Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 821

Chapter 821 The Mcavoy Clan

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It had been a few days since Mo Wen had disappeared. Since then, all the vampires that had infiltrated Hua Xia quietly retreated from the country. This time around, there were ten teams of Blood Kindred that had come to Hua Xia. However, only nine teams returned. One team would forever stay in Hua Xia.

Far away in the British Isles, in a secret hall that seemed like a palace hall in an ancient mountain castle, a quaint coffin slowly rose from the ground. The coffin was carved with ancient patterns and inlaid with dark red and silvery-white metal. It appeared rather antiquated and luxurious, like an ancient piece of artwork.

Suddenly, the lid of the coffin slowly floated up. A silhouette stood up from the coffin. It was a youth that appeared to be in his twenties. His appearance was rather handsome. There was a faintly discernible evil Qi in the corner of his mouth. If some fangirls saw such a person, they would certainly have screamed out loud.

However, the clothes that the man was dressed in were not youthful. He wore a simple long robe. Although the robe was very luxurious and the patterns embroidered on it were like carefully crafted artwork, youths seldom dressed in such a fashion. His eyes were especially deep, giving the impression that he had experienced many vicissitudes during his life.

"Who killed my son, Charlie McAvoy?" The youth that walked out of the coffin was rather furious. His blue eyes instantly turned crimson. They looked like two blood diamonds.

He slowly looked towards a long table at the back of the palace hall. There were dozens of copper lamps placed on it. The copper lamps lit up all at once, emanating gentle light. Bizarrely, the flames in the copper lamps were crimson flames. The dark crimson light shone in the palace hall sinisterly.

Right now, among the dozens of copper lamps, one copper lamp flame suddenly went out, forming a clear contrast with the surrounding copper lamps. A hideous look flashed across the youths face. He extended his hand and gestured. The extinguished copper lamp appeared in his hand.

"Who dared to kill my son, the son of Baruch McAvoy?" The youths face was cold. He extended a long slender finger and slowly pointed at the copper lamp.

Immediately, the entire palace hall lit up with a beam of crimson light. In the crimson light, the copper lamp was shining even more brilliantly. With a slight tremble, it suddenly released an image.

The place in the image seemed to be in a primeval forest. However, the image was not very stable and the scene was not very clear. It was very difficult to make out anything exactly.

"Humph, its so far away. It must not be in Europe. Otherwise, with my ability, it is impossible for the image to be so blurry." The youth softly snorted. The crimson light on his finger shone even brighter. Beams of crimson light swarmed out, all of them surging towards the copper lamp. The image became slightly clearer, but it was still not clear enough.

"Huh, it is actually not enough. Could it be that there is something hindering my search?"

A look of astonishment flashed in the youths eyes. No matter how far the distance, even if it was outside of Europe, it was impossible for the image to be so blurry unless something was obscuring his retrospective search.

"Id like to see what kind of person has such an ability." The youths expression turned sinister. The person who had killed his son was most likely no ordinary person. However, it had come as a surprise. Charlie McAvoy was one of his most talented sons. He had a very high chance of advancing further, and could well have become a pureblood Blood Kindred at the rank of a Marquis. It would be difficult to kill him if one did not have some ability.

A beam of crimson light emanated from the youths hand. Quietly, a bat symbol brooch appeared in his hand. The bat brooch emanated a faint glow, containing a bizarre aura.

The bat brooch was clearly no ordinary item. Once it appeared, the youths aura immediately grew stronger. His pupils became even redder as though there was blood dripping out from inside them. The image that floated before him started to become clearer. The scene in it could finally be identified. It was indeed a forest. As for exactly where it was, he still did not know. In the image, there were two blurry silhouettes. He could recognize one of them at a glance. It was his son, Charlie McAvoy. As for the other person, it was still somewhat unclear.

Just as the youth was preparing to give it his all, intending to see the silhouette clearly, there was a sudden bizarre change. In the entire image, thunder roared and lightning flashed. Terrifying thunderclouds swept in. The scene was like a lightning apocalypse.

A frightening will of thunder emerged from the image and furiously crashed towards the youth. Thunder roared and lightning flashed instantly in the entire palace hall. Countless bolts of lightning danced around, filling the entire castle.


The youths expression turned pale. He suddenly spat out a mouthful of fresh blood. There was actually lightning in his blood, mixed in his blood and constantly leaping about.

"What was that?" the youth exclaimed. His eyes were full of astonishment. It could actually directly injure him through the image. The image was of events that had occurred in the past. He had just linked their bloodlines and unleashed a retrospective technique to capture some events that had occurred.

Under such circumstances, he was actually injured by something from the scene. How frightening was that thing exactly?

The mysterious youth was alarmed, his pale face somewhat ugly. The terrifying aura just now caused even him to feel terrified. Could it be that Charlie had offended some major figure?

"No matter what, I must get to the bottom of this." Baruch McAvoys face turned cold. He had to know why Charlie died and at whose hands.


In a secluded church in the capital, a maiden in white robes was standing on the balcony of a gothic style building. She had a bible in her hands. When bathed in the sunlight, she emanated a divine aura.

Her gaze transversed through the clouds and extended towards the horizon. Her thoughts had drifted off somewhere.

