The Witch CEO is NOT a Demoness Chapter 144

--Shamelessness Is The Best!---

Xiao Mei's eyelashes fluttered. She slowly opened her eyes and saw that she was currently lying on a hospital bed.

Remembering what happened to FengJiu and Bad Gege, she abruptly sat up, wanting to know what happened after she fainted.

The last thing she remembered, Bad Gege was shot at the back, trying to protect FengJiu while YanRong was caught by FengJiu's bodyguard.

Xiao Mei massaged her head when suddenly felt someone was staring at her.

She whipped her head and saw MinDe sitting at the corner. He was angrily looking at her. Although his face was still void with emotions, she could tell that he was currently fuming with anger based on the bulging veins on his neck.

Xiao Mei gulped.

'Aiyooo.. how am I suppose to coax this angry giant?'


Xiao Mei was suddenly enlightened.

"Aiyoo~ It hurts..."

She suddenly clutched her abdomen and rolled on the bed.

MinDe who was currently glaring at her paled when he saw that she was in pain.

He immediately moved and sat on the bed, trying to comfort her.

He pulled the emergency button, preparing to press it when Xiao Mei suddenly pulled him down.

"Xiao Me---"

Caught unprepared, he fell above her. Luckily, he was able to adjust himself before falling down, avoiding to collide with her body.

Before he could open his mouth to rebuke her actions, Xiao Mei already captured his lips.

MinDe immediately encircled his arms around her body. All the frustrations he felt was poured on that single kiss, responding in a rough manner, forcibly sucking her essence.

Xiao Mei knew that MinDe was punishing her but she could only open up and accept his punishment.

After few more minutes, both of them were already gasping for air. Xiao Mei's eyes twinkled when she saw that MinDe's anger subsided a little bit.

She shamelessly clung to his neck and repeatedly kissed his lips until she felt that he subconsciously smiled, indicating that he was starting to loosen up.

"Wu~ hug me~ hug me~"

Acting like a spoiled brat, Xiao Mei looked at him with her puppy eyes.

All the words MinDe wanted to say was drown inside his throat.

He could only hug her tight and pat her head.

He did not see the sly smile on her lips as she buried her head on his chest.



--Female Kiddie Clothes---

Few months after the hostage taking incident, Xiao Mei was currently walking inside the mall together with MinDe.

She was already five months pregnant and she wanted to find some clothes for her little twin beans.

MinDe wanted her to have an ultrasound check up to know the gender of the twins but Xiao Mei vetoed the idea.

'Where's the fun in giving birth if the parents already know the baby's gender?'

So up until now, the gender of the twins are still unknown.

Although they could order clothes online or order some custom made clothes from Lu Family's exclusive designers, Xiao Mei wanted to spend time with MinDe in picking and selecting clothes for their Little Beans.

She pulled MinDe inside a popular Kiddie Boutique. When the saleslady saw them, she immediately smiled and ushered them inside.

"This way, ma'am, sir. Do you have a particular design you want to buy? There are some summer outfits for kids in different ages."

Xiao Mei smiled and nodded.

"I'll just slowly look around. You can accompany me."

Xiao Mei left MinDe's side and toured around the boutique, leaving the poor man standing near the entrance, unsure what to do.

MinDe looked at the small clothes hanging on a rack. He slowly walked towards it and pulled a small pink dress.

He imagined two cute little girls wearing the exact small pink dress while running around him, calling him---'Daddy!'

His mouth involuntary curved upward.

Without any second thought, he pulled all the dresses and beckoned one of the salesladies to come. He placed it on her arms and moved on the next rack, leaving her speechless for his outrageous action.

When Xiao Mei returned from the second floor, she was utterly shocked when she saw that the first floor was thoroughly 'cleaned'.

"Wha--- what is happening here?"

She noticed a bunch of paper bags were nearly piled in a corner.

She looked at the saleslady who was assisting MinDe together with their manager.

"Ma'am, your husband already bought those clothes. If you still think that it was not enough, feel free to select few more clothes."

The manager was smiling from ear to ear.

'I'll get the highest bonus for sure!!'

Xiao Mei could only smack her head internally. When she saw the clothes he bought, she was rendered speechless. Not a single one was for little boys.

All the clothes he bought were little dresses and female clothes!


'Why do I feel like he'll eat losses later?'


--Husband: Eat Dog Food Part I---

Xiao Mei moaned as MinDe kissed her neck. They had been married for five years and they already had two kids but the fire inside them was still burning like an undying Phoenix flame.

She opened her eyes and saw the passion inside his pupils, hypnotizing her. They were still perfectly dressed but she could feel the heat on his skin.

She slowly moved her hands and caressed his body downwards until it reached his caged dragon.

Unfortunately, before she could 'free' it, the door opened and two children ran towards them.

