Is That A Wisp? Chapter 155

Chapter 155: It's Because We are Wisps Too.

Krune was being held captive by Lucio, who was drinking tea by his side at that moment. Lucio was using his own Spiritual Energy to seal Krune's cultivation and movements. It doesn't matter what Krune did, he simply couldn't get free from Lucio's grasp.

"As long as you acknowledge me as your Master, you will be set free. Not to mention that being the Sect Master's disciple will bring a lot of advantages for you!"

Krune sighed helplessly.

"Why me? You should know by now that I'm a wisp, right? I have a small life span. Is it really okay for the Sect Master of the Divine Path Sect to take a wisp as his disciple?"

Lucio heard that and laughed.

"Whatever I do is my problem, and no one will complain to start with. As for the fact that you are a wisp, as long as you reach the Divine Path Realm, that problem will be resolved."

Krune still wasn't satisfied.

"You haven't told me why I was selected."

Lucio smiled and said.

"Because your Spiritual Energy looks very much like mine. Well, you noticed that too, didn't you?"

Krune couldn't deny that fact. When he saw the Sect Master's Spiritual Energy back on the stage, he really felt that it was very similar to his own. Still, Krune felt that there was something else behind it. Unfortunately, it didn't seem like Lucio was going to talk.

"Is there really nothing I can do for you to select someone else?"

Lucio shook his head.

"You are the very first disciple that I had ever accepted since I joined the Divine Path Sect. I have no intention of letting you go now."

Krune then sighed helplessly.

"Fine, how that Mater-Disciple thing works?"

Lucio heard that and showed a bright smile.

"First, you need to pay your respects to me."

Krune twitched once more.

"No chance!"

Lucio didn't mind, though.

"Fine, forget that. I don't like those pleasantries anyway. From now on, you are the Sect Master's disciple."

Lucio then clapped his hands, and a menial disciple from the Sect appeared right after. The Sect has a lot more menial disciples than it has real ones, and this is just one more of them. Of course, the Sect doesn't force anyway to be one. To become a menial disciple, one has to accept it first.

"Paying respects to Sect Master."

Lucio nodded and said.

"This idiot here is my disciple from now on, find a residence for him, and go through the other procedures. Because no one was expecting me to take a disciple, the arrangements made by the elders in the exam won't work anymore, so make sure that everything is settled."

Before they left, Lucio added.

"Come to see me in a week, I will give you some pointers about your cultivation."

The disciple accepted the order and brought Krune away. After krune disappeared, Lucio's smile stiffed.

"The first-ever disciple that I chose, and he didn't want to be my disciple. Did something like that ever happen in the Divine Path Sect history before?"

Lucio shook his head and then disappeared from the spot where he was.

The menial disciple's name was Harj Kamiu, and he was the only menial disciple in charge of the Sect Master's necessities. Different from a personal disciple, the sect master changed his menial disciple every hundred years or so, and Harj had been the actual one for the last 23 years. But that was still good for those who were selected. Because of that, Harj had a higher status than even a few Inner Sect disciples. Of course, because he is still a menial disciple, he doesn't have the authority to do or demand anything from any real disciple.

There had been cases before of menial disciples trying to use the status of the elders that they were in charge. But how could the Divine Path Sect accept such conduct? The ending was far from good for all of them. In the end, such situations rarely happen now. Harj knows that very well, so even though he was the lucky one to be in charge of the Sect Master this time, he had never tried to use it against anyone.

First of all, being the Sect Master menial disciple was already good enough. He received quite a good amount of resources comparable to the Inner Sect disciples, and sometimes when the Sect Master was in a good mood, he even receives some pointers. So there is no need to try to use his status to start with.

But this time, he was feeling really annoyed. The sect master had never taken a personal disciple before, but out of nowhere, this Krune guy appeared. Harj wasn't angry at the fact that Lucio took a disciple, but that Krune didn't seem like he wanted it at all! Just how many would exchange everything they had for such an opportunity? He had been there waiting for the Sect Master's orders, and he heard Krune and Lucio's conversation. Krune tried everything to refuse the position and only accepted in the end because he was out of options.