Behind her stood a youth in ancient silver armor. The youth was tall and lean, with a stern expression. His gaze was piercing. He stood quietly behind the maiden, saying nothing. He seemed to be afraid of disturbing her, so he waited silently.

If this strange man in ancient armor was in the outside world, others would think that he was an actor who was filming a scene. Under normal circumstances, no one would dress like this.

"Did you find out why all the Blood Kindred retreated from Hua Xia?" Finally, the maiden retracted her gaze and sat down on a lounge chair with a calm expression. She lowered her head and read the bible; however, her question was directed to the armored youth behind her.

If Mo Wen was here, he would surely be able to tell that this maiden in white was the European woman that he had met in Fu Sang Country. Her identity was mysterious and her cultivation was high and profound.

"Highness Stunning Snow, the Blood Kindred retreated from Hua Xia because of pressure from the Huatian Palace. As Your Highness knows, Hua Xia is under the control of the Huatian Palace. Once the Huatian Palace interferes, anyone will find it hard to move around in Hua Xia regardless of their status," the armored youth replied while bowing. Clearly, he had a deep respect for the maiden.

"Oh. Why did the Huatian Palace suddenly target the Blood Kindred? Arent they busy with organizing the Martial Arts Circle Convention? This is the best time for us to infiltrate Hua Xia. If the Blood Kindred did not cause any trouble in Hua Xia, the Huatian Palace would most likely have left them alone," Stunning Snow said curiously.

The Blood Kindred was not the only group that had infiltrated Hua Xia this time. Both the Gods Alliance and the Demon Gods Alliance had sent quite a few people there. On top of that, some mysterious factions had also sneaked into Hua Xia.

The reason for such actions could be traced back to a few months ago. Before this, the Blood ancestors Divine Blood of the Blood Kindred had appeared in Fu Sang Country. The news spread and stirred up quite a commotion. Everyone gathered in Fu Sang Country in order to get it. However, in the end, the Blood ancestors Divine Blood disappeared mysteriously. Nobody managed to acquire it.

For the Blood Kindred, the Blood ancestors Divine Blood was no doubt the most important thing to them. It was connected to the rise and fall of the entire clan. Since then, the upper echelons of the Blood Kindred had exhausted all means to predict the whereabouts of the Blood ancestors Divine Blood. However, their efforts were futile. In the end, the Grand Duke of the Blood Kindred personally led a large group of Blood Kindred and held a mysterious ceremony. Then, only did they discover that the Blood ancestors Divine Blood was in Hua Xia Country.

However, they still knew nothing about exactly where the Blood ancestors Divine Blood was exactly and who had it.

Originally, this information was classified as top secret. Only the upper echelons of the Blood Kindred would know. However, a top-class spy who had been placed in the Blood Kindred had leaked the news. So, everyone was alerted and all the major factions sent their people to infiltrate Hua Xia Country, searching for the Blood ancestors Divine Blood.

Regardless of who had it, the Blood ancestors Divine Blood was a rare sacred item for them. The Blood Kindred and their opposition, the Curia, were particularly eager to acquire the Blood ancestors Divine Blood.

"Highness Stunning Snow, originally the Huatian Palace indeed intended to leave the Blood Kindred alone, but an idiot from the Blood Kindred raped and killed three peasants in Hua Xia Country within a week. His actions enraged the Huatian Palace. So, the Blood Kindred was forced to leave Hua Xia Country."

The armored youth shook his head silently. They were infiltrating Hua Xia Country. Everyone who came here knew that they could not stir up any trouble in the country. If they did not cause any problems, Huatian Palace might turn a blind eye to their presence. In the end, there was actually such an idiot among the Blood Kindred who committed a ridiculous act.

"Didnt the Blood Kindred pride themselves on being courteous gentlemen? They always refer to themselves as upper-class aristocrats. A gentleman would not have done such a thing."

A glint of disgust flashed in the eyes of Stunning Snow. Above all, she despised people who raped and killed peasants the most.

"The person who committed the crime was Carlos McAvoy from the Blood Kindred McAvoy Clan. He was of a pureblood bloodline and his father was a Blood Kindred Marquis. However, his mother was but an ordinary Blood Kindred. Carlos lusted after women and his thoughts were evil. So, it was not strange for him to do such a thing. But he will never return to Europe. Im sure Your Highness is aware of the Huatian Palaces way of doing things. Such a pity for Charlie McAvoy and Innell McAvoy who lost their lives in vain for the sake of this rich playboy."

The team of Blood Kindred that was led by Charlie was completely wiped out. This matter was no longer a secret.

"Oh, Charlie McAvoy is dead? He was a figure that could have become a pureblood Marquis. He had always been an important cultivating target for the McAvoy Clan. This time, the McAvoy Clan will probably be extremely mad."

A look of astonishment flashed in Stunning Snows eyes. Charlie McAvoy was a Pinnacle Grand Earl. Losing such a strong practitioner would be a major blow for any clan.

"Highness Stunning Snow, the Huatian Palace is already looking into this matter. What should we do?" tThe armored youth asked. The Blood Kindred had already retreated from Hua Xia, but the team from the Curia was still here.

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