Is That A Wisp? Chapter 153

Chapter 153: Can I Think About It a Little?

Sect... Head?

Everyone felt like they were being played with. How could that beggar be the Divine Path Sect's Sect Master? They must be kidding!

Colen looked at everyone's expressions and scoffed. As a member of the powerful Fecit Clan, he obviously knew how the Sect Master looked like. But still, Colen was also surprised, he had never heard of a time that the Sect Master appeared in the Divine Path Sect Entrance Exam. Could it be that he also took fancy on someone this time?

Colen subconsciously looked at the wisp's direction. But he immediately shook his head. It doesn't matter how heaven-defying Krune is, he is still a wisp. His limited life span will be a gigantic hurdle in the further levels of cultivation. Because of that, Colen was thinking that the one who would be selected is himself or Gomat at most.

Unfortunately for him, he had the wrong idea. In Colen's mind, Krune is definitely at least 15 years old, if not close to 20. If he knew that Krune isn't even 10 years old yet, Colen definitely wouldn't be so sure of Krune's chances of becoming the Sect Master's disciple.

Of course, Lucio knew about Krune's age. It was included in the information given by Elder Loni before the test started. So he knew about Krune's unbelievable cultivation speed! The Divine Path Sect doesn't care about your race, only your strength, and Lucio could be said to be the very embodiment of this rule.

Back then, he wasn't considered one fo the top contestants for the first place in the Entrance Exam. In fact, he was pretty regular all the way up to the cultivation pressure door. It was only at the will test that he trashed everyone else under his feet and got the first place for the exam.


The Sect Master then looked at the other elders and said.

"You don't mind if I select one first, right?"

All the elders immediately shook their heads. It was not like he would select exactly the contestants that they are aiming anyway, and quite a few of them had more than one option in their minds too. Lucio then nodded his head satisfied and looked back at the crowd.

Suddenly, he raised his hand. Then, rainbow-like energy came out of it and shot in the distance. Krune was watching what was happening in the stage through a monitor since he wasn't close to it. The moment that he saw that energy, he immediately remembered the spiritual energy that fills his universe. It looked very much alike. He also wondered who the Sect Master would choose.

Krune isn't delusional. He understands that because he is a wisp, let alone the Sect Master, the chances of him being selected by any of the other elders were already very low. Elemental Core? Tribulation Lightning? First place in the Entrance Exam? None of those will change the fact that his wisp life span will scare away any potential masters.

But that was also good, Krune didn't even want to be chosen to start with. He already caught a lot of attention by grabbing the first place, so it is time to lay low for a while until the things calm down and everyone forgets about him... or so he thought.

Suddenly, Krune noticed something strange.

"Weird, why is the monitor display getting further away? Is it some kind of moving equipment? Yes, it must be..."

Of course, it took only a second for Krune to notice that the one moving further away wasn't the monitor display, but his body instead!

"The hell?!"

Only then did he notice that rainbow-like energy around his waist pulling him in the direction of the stage where the Sect Master was. What was more impressive was that he couldn't feel the existence of this energy at all! If not for the fact that he is being pulled away, he wouldn't even notice that this energy was there. Krune tried to get rid of it, but how could someone with his cultivation stop the power of the Divine Path Sect Master? Ha! What a joke!

Everyone saw krune being pulled away, just like that. After all, everyone was expecting that the Sect Master was going to choose someone too.

"Isn't that guy the wisp?"

"How come it's him? What about his life span?"

"It must be something else! Maybe the sect master doesn't even want to take a disciple. It's just that this wisp has something that he wants."

Everyone had the same kind of thoughts, except for Ao and his group, of course. In their eyes, it is within reason that Krune was chosen. In the end, they believed more in Krune than Krune himself.

Before Krune could make heads and tails of what was happening, he was already in front of the Sect Master.

"Errr... Did I do something wrong?"

Lucio's mouth twitched a little. Why would he think that he was pulled over because he did something wrong? First of all, would he, the sect master, deal with Krune personally in that case? If there is one thing that Lucio doesn't lack, it is subordinates to do this kind of work for him!

"Cough, cough. Makui Planet's Krune, do you accept me as your master?"


Immediately, the whole field went in an uproar!


Colen didn't want to believe what he just heard.


