Is That A Wisp? Chapter 115

Chapter 115: I Will Make It Work!

"Did you know that almost no organization would accept a fox demon?"

Krune shook his head.

"No wonder. Your wisp race is in a worse state than us, after all. But we fox demons aren't trusted either. Some consider us to give bad luck; others don't believe us because they are afraid that all fox demons aren't loyal. Even with the blood contract in place, they are still afraid that we would find a loophole to get back at them."

Mile sighed, then continued.

"Because of that bad impression, we have quite a hard time to survive. It doesn't matter if it is in the human world, or the danger zones. Everyone don't trust fox demons. That's why a fox demon that takes the human form will hardly show its true form again. As you know, demon beasts that live in the danger zones hardly use their human forms, but we would hardly do it after becoming able to change."

"Fox type demon beasts situation isn't as bad as wisps, but they don't have it easy either.

"So let alone me, a rare nine-tailed vixen that could only take the human form after the Core Formation Realm. My life wasn't anything good. I was pursed by both cultivators and demon beasts several times too. Of course, my chances of surviving were much higher than your wisp race, so you don't have to feel pity for me. Haha!"

Krune shook his head.

"Not having a place that accepts you is sad for anyone."

Mile just smiled.

"You say that because you don't know that I had also used wisps for cultivation in the past."

Surprisingly, Krune expression didn't change even a bit after hearing it.

"You seem very calm after I said it."

Krune sighed and said.

"I would just be deluding myself if I were to believe everyone I know hasn't used wisps energy before. This is already considered a part of the planet's culture. That's why I won't look into the past, I will only help to protect those who are in my reach. Otherwise, I would need to wage war against everyone."

Mile was surprised by Krune's point of view.

"That's a good way to see it. But you don't need to worry. I now understand that consuming them is very bad for the foundation. I took a long time to get rid of all the impurities from their energy too. Of course, it doesn't mean that I would still do it if there were no impurities. And you have Guild Head Bary to thank for that."

Krune was puzzled but waited for her to continue.

"It was he who found me a long time ago. At that time, he wasn't at the Divine Soul Realm, and I wasn't in the Core Formation Realm either. My life was the same as your previous one, running everywhere. But there came a day when I was finally caught. The one who got me was a Core Formation Realm Three-Headed Lion."

"Fortunately, I wasn't killed straight away. The lion seemed to have some personal grudges against fox demons, so it wanted to make me suffer first. Otherwise, why would he bother with an early-stages Foundation Establishment demon beast like me?"

"I can't even remember how long I was played by with that demon beast. Until one day, I heard the sounds of battle outside the lion's den. It turns out that Bary had gotten a Mercenary Mission to acquire that lion's blood. As you can imagine, he wasn't the Guild Head at that time either. In the end, he was successful in killing it and obtaining the blood."

"He then entered the den with his companions who took the mission with him. It was at that moment that they found me imprisoned inside. Even though the lion died, I didn't have much hope anyway. Fox Demons are hated by both cultivators and demon beasts alike, after all."

"Sure enough, Bary's companions showed ugly faces after seeing me. One of them then came close, planning to finish me off. I had been tortured for a long time, so I couldn't pose any defense. Not to mention that they were all in the Core Formation Realm. Even if I was completely fine, what an early stages Foundation Establishment vixen demon beast could do against them anyway?"

"But just as that cultivator raised his sword to kill me, Bary appeared behind him and held his hand. The guy was taken aback and asked him what's the meaning of that. Bary just told them to go ahead and gather whatever they wanted. Although Bary's companion was puzzled, he didn't do anything. Why would they start a fight because of a vixen demon beast anyway? And a nine-tailed one at that."

"After they left, Bary cut the chains that were holding me and used his spiritual energy to heal my injuries until I got into a stable condition. I then asked him why he helped a demon vixen like me. Can you guess what he said?"

Krune shook his head.

"Because your fur is very beautiful, he said."

Mile then started to laugh out loud.

