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  • The Witch CEO is NOT a Demoness

  • Author(s): SayuriHyuuga
  • Genres : Romance
  • Status : Ongoing
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    The Witch CEO is NOT a Demoness15 votes : 3.9 / 5

The Witch CEO is NOT a Demoness summary:

High bun, eyeglasses, long sleeve shirt and plaited skirt. Dressed so strictly, FengJiu reached 28 without having any intimate interaction with men. At an early age, being an orphan, FengJiu dedicated herself on taking good care of her grandfather and their business, choosing to live a life different from a normal teenager. Now, as the CEO of Feng International, people view her as a stoic woman without emotions. Deep inside, FengJiu is like any other women, want to experience the beauty of life and romance. Due to the pressure of her grandfather in her marriage, FengJiu decided to let herself experience the life of a single woman without worries before tying the knot (marriage). For the first time in her life, she got drunk and party all night. Huh? Why is she naked? Eh? Ehh?! "Woman, after eating me dry, you have to take responsibility." a shameless man said. In an instant, she became his 'sugar mommy'. What?! This shameless NEET whom she 'adopted' is the owner of Lu Corporation, her enemy?! Before she could escape, she got tied on the bed. "Woman, you better chose wisely. You will marry me or I will marry you?" She strictly rejects him after knowing everything but every inch of her body craves for him otherwise. (N.E.E.T.- Not in Education, Employment or Training aka Unemployed) Cover: Pristine Editor and Proofreader: RenTheView and Moonlitnight.

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The Witch CEO is NOT a Demoness Chapters

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Chapter 10: Why?9 months ago
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