Is That A Wisp? Chapter 38

Chapter 38: The Alchemist Practical Exam.

Ao was the first one to come back to himself, he put his hands on Krune's shoulders.

"Come on, it's not like it didn't happen before, I'm going to take my Mercenary test now, check it out and forget about the news for the moment."

Krune could only do that, Ao went to take the test, as always, there was three puppets with a cultivation level one stage higher than his one, after the the battle started, it didn't take long for Ao to cut down the first one, with his Wind Movement he was much faster than the puppets, the puppets attacked at the same time but couldn't do anything to him, in the end, Ao was able to defeat all the puppets, and just like that he became a Three Stars Mercenary.

Yusa was the next one, she took longer to defeat the three puppets, after all she isn't exactly an attacker type, but nonetheless she completed the test with the highest grade too.

When the Head Quarters got the news that two mercenaries defeated all three puppets during the test at the same place, they thought something was wrong with the report, but after checking the test video they couldn't deny that they did not cheat on the test. But how could two mercenaries at the same time beat the test with the highest grade, the chances of something like that happen is extremely slim.

When the Mercenary Head Quarters checked, they found out that those two were part of Krune's team, even though Krune's team member names are hidden for the public, as the Head Quarters, they obviously had access to the information.

Kassius Ruli was looking at the report given by one of his employees, two mercenaries called Yusa Shen and Ao Sulian passed the test with the highest grade one after another, and they are part of Krune's team, after investigating Yusa and Ao's past, he didn't find anything wrong, they were pretty common cultivators, nothing to pay much attention at, but after they got together with Krune, their combat power soared to the point that they could easily pass the test to get a Three Stars badge.

'This is weird, I have no doubt that Krune is the reason for their explosive improvement, but how did he do that? From what I found these two didn't use any forbidden pill or cheated in the test in anyway, which means that that is really their combat power at moment, if more people from our side could have accomplishments like the two of them, the position of our Head Quarters of the Yule Continent would definitely get higher.'

He pondered a bit more, the issue behind this is that it is probably some secret that Krune has, but he is a member of their guild, Kassius can't simply go there and ask Krune to tell everything, there is no cultivator in this world without their own secrets after all, but he can't simply let it go either, Krune might be the key to the martial arts gathering two years from now.

There are five continents in the world, every single one has a mercenary head quarters responsible for that continent, the mercenary guild as a whole has five slots for the gathering, if their continent has the chance to send at least one or more for the gathering, it will prove that their continent's mercenary guilds can also breed talents just like the others, it would boost the Yule continent guilds morale as well, in the last ten or so gathering, their Yule Continent wasn't able to send even a single cultivator.

The mercenary guild will start a competition of their own between the mercenaries of each continent to decide which five will be sent to the martial gathering, and he wanted to send Krune in that qualifiers, the problem is because Krune's cultivation is too low, the martial arts gathering accepts anyone at the foundation establishment level, which means that the majority of the powers will send their 8th and 9th stage Foundation Establishment members, doesn't matter how much of a genius Krune is, he can't jump so many realms to compete.

That's where he thought about using Krune's methods to raise the level of their own late stages Foundation Establishment cultivators, Kassius pondered if he should talk to the Head of the Mercenary guilds in the Yule Continent, Bary Kasfiu, but he decided to not do so for now the time being, it's still to early and they can't scary Krune away, if they force the issue and Krune leaves the mercenary guild, they will only be able to cry.

Kassius called one of his assistants.

"Keep one eye on that Krune, I want to know if anything happens with him from now on."

The person on the other side agreed with the request.

Kassius then looked a bit more to the files in front of him and put them back in the drawer.

"Let's see what will happen first, maybe he will be able to catch with the others cultivation, if that happens I won't need to ask him about how his group members combat power increased so fast."

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Back at the Mercenary Guild, Krune was preparing to leave, he already finished memorizing all the content of the Alchemist Exam, only the practical test is left now, the practical test was 10 o'clock in the morning, just like the mercenary test back then, Krune, as always, arrived just a few minutes before the starting time.