"I thought that he was the worst lier of all times. I was completely dirty after staying there for so long, not to mention that my fur was all bloodied. Due to my caution against everyone, I obviously thought that he was trying to do something with me. So I just waited to see what he really wanted. Sooner or later, he would say what his real intention for saving me was."

"But then, he got up and... left."

Krune as a little lost.

"If your fur was looking so bad, then why did Bary say it was beautiful? Could it be that he likes dirty furs?"

Mile burst out in laughter after hearing that.

"You really have an interesting way of thinking. Anyway, that wasn't that reason, he didn't like dirty furs. After that, Bary gathered outside of the den with his companions who gathered the spoils. They had already started to fly away when I walked outside."

"Before he could leave the range of my Divine Sense, I sent him a message asking what the real reason was to save me. He stopped for a bit and told the others to go ahead without him. He then turned back asked. 'Didn't I tell you the reason already?' He said. I got a little angry and told him. 'I don't believe you! Can't you see the state I am at the moment? What beautiful fur can you see here?'"

"Bary then showed a puzzled expression and told me. 'It looks very nice to me, though. It's as white as snow, very beautiful'. I finally lost my patience. I turned my head around and was just about to show Bary how horrible it looked like when suddenly, my mind went blank. The fur that was supposed to be filthy, full of scars, and bloodied, really looked as white as snow now."

"It turned out that Bary had used an incantation back in the lion's den to clean my body too after he finished healing it. Later on, I found out that it was an effortless skill to learn, anyone who went outside the danger zone could find it to buy in any skills shop. Of course, I didn't know it at that moment. While I was looking dumbfounded at my cleaned fur, Bary laughed behind me and said once more. 'See? It's very beautiful, right?'"

Mile's face seemed somewhat red at that moment.

"I didn't know what to do, much less what to answer. Bary then turned around and was just about to leave when I asked him to wait. He asked if there was something else I wanted, but I still didn't know what to say. Should I thank him? Will he even accept the gratitude of a nine-tailed vixen? All I could say is that I didn't want it to be over like that. So I gritted my teeth and told him to bring me together."

Mile laughed once more.

"Can you believe that? First of all, what if it was all part of his plan to fool me? But then I noticed that it was unlikely to be the case. He was already in the middle stages of the Core Formation Realm at that moment. What good would be there for him to fool me when he could simply knock me out and bring me with him wherever he wanted?"

"Even I didn't know why I asked such an idiot thing. Why would someone even bother to bring a hated vixen demon beast around? It made no sense! After thinking to that point, I decided to forget what I said and just leave. But it was then that he said 'Okay.'."

"My body froze at that moment! But before I could even process what was happening, Bary enveloped my body with his spiritual energy and started to fly back to the city. He then began to tell me the rules in the country for demon beasts that haven't got a human body yet. That I would be the mercenary guild's responsibility and that I couldn't make an ID yet."

"Of course, all that information was entering through one ear and leaving through the other. I couldn't care less about that at the moment. It turns out that Bary had never cared about race issues. And that's why I told you that he probably wouldn't have done anything even if he found that you were a wisp before. This is also why I won't use wisps energy anymore. I don't want to let him down."

Krune couldn't help but grow some respect for Bary Casfiu. Krune then thought about something.

"But didn't the mercenary guild complain about him when he brought you back?"

Mile nodded.

"That was to be expected. But because Bary is the son of protector Lian, no one complained too much. Not to mention that Lian was the Guild Head back then."

Krune finally understood the situation, no wonder Mile trusted Bary so much.

"Are you staying in the guild because you want to pay your debt to him?"

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Mile pondered a bit and said.

"Not exactly."

"Is it because of a blood contract, then?"

Mile looked at Krune as if he was an idiot. How could he not have noticed yet?

"Forget it, the main reason is simply that I love him."

Krune, of course, didn't notice it before. Only now, he became surprised. He then thought about himself and Feifei, and he couldn't help but ask.

"Do you think that it will work? I mean, the relationship between a demon beast and a cultivator?"

Mile just laughed and said.

"I will make it work!"

That's the good thing about demon beasts, they are straight forward with their feelings just like that.

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