Even Shen Jing felt uncomfortable with the sudden change in their relationship.

One night, Qin Xiaoyou told Mo Wen her thoughts, which made him very touched. He secretly rejoiced that he had been able to find such a good girl.

"A woman who is willing to commit suicide for you is surely a woman who loves you deeply. I too, like this woman who loves you. I love what I love, and I love the person whom my love loves."

For the next few days, Mo Wen and the two girls were stuck together like glue. Their relationships intensified. However, in the outside world, a storm was brewing.

The Crimson Star Sect was located in the Hengduan Mountain Range. It was hidden deep within the forest and outsiders did not know its location.

However, in the ancient martial arts world, the fame of the Crimson Star Sect was renowned everywhere and most people knew about them. The fact that they were ranked fourth among the Ten Great Sects highlighted their authority.

However, the atmosphere in the Crimson Star Sect had been moody for the past few days. Nothing went smoothly. Even the patriarch was alarmed by the incident.

The cultivation of Hu Jiangming, one of the sect elders, was actually crippled by someone in public. This was no doubt a provocation against the Crimson Star Sect. The person should never have done that out of deference to their sect. Even if he had a vendetta against Hu Jiangming, he did not need to be so ruthless. Even though the Crimson Star Sect had many assets and talents, it was not easy for them to cultivate a later stage Embryonic Breathing Realm elder. There were not many elders like Hu Jiangming in the Crimson Star Sect. In terms of cultivation, Hu Jiangming was qualified to be a sect leader in some middle-sized sects.

Other than that, the younger brother of the young madam was brazenly set up by someone in the outer world. Now, he had some sort of weird illness and laid on the bed half dying. He suffered great pain and his life was no better than death. Any ancient martial art practitioner with some cultivation could tell that his situation was abnormal. Someone had done something to him.

The young madam wailed and threw a tantrum every day because of this younger brother of hers. The Crimson Star Sect had no peace because of her.

What was even more unbelievable was that more than ten Crimson Star Sect disciples that were together with Fan Junsheng immediately died once they returned to the mountain sect. They died with blood flowing out of their orifices. There was no premonition. They had all died so bafflingly.

The Crimson Star Sects chamber of affairs was currently filled with people who had gathered. In the high seat, a majestic elder sat grandly. This elder emanated an aura from his body that made everyone in the chamber of affairs tremble with fear.

A Golden Elixir Realm ancient martial art practitioner, in the main space where even Embryonic Breathing Realm ancient martial art practitioners were rarely seen, was an absolute pinnacle existence. No one dared to not show reverence.

Originally, the Crimson Star Sects old sect leader had been locked away practicing in seclusion, but this matter was getting bigger until finally it alarmed him enough for him to come out.

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