It Is Not Easy To Be A Man After Travelling To The Future Chapter 431

Chapter 431: Goading Qiao Ting!
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Thunder King Qiao Ting had been having a hard time lately. Even though he knew that he would certainly receive some flak after his defeat at the hands of Lingtian, he had not expected the impact of the defeat to be so significant. He was so affected by it that he could hardly bear it.

Those vice regiment commanders of Leiting who had been so reverent to him before were now flippant and disrespectful, blatantly and subtly conveying their wish for him to abdicate his position on his own. Even those major battle clan leaders he had personally cultivated had also begun to be disobedient behind his back. In the eyes of the regular members, Qiao Ting had even perceived some discontent and distrust.

Was losing such an unsalvageable catastrophe? Qiao Ting was a proud person since Leiting could no longer abide him, he simply resigned from his post as the regiment commander of Leiting. If not for the fact that he still wanted to represent Leiting to fight against Lingtian again next year and wash away this debt of shame personally, he definitely would have quit completely and left Leiting ...

However, Qiao Ting did not expect that things did not end with his resignation from the post of regiment commander. Very soon, a rumour spread across the campus, saying that while he had been the regiment commander of Leiting, not only had he oppressed the talented juniors in his faction, keeping them from being able to shine, he had also abused his authority to practise nepotism. The rumours also said that he was very high-handed, completely suppressing all views which opposed his own, causing the Leiting Mecha Clan to be constantly filled with anger and resentment.

Under the purposeful instigation to spread the rumours, Qiao Ting's reputation continued to fall. Now, every time Qiao Ting stepped outside, he could feel the scornful gazes of the people around him, many of which were also tinged with schadenfreude.

Qiao Ting was not a stupid person. After some quick investigation, he found out that this was the handiwork of the current regiment commander of Leiting. Qiao Ting did not feel much anger, only some disappointment. In order to completely supplant him, the other had actually employed such an underhanded method. How could someone like this lead Leiting to greater heights? Thinking about that cold regiment commander of Lingtian's with his outstanding abilities, Qiao Ting began to fear for Leiting's future.

At the thought of Ling Lan, Qiao Ting's feelings were extremely complicated. Not only because of his defeat at Ling Lan's hands, but also because of Ling Lan's ability to subdue her subordinates. Ling Lan's actions and behaviour were actually very much like his own, domineering to the extreme and yet, his own subordinates were only loyal and obedient on the surface, having their own private schemes and plots in secret, while those other regiment commanders of Lingtian were serving under Ling Lan whole-heartedly. Regardless of any mistakes Ling Lan may commit, or however great the losses those mistakes may cause to Lingtian, Qiao Ting believed that those regiment commanders would only blame themselves for their shortcomings and not harbour any resentment towards Ling Lan.

Was this the difference between a king who had created his own kingdom and a king who was only defending the kingdom his predecessors had handed down? Truth be told, Qiao Ting was very envious of Ling Lan. He envied how the other could make decisions so wilfully, never ever being checked by anyone. In contrast, even at his most glorious hour, he still had to bend and compromise for the sake of the larger picture. If possible, Qiao Ting too wanted to be like Ling Lan and be a king who had forged his own kingdom, with everything within his control.

Qiao Ting did not know that although Ling Lan was the first regiment commander of Lingtian, Ling Lan had always been a free-rein general who had left everything in the faction to be handled by the other three regiment commanders. This attitude of absolute trust 1 was also the main reason why Wu Jiong, Li Yingjie, and the others were so loyal in their support of Ling Lan ... since you trust me so, I will return it a hundredfold.

Despite the rumours circulating around the campus, Qiao Ting carried on as usual. When his mecha group training was over, he led his battle clan to the canteen for food. As soon as he entered the canteen, as other times before this, the noisy canteen abruptly fell silent before bursting into susurrations of whispered discussions. Many people began hissing into another's ear 2 the heat of the rumours around Qiao Ting had not dissipated yet.

With his sensitive hearing, Qiao Ting naturally could not avoid hearing some of those rumours about him. However, having already heard much prior to this, he was now immensely calm. Expressionless, he strode into the large canteen, found an empty table, and sat down.

"Boss Qiao, let me bloody go teach them a lesson." One of the members of Qiao Ting's battle clan was not as calm. Face filled with indignation, his fists were clenched in anger as he asked if he could go educate those juniors who did not know how to respect their seniors. Knowing Boss Qiao well, they knew that a majority of the rumours flying around were false.