He went to the testing room, there he could see another twenty some candidates.

'It's just like Casfer said, people with good control over the elements are few but become quite a lot when put together, the problem is to find talents regarding alchemy itself.'

Krune went to his table, when it became 10 o'clock, three alchemists entered in the room, one of them just so happened to be Julies Rof, the contestants were taken aback when they saw her.

"Isn't that Four Stars Alchemist, Julies Rof? Why is she helping with the practical exam?"

Another alchemist by his side then said.

"A few weeks ago that guy over there got 2796 points during the comprehension test, she is probably here because of him."

"2796 points? That's too crazy! No wonder that she came to preside over the alchemist test by herself."

Krune noticed that people were looking at him while commenting about his element control, he couldn't help but sigh.

'Why it's so hard to keep a low profile? I just want to be forgotten by everyone.'

Julies Rof, who was above the stage, started to speak.

"The practical exam to enter the alchemist guild is starting now, we will show you how concoct some simple pills, do not look down on those pills, whether you pass or not will depend on your performance with those pills."

"I believe that the majority already know this, but I will explain just in case."

"Pills are separated by their quality, the alchemist guild has formulated nine levels in total, this is the so called Star Pills, what you will need to concoct here is the most basic level, a One Star Pill."

She then took out three different pills out of her spatial ring.

"You can chose one of these three pills to go through the exam, the Fasting pill, the Qi Gathering pill or the Stabilizing pill, those are the most common pills sold in our Guild and also the easiest ones to make."

"You will pass as long as you can make a low or middle quality One Star pill, from that moment on you will be a One Star Alchemist and can join the guild for further studies."

"For those who make a high quality One Star pill, they will be rewarded one time with 500 Rank Three low quality spiritual stones other than get their One Star Alchemist Badge."

"If you are able to concoct a Two Stars pill, you will immediately become a Two Stars alchemist and will receive a one time reward of 1000 middle quality Rank Three spirit stones."

"But you better forget about that, let alone be able to concoct a Two Stars pill, I doubt there will be even more than one two people who can barely qualify as a One Star alchemist after this practical test is over, so focus on passing first, once you are recognized as a real alchemist, you can start thinking about raising your rank."

"Now pay attention, we will show you how to make each pill once, after that you are on your own, the material for studies that we gave you after the comprehension exam also explained how to make those pills, the three of us will follow exactly the same process as described in there."

Krune then paid attention to the alchemists on the stage, he had already memorized all the content of the studies material, but it's always better to see the thing in person. He decided to go with the Qi Gathering pill, which was the one being made by Julies, the reason was very simple, it looked much easier to make when it was done by her.

Thirty minutes later, Julies and the other two alchemists finished the process, they all succeed, but as expected, even with very simple material, Julies was still able to make a Two Stars pill, it goes to show how good her talent for alchemy is.

"Alright, you all saw how it works, the test will start now, we finished our pill in thirty minutes, but you will have two hours to try, each one of you have three batches of medicinal herbs for each pill of your choice, so even if you fail once, you can try again. You can start... now!"

Everyone in the room moved to action, they only have two hours and they aren't as good as real alchemists, so they will take longer for each try, they have to make their time be worth it. Well, everyone except for one, Krune didn't move a single muscle, he simply closed his eyes.

Outside of the testing room, Go Gao was looking at the practical exam through a monitor, he noticed that Krune didn't do anything after the start of the test, it puzzled him as much as Julies who was there on the stage, in the end he could only call her.

"Do you know what is happening to him? Why is he not moving?"

Julies could only give a guess.

"There is two possibilities, first, he didn't understand anything at all, because of that he doesn't know what to do, but I think this option to be quite improbable.

The second one is that he is revising what he saw during the time the three of us were concocting the pills and making sure he understand each step, this seems to be more likely the case."

Julies was right, Krune can remember everything he sees as long as he wills it, so he is looking at the process which Julies concocted the pill in his mind, some of the alchemists around Krune noticed that he wasn't doing anything, some thought that he had given up, others thought that he was being conceited and was waiting for the last thirty minutes before start concocting his pill, whatever is the case, they didn't have time to pay attention to him, so they put their attention back to their pills again.