Still, Harj didn't say anything. It is not up to him to decide whether Krune is worth of Lucio's teaching or not. If he tried to intervene, chances are that he would be replaced with another menial disciple instead. There is no way that Harj would do something like this.

Krune, on the other hand, noticed that Harj's face didn't look so well.

"Are you angry at the fact that I don't want to be his disciple?"

Harj's heart skipped a bit when he heard that. He is indeed not happy with that, but he would never say it out loud.

Krune noticed his expression and then said.

"Seems like I'm right. How about this then? I will ask the Sect Master to make you the personal disciple and let me go, that would be good for both of us, right?"

Harj stopped and looked at Krune as if looking at an idiot. Finally, he couldn't hold back anymore.

"Are you making fun of me? The sect master had never taken anyone in the last 50 thousand years! But now he finally selected you, and you say that you don't want it? Do you think that he will accept that? You can't possibly be serious! First of all, what is it that you don't like? Do you have any idea what the others would do to be in your place? Ahhhh! Forget it."

Krune got even more puzzled now.

"Does it mean that you don't want it?"

Harj almost fainted!

"Of course, I would love it! But please don't try to do that. Chances are that I will be replaced by someone else instead, and I'm very happy with my status as a menial disciple of the Sect Master at the moment."

Krune nodded.

"Alright. Then I won't say anything."


Krune was then brought to a courtyard located inside the Inner Sect. Even as the Sect Master's disciple, he can't go against the rules. To enter the Core of the Sect, he will need merit points, which can be acquired in several ways. Missions just so happen to be one of them. Of course, only merits weren't enough, there is also the selection exam and even the necessary cultivation level.

Harj then asked him if he needed any menial disciples to help take care of it, but Krune declined.

"I already brought them with me."

It was then that he remembered.

"Oh, right! Every disciple can bring up to 50 subordinates that they can register under their name or as menial disciples, isn't it?"

Harj nodded.

"Correct, you can bring them here, and I will take their names, races, and other information to create their IDs."

Krune was delighted.

"Great! Just wait a moment."

Krune then turned on his communicator, and sure enough, he could soon found all his friends. He then called Shinja and the others over after passing his new address. Krune said to wait a moment, but in fact, it took over an hour for everyone to finally arrive. The Sect is enormous! If for the fact that it had several ways of transport like teleport formations and such, Yusa and the others might have taken over a day to arrive!

The main reason why it took over an hour for them was the fact that they were also new here, so it was quite complicated to find their way around in the Sect. But thanks to Harj's help through the communicator, everyone safely found their way to Krune's new house.

Ao was the first one to arrive.

"I was also getting ready with everything on my side, your call made things quite difficult, you know?"

Krune just laughed. Ao said that, but he didn't seem to be sad at all.

Soon, the others started to arrive one by one, and Harj wondered if they were all the ones that Krune wanted to register. But he immediately discarded this idea. While helping them around, he found out that they all already had their IDs completed, which means that they are all real disciples.

Krune then took out the Pocket Dimension and released all the wisps and demon beasts in his yard. Harj's mouth twitched a little after seeing that, though.

"Could it be that you want to register all of them?"

Krune nodded.

"Exactly! I only have 50 slots available on my side, so my friends and I will share the number necessary to register all of them."

Harj sighed but nodded anyway. It is just that it will take some time to register so many of them. Still, it was the Sect Master's orders, so he would carry it to the end. But there was one thing that he was puzzled with.

"Why are there so many wisps? You couldn't possibly be thinking about using them for cultivation, right? I must remind you that such a way of cultivation is terrible for your foundation, and the Sect Master will definitely rebuke you if you do that."

Although Krune didn't like the term of using them for cultivation, he could see that Harj didn't have the least bit of greed or disdain on his face. It was more like he didn't care whether they were wisps or not, which was a significant improvement compared to others.

Harj didn't watch the Divine Path Sect Entrance Exam, so he didn't know who passed or not. The Sect is gigantic, and not everyone would pay attention to it every single time. He only knew that Krune was the first place one this time because the Sect Master had commented about it while discussing with Krune.

"Oh, that!"

Krune then reverted to his original form. Not only him, but the other wisps which were also in their human forms also transformed back. Krune then said.

"It is because we are wisps too."

Harj finally showed a surprised expression for the first time!

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