"Mommy!! Mommy!! You're awake!! Dou Yi[1] and Dou Er [2] are hungry~ Mommy~ Mommy~!"

The two children climbed on the bed, kicking MinDe who was currently half-lying above Xiao Mei.

Xiao Mei gave birth to a pair of male twins who looked exactly like MinDe.

At first, when MinDe learned that both of them were boys, his face darkened, he suddenly had a bad premonition.

His perfect fantasy was shattered into pieces.

(A/N: HAHAHAHAH too bad, he was right XD)

When MinDe saw that the twins were hugging Xiao Mei, his pupils narrowed as he glared at both of them.


He was very angry when he saw the twins kissing Xiao Mei's cheeks.

The twins 'shivered' and snuggled in Xiao Mei embrace.

"Waaa~ Mommy! Daddy is angry!"

The twins buried their head on Xiao Mei's chest, clutching her dress while looking at her pitifully.

Xiao Mei glared at MinDe as she pulled the twins closer.

"MinDe! Don't scare the children."

"Mommy~ you smell so good!! Mmm~"

Dou Yi hugged Xiao Mei but his eyes were looking at MinDe, provoking him.

When Dou Er saw that their father was already at his limit, he raised his head and looked at Xiao Mei.

"Mommy~ kiss!"

Xiao Mei laughed and kissed her darling children.

The three of them were laughing and teasing each other, a perfect picture of love and harmony.

Unfortunately, the poor husband could only eat dog food grudgingly as he glared at his shameless children.


Sparks flew when the three of them stared at each other.

The twins' eyes were full of haughtiness, staking claim of supremacy in Xiao Mei's love.

MinDe could only grit his teeth as he stared at them resentfully.

The idiot mother was very happy when she saw that her husband and children were looking at each other 'lovingly' and were 'getting along' very well.

[1]. B-1 (Bean One) (Xiao Dou Yi- Little Bean One)

[2]. B-2 (Bean Two) (Xiao Dou Er- Little Bean Two)

(A/N: HAHAHAHAH. That's their nickname~ like Little Bump XD)


--Husband: Eat Dog Food Part II---

MinDe stealthy walked towards the bathroom where Xiao was bathing.

His bastard children were devil incarnates. Every time he tried to have a quality time with Xiao Mei, those shameless twins were always trying to sabotage him, hindering his plan to eat Xiao Mei thoroughly.

The last time he was able to enter her cave was already few months ago. He had to thoroughly plan everything to avoid failure. After the twins were sent away to his grandfather for a week, he successfully imprisoned Xiao Mei inside the room for three consecutive days.

Unfortunately, the twins were able to shorten his fun time by returning on the third day with the excuse of missing their father and mother.

After MinDe entered the bathroom, he saw that Xiao Mei was currently undressing herself. MinDe turned and locked the door.

The bathroom was big with a large semi-pool bathtub.

MinDe slowly walked behind her and stretched his hands to fondle her twin peaks.

Xiao Mei was startled when she saw the hands that were caressing her breasts.

She looked back and saw MinDe looking at her like he was looking at his prey.

MinDe hurriedly undressed himself and lowered his body to carry Xiao Mei.

Unfortunately, before he could even touch her skin, both of them heard the opening of the door.

Xiao Mei immediately pulled the bathrobe hanging beside them. She hurriedly put it on.

On the other hand, MinDe did not move an inch and remained naked but his eyes sharpened as he stared at the door.


Xiao Dou Yi peeked his head and looked at Xiao Mei. He cutely blinked his eyes as he slowly entered the bathroom. Xiao Dou Er followed his brother but his hands were hidden behind him.

"Mommy, Dou Er and Dou Yi want to bath together with you.. can we~?"

Xiao Mei laughed and nodded.

But before she could say 'Yes', MinDe already declined mercilessly.

"No. Don't you have your own bathroom inside your room? Go back."

MinDe was still puzzled on how they opened the door when he clearly remembered that he locked it inside. No matter what, he would not allow these shameless brats to disturb his lovey-dovey time with Xiao Mei.

"Oh... Okay..."

Xiao Dou Yi lowered his head as he slowly stepped backwards. He looked so pitiful. His eyes were starting to moisten.

Xiao Mei hurriedly pulled the twins inside, coaxing them.

"Don't listen to Daddy. Come, let bath together~"

She did not see Xiao Dou Yi smirked at MinDe.

MinDe was rooted on the floor. His dragon that was currently standing was now hanging like a fallen general who lost the war.

Xiao Dou Er, who was walking slowly, looked at his little dragon and snorted.

'When I grow up, mine will be bigger than Daddy.'

He ran towards his Mommy and older twin brother, throwing Xiao Mei's hairpin on MinDe's feet.

Few minutes later, the bathroom was filled with laughed as the mother and children trio played inside the semi-pool bathtub.

The poor old dog could only wrap himself up and sat beside the bathtub, looking envious.


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