Twenty minutes later, the first caldron exploded, the burnt smell could be felt by all the contestants, it had distracted another two of them and because that they also failed their first try, as for Krune, he still had his eyes closed.

It wasn't after thirty five minutes after the start of the exam that he moved.

'During the process, she heated the cauldron first, she heated it very slowly before putting any medicinal herbs inside, with her realm she should totally be able to heat the cauldron several times faster than that, seems like the gradual rise of the temperature helps in the control of the medicinal effects inside the cauldron.'

Krune then converted his spiritual energy into a fire, he did the same and slowly increased the temperature.

'The temperature showing in the digital thermometer on the side was around 275 degrees, it changed a little now and then but it never went more than five degrees up or down, so if I'm not wrong, a constant temperature is an important key of the process.'

Five minutes later, the cauldron reached the same temperature as it did for Julies.

Krune was totally immersed in his pill concocting, whatever happened around him didn't matter anymore, alchemists needs a high control over elements, and it made Krune feel very good while the process, he could feel that the elements of the medicinal herbs where fusing together, of course, it wasn't perfect, this was the first time Krune ever tried to concoct a pill, so there was several mistakes here and there, but if one compare him with the other contestants, he can already be considered the best of the best.

Julies watched Krune and was amazed, that's exactly what the alchemist guild is looking for, alchemy talents! She called Go Gao while paying attention to Krune, she left the task of checking the other contestants to the two alchemists beside her. They didn't complaint, to be able to work with this Four Stars Alchemist is something that wouldn't be possible for them in normal situations, not to mention that she is a beaut herself.

Go Gao answer the call straight away, he hasn't stopped looking at the monitor even for a second.

"Can you see his control over the temperature? Believe it or not he is doing that without adding wood element in the mix, usually those without the capability to use two elements at the same time would stop using fire element to add some wood element, like that when they use fire element to create fire again it will be easier to rise the temperature and to control it, but he doesn't need wood element at all!"

"I believe you are also using your Divine Sense to check the concoction inside too, his control over the elements of the medicinal herbs can't be considered perfect, but if this is really his first time trying to concoct a Qi Gathering pill, then he can only be considered a genius!"

Go Gao agreed with Julies view, he himself is a Four Stars Alchemist too, with his Divine Sense, he could see what is happening inside Krune's Cauldron.

"Seems like we will have to have a talk with the mercenary guild, a talent like him can't waste his time doing meaningless missions, he definitely has the talent to because a Four Stars alchemist in no time!"

While they were discussing, Krune was getting to the end of his concoction, just as he was about to gather the medicinal properties and turn them into a pill, he noticed the elements of the medicinal liquid inside were not in sync, it puzzled him, just a second ago he could feel that the medicinal liquid was good to go, fusing without problems, he is sure that he can definitely make a pill the way the things are at moment, but that out of sync elements inside the medicinal liquid looked odd.

In fact, only Krune could see that at the level of cultivation he is at moment, the Myriad Energies Technique control over the elements isn't only for show after all! Other than him, only those at the Core Formation Realm would be able to notice that issue, that's why only when you become a Core Formation Realm, can you become a Four Stars Alchemist. First, because you need to be able to feel the elements inside of the medicinal liquid formed with the herbs to a much higher degree than a Foundation Establishment or a Qi Condensation cultivator can do. Second, it's because only when you are at the Core Formation Realm that you can freely control more than a single element at once freely.

Krune pondered a bit if he should try to bring the elements in the medicinal liquid back in order or if he should just get over with it, but he quickly decided to try it once, he still has another two batches of medicinal herbs to make the Qi Gathering pill, if this one fails, he will just try again.

When Krune started to control the elements inside the medicinal liquid, Julies and Go Gao noticed that straight away, Supervisor Go immediately stood up from his chair.


He wasn't the only one thinking that, Julies eyes almost popped out of their sockets.

"This is not a genius, this is a monster!"

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