The Witch CEO is NOT a Demoness Chapter 145

"Mommy!! I'm going to school now!!"

Little Bump kissed his Mother and his baby sister on the cheeks.

MinFeng also kissed his beloved wife and daughter.

"I'll send Little Bump to school."

"Mmm.. Take care, okay?"

FengJiu grabbed her daughter's hand and slowly waved it.

"Say 'byebye Daddy and big brother'~"

Little Bump sat at the front of the car beside MinFeng.

"Are you excited? This is your first day of school."

Little Bump nodded.

"Dou Yi and Dou Er are also there Daddy, so don't worry."

MinFeng laughed and rubbed Little Bump's head.

When Little Bump arrived, he saw Dou Yi and Dou Er waiting for him.

"Daddy~ I'll go now! Bye~ bye~"

Little Bump kissed MinFeng's cheeks and went out of the car.

When he arrived at the front of the twins, Dou Er and Dou Yi immediately pulled him and walked inside the school.

"You are late."

"I'm not! The class hasn't started yet!"


The trio entered the room and sat on the nearest seat at the front.

"Is there someone sitting beside you?"

When Little Bump raised his head, he saw a cute little girl standing in front of him.

Little Bump's heart suddenly went 'badump' 'badump'.

"N-no.. No one is sitting beside me."

The cute little girl smiled at him and sat on the chair.

"Hi. I'm Little Red Bean, what's your name?"

Little Bump tried to hide his blush and answered.

"I'm Little Bump. These are my cousins, Little Bean One and Little Bean Two."

Little Bump introduced the twins and both of them flashed their beautiful smile at the little girl.

Little Red Bean gasped.

"Ah! You are beans too??"

She giggled and Little Bump felt like his ears were ringing.

"Hello. I'm Little Red Bean and this is my cousin, Little Rice Cake."

Little Rice Cake nodded and smiled.

At the end of the class, the five of them became closer.

Dou Yi elbowed Little Bump and whispered.

"You like Little Red Bean, right?"

Little Bump blushed but he denied his allegation.

"Of course not! Don't spout nonsense."

Dou Er grinned and whispered to his twin brother. Dou Yi nodded and whispered at Little Bump.

"We will help you. Don't worry. We have a plan."

When Little Bump heard their naughty plan, he blushed and shook his head.

"Mommy always do this with Daddy. Every time she do this, Daddy would blush like a tomato. Come on! We're not kids anymore! We're already six years old!"

Little Bump glared at both of them.

"What are you whispering?"

Little Red Bean's sparkling eyes stared at them. She tilted her head like a cute little doll.

"Nothing. Are both of you leaving already?"

Little Rice Cake nodded.

"My Dad will fetch us. Uncle has something to do so Little Red Bean will come with us."


Little Bump suddenly felt sad after knowing that both Little Red Bean and Little Rice Cake were leaving.

"We can wait at the front of the school. Let's go together."

Dou Yi winked at Dou Er. The other twin immediately got his brother's signal.

"That's right! We can still play while waiting."

Little Red Bean nodded and smiled. She turned her head and asked for Little Rice Cake's opinion.

Little Rice Cake agreed and the five of them happily left the classroom.

Few minutes later, Xiao Mei and MinDe arrived.

"My cute twin beans~ Mommy is here!"

The twins' eyes suddenly light up and ran towards Xiao Mei.


Both of them snuggled in her embrace.

Xiao Mei smiled and kissed both of them in the cheeks. MinDe was glaring at them but Xiao Mei was facing her back at him so she did not see MinDe's glare.

The twins were facing their father. They glared back at him and smirked evilly.

"Mommy~ do you love Dou Yi and Dou Er?"

Xiao Mei laughed happily and nodded.

"Of course!! Mommy loves Dou Yi and Dou Er the most!"

MinDe's mouth twitched but he did not say anything and could only swallow his grievance.

Little Bump saw everything and inwardly shook his head.

Xiao Mei released the twins and walked towards Little Bump, Little Red Bean and Little Rice Cake.

She rubbed Little Bump and kissed his cheek.

"Hi Little Bump~ You're waiting for your Daddy and Mommy?"

"En! Hi Aunt Ah Mei~ Hi Uncle."

"Cute child~ Oh! Who are they? Your new friends?"

Xiao Mei noticed Little Rice Cake and Little Red Bean.

"Hi Aunty~ I'm Little Red Bean and this is my cousin, Little Rice Cake."

"Hello~ such a lovely girl. Ayeee.."

Xiao Mei noticed Little Bump's pinkish cheeks while glancing at Little Red Bean.

The shameless Aunt suddenly whispered at Little Bump.

"She's very beautiful. Good luck, little guy! Aunt will teach you a forbidden technique."

After Xiao Mei passed her wisdom at Little Bump, she bid goodbye and left with MinDe and the twins.

After hearing his Aunt's words which was similar to the twins' plan, Little Bump turned into a ripened tomato.

'Should I follow Aunt's words?'

He was very engrossed in thinking that he did not notice Little Red Bean was looking at him intensely.



"Little Bump~ Mommy is here~"

Little Bump was startled when he heard his mother's voice.

He turned his head and look at Little Red Bean who was looking back at him.

He gulped and willed his courage.

'Aunt Ah Mei said-- No Shame, No Gain.'

Little Bump inwardly nodded and moved like a ninja.

He leaned over and kissed Little Red Bean on the cheeks.

His face went red but he forced himself to speak.

"I already kissed you! You are my Little Wife now. Be good! Bye!"

After taking liberties with Little Red Rice, Little Bump immediately ran towards their car and opened the door, leaving the speechless Little Red Bean rooted on the floor.

When FengJiu saw her son's action, she glared at MinFeng. She looked at the baby girl in her arms. She suddenly feared for her little daughter's future.

"Why are you teaching him shameless things?"

The poor man could only shake his head and cry inwardly for injustice.

'What did I do ah?'


Author's Side Note:

And... TADA~ The last Extra Chapter.

Thank you sooo much guys!!

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I hope you like it~

Daghang Salamat mga Bes!

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Rebirth of the Female Antagonist: Xuan Rong

(: )

I was humiliated..

I was killed..

My family abandoned me..

My sister and lover betrayed me..

At the very end of my last breath, I swore.

I swore to the heavens.

I swore to all the Gods.

No matter how many lifetime pass,

I will come back and collect the debts they owed me.

Even if I have to sell my own soul.

I, XuanRong shall definitely return.


I rule under the heavens,

I rule above the earth.

I am ruthless against my enemy,

But I am shameless when it comes to her.

I am the ruler but she is the law.

People kneel when they see me

But I only bow down and worship her.

She was frozen like a winter snow,

But her smile was warmer than the Summer's spring.

I, Xu FeiYi will definitely conquer her.


If you don't like violence, this novel is not for you.

This is a typical rebirth-revenge wuxia novel.

The FMC doesn't have Protagonist's Halo or Mary Sue disease.

She's just a typical girl trying her hardest to get revenge. Her heart is already dead and she hates men the most---- 'Valar Morghulis'.

The ML is a brutal man but he's *cough* *cough* A LITTLE BIT shameless when he's with her. (Disguising as a pig in order to eat the tiger)

I'm not sure if you will like it but I will still write it even if you don't. HAHAHAHAH.

Bye guys!!


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