Invincible Teacher Chapter 127

128 Chapter 127

The troubled president opened his mouth.

"What about Ok Haemi Teacher, then? I think that Teacher would be okay to get caught."

"She's nicknamed an Angel. If you get caught, she'll forgive generously."

"And the level of Ok Haemi Teacher is Master Stage. It's worth a try."

They nodded their heads.

"Then change the entrance examination to stealing one of Ok Haemi Teacher's things and putting it on a tree!"


Then one Student said to the president.

"By the way, did you finish your homework?"


"Yes. Archery homework. You have to hand in the target's result sheet after 10 shots....

"Oh crap!"

The president of T.Y.C. took a breath.

"I forgot!"

Another student, who were next to them, shouted loudly.

"Hey! Nam Soang! Archery Teacher will smack you with an arrow. I told you to be on top of archery class!"

President Nam Soang shouted urgently.

"T-then today's meeting is over!"

Then he hurried out of the classroom to do the homework he couldn't do, followed by Students who told him of the homework.

"Hey! Wait for me!"


Ok Haemi was standing at the camp.

Now that the Students went to class, the campground was quiet.

"Camp, huh?"

She also attended the Hwachun Academy in her youth. The four years of Student's life were such a happy time for her. She was able to interact with classmates without any interference from her family and learn what she wanted to learn. It was also the place where she met the person who brought her out of her family.

'It was during the Spring Camp of the Fourth year.'

She approached the stream beside the campsite. Across the stream she saw Yeonkyo Garden.

Ok Haemi sat by the stream and dipped her feet into the water. It was cold, but it was a pleasant cold.

"Isn't it still early to play in the water?"

She raised her head. Kang Hyuk stood across the stream.

"Teacher Kang, what about the class?"

"I still have one hour left."

"I see."

Kang Hyuk strode across the stream. The water came to the thighs because it was quite depth.

'I can walk above the water with stepping skill, but'

It could have drawn useless attention, so he chose of getting wet instead.

"What are you doing in the water this spring? You'll catch a cold."

"Hahaha, I was surprised that the water was colder than I thought."

"Couldn't you just jump?"



"I didn't think of that."

Ok Haemi laughed, and Kang Hyuk sat next to her.

"Yesterday the Students came to Yeonkyo Garden."

"So they really came. What happened?"

"I've just caught them and put them together. And I asked them if they was wanted penalty points or volunteer work, and they chose to do volunteer work."


"Yes, I need a pond at Yeonkyo Garden actually."


She burst into laughter.

"You're making them do a pond digging volunteer work?"


"Hahahaha! Pahahaha-!"

She laughed for a long time, holding her belly. After laughing to the point of tears, she managed to stop laughing and said,

"It's as expected, Teacher Kang!

"What do you mean?"

"I mean it with praise and admiration. No Teacher ever thought of giving any volunteer work for his students. They'll just punish them right there."

"I don't think violence is the way of teaching."

"I think so too. But will they give up tonight? T.Y.C. has two nights of Spring Camp membership test."

"Why don't you all stop them since you know that?"

Kang Hyuk's question was valid. The Academy Teachers' skills were considerably skilled, and they would be able to eradicate the bad clubs like that. Ok Haemi sighed.

"It's not that we don't but we can't. It's hard to figure out how they hide it. Even Super Master stage teachers gave up on them!"

At this point, Kang Hyuk also became curious what kind of method they used.

"They won't give up. I'm sure they will go for another teacher besides me."

"Then who shall they aim for?"

Kang Hyuk saw Ok Haemi.

"What would you do if you were the target, Teacher Ok?"


She grinned.

"Well one thing for sure is that I will buy into it, even when I know they are coming."

"Why should you?"

Kang Hyuk's replied and Ok Haemi swung her feet slowly. A wave of ripples hit her leg.

"Are you curious?"

"I can guess. Maybe because you work Academy with your identity hidden, so you move in that extension, isn't it?"

"Yeah, I suppose you're right."

She smiled gently.

"How did you get into Academy?"

Asked by Kang Hyuk, Ok Haemi answered without hesitation.

"There was an offer from Superintendent. I took the offer and became Academy's Teacher. At first I seized the offer to run away, but...."

She continued.

"I love our students now."

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