In Gomat's case, he was laughing out loud. He, too, didn't believe that it would be Krune, but he didn't care either. If anything, he finds this situation extremely funny!

"Sigh, if even a wisp can do this much, I have no excuse to fall behind."

As for Nala, she was a lot more composed. She knew that with her results, there would be no way that the Sect Master would choose her.


Krune was lost. Why did the Sect Master select him? It must be a mistake! He doesn't want to be chosen at all! Krune then looked at the Sect Master with a crying face and asked.

"Can I think a little about it?"

That was an unbelievable answer! Who would ask to think more about such an opportunity? But no one had time to even react to it, that's because the Sect Master answered straight away!


Immediately after that, the Sect Master enveloped Krune with his rainbow-like spiritual energy and... disappeared! No one knows where Krune was brought to, and one could only hear a scream in the distance.


Krune is bound to be in the news of the Sect, no, bound to be the in the news of the entire Divine Path Sect territory!


Leaving Krune aside, the master-disciple selection still had to go on. Gile was feeling quite sad, he totally had the intention of fighting over Krune with anyone else. Unfortunately, this anyone else didn't include the Sect Master! Still, he had other options, not to mention that this was an opportunity! It was an unwritten rule between the elders that each one could only take a single disciple, so he needed to select with caution.

Fortunately, he had no intention of fighting over Gomat, Colen, or Nala. Although the three of them are Major Core owners, there are better-suited masters for them. Instead, he decided to select one of Krune's friends. Krune will become the Sect Master's disciple either he wants it or not, so it would be a good thing to keep a line between him and the Sect Master.

The elders decided on their own disciples on the spot. There were Inner, Core, and even three Legacy Elders present at the moment. Between the Core Elders, there was one with a Life Core, so he obviously chose Nala. Nala, of course, immediately accepted. As mentioned before, her Planet isn't a weak one but isn't strong either, so she definitely didn't have anyone to guide her with her Major Core.

Gile also didn't waste time and immediately called out.

"Ao Sullian, will accept me as your master?"

He didn't select Ao because he was the furthest one in Krune's group, not counting Krune. But because the elements he specializes in is the same as Ao's, Wind, Fire, and Metal, not to mention that he is also a sword user. Of course, as a Divine Path Realm cultivator, Gile could now control all the elements at the same time without any problem. But his specialization is still those three.

Ao, of course, had no idea that this elder in front of him is was Roni's grandfather. (Roni was the guy who wanted to kidnap Shinja back in the Makui Planet.)

Of course, Gile had absolutely no intention of taking revenge on Ao because of what happened to his grandson. If anything, Gile wanted to break the neck of that idiot himself. Fortunately, a good chance appeared for him now to get closer to the Sect Master. Even as a Core Elder, the number of times he personally saw the Sect Master could be counted in one hand. For that purpose, he will definitely guide Ao properly.

Ao then looked at Gile and said.

"Paying respects to Master."

Tiago saw that and complained.

"Gile, you wretched! I wanted him too!"

Gile, of course, wouldn't give Ao alway just like that.

"Hmph! First come, first served! Do you wanna fight over him with this old man?"

Tiago, obviously, wouldn't step back.

"Do you think I'm afraid of you?"

Ao noticed that the situation was not good and immediately tried to intervene.

"Elder Tiago, I'm happy that you also wanted to select me, but I already paid respects to elder Gile. So, I'm sorry."

Although Tiago wasn't happy with that, he still wouldn't do something like arguing with a kid.

"Hmph! You don't know what is good for you. So be it, this old man has a lot of options anyway."

Tiago's eyes then turned sharper and extended his hand at Krune's group direction. Suddenly, the same scene played again. But this time, the one coming flying over was Arlan instead.

"Do you accept me as your Master?"

Arlan knew that it was a fantastic opportunity and immediately accepted. If anything, he was already delighted to be chosen. After all, his results were a lot worse than Ao. For him who had challenged Ao all this while, it was obviously unbearable to lose so throughly!

Tiago then nodded, satisfied, and pointed at Ao and Gile.

"Gile had always been my rival ever since the time from the Entrance Exam 15690 years ago. As my disciple, your objective it to trash his one!"

Ao and Arlan heard that and smiled at each other bitterly. They couldn't help but think.

'Is this fate?'


The wave of selections then continued.

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