"What's there to teach? This world, has always been a world where the winners reign. Since I've lost, it's normal to be laughed at," replied Qiao Ting calmly. In the past, he had always been arrogant and domineering, but because he was standing at the peak, even if there were those who disliked him, they would keep it concealed and not show it outright. But now, he was a tiger who had tumbled down from his mountain it was perfectly normal for those people who were dissatisfied with him to take the opportunity to stomp on him a few times. If he became angry at all the people who did so, he would not be able to continue living properly. Qiao Ting smiled self-deprecatingly. These three months had smoothened out some of his sharp edges; he now knew how to reconcile things with himself.

"So what? Boss Qiao, you're still the strongest mecha operator in the academy!" Prevented from venting his frustration on those students, the team member could only sit down huffily as he grumbled.

Qiao Ting did not say anything. So what if he was the strongest mecha operator in the academy? Everyone could only see his current sorry state now when would they even think about the strength he possessed? It was funny to think about: an ace operator like him actually being laughed at and mocked by these weaklings who were not even special-class operators themselves. However, it did not matter anymore. As long as he could endure past the Mecha Grand Tournament, the enlistment for army divisions would open up. When his battle clan passed the assessment, they would be able to leave the military academy, and then everything here would no longer have anything to do with them.

Perhaps because the gazes of everyone were just too irritating, Qiao Ting's battle clan had no interest in lingering. After scarfing down their lunch, they prepared to leave the canteen. The group had just reached the door when a large group of people streamed in. The one at the head of the group was a cold-faced youth in a white uniform. It was Ling Lan shrouded in cold air.

How Ling Lan became the dux of her specialization for the second-years was actually quite a funny story. As she had been absent from all the physical conditioning courses in her first year, Ling Lan was actually not qualified to become the dux. In the end, Qi Long, who had the best grades, was chosen to be the dux, but Qi Long immediately went to meet the instructor and declined the position. This was because he did not think he could beat his boss. After the first-ranked Qi Long rejected becoming the dux, the instructors had no choice but to offer the position to Wu Jiong, Li Yingjie, and the rest, in order of their ranking. Unfortunately, Wu Jiong and the rest also refused to become the dux ...

In the end, all of the top-ranking students had refused the position, because all of these students were members of the Lingtian Mecha Clan. If their own boss did not become the dux, how would they dare to take the position?

This caused the instructors of the second-year Mecha Piloting specialization to be teased by the other instructors, laughing at how no one was willing to be the dux of the second-year Mecha Piloting specialization. This annoyed the instructors of the Mecha Piloting specialization, and so they made a shocking decision. They threw the treasured position of dux to Ling Lan who had no achievements to her name. Since all those students believed that Ling Lan was deserving of the dux position, as instructors, who were they to refuse?

In this manner, Ling Lan became the only student to become dux without any actual results, once again making history. Even though this was history that Ling Lan had had no intentions of making.

When Qiao Ting saw Ling Lan, his footsteps paused. The two of them drew closer, and just as they were about to brush by each other, Ling Lan suddenly halted, and Qiao Ting reflexively stopped as well.

The two of them faced each other. This unusual scene caused the entire canteen to fall still and silent. Everyone had their eyes pinned on the doorway, unsure what would occur between Ling Lan and Qiao Ting ...

"Senior Qiao, how have you been recently?" Ling Lan was the first to speak.

Qiao Ting smiled coldly, asking, "Why? Are you here to laugh at me as well?" Senior Qiao? It looks like the other already knew he was no longer the regiment commander of Leiting.

"What is there to laugh about, Senior Qiao?" asked Ling Lan with a raised brow as if completely clueless as to what Qiao Ting was alluding to.

Qiao Ting did not reply, but his expression turned even colder. He was the hot topic all over the academy right now it was unbelievable that Ling Lan truly did not know anything about the rumours.

"It's so rare for our academy to produce an ace operator. I really don't know what there is about you, Senior Qiao, for others to laugh about," said Ling Lan casually, completely ignoring the stony expression on Qiao Ting's face.

Ling Lan's words made Qiao Ting's gaze narrow. He peered intently at Ling Lan's eyes, trying to discern the true meaning behind Ling Lan's words. Unfortunately, Ling Lan's eyes were clear and untroubled, extremely calm there was no hint of anything untoward within them.

Since he could not tell what Ling Lan was plotting, and because Qiao Ting did not want to play around with Ling Lan, he asked directly, "You specially stopped here not simply just to chat like this with me, right? Speak, what do you want?"

Ling Lan did not bother with courtesies either; she stated her purpose outright, "Senior Qiao, I would like to collaborate with you."

"Collaborate?" Qiao Ting was both stunned and amused. "You think that we can still work together?" Having pulled him down from his pedestal in the clouds and ground him into the mud, causing him to lose all face ... this person actually dared to suggest a collaboration? Did he, Qiao Ting, look like an idiot?

"Why not?" asked Ling Lan brusquely.

"You tell me, would I help a person who has made me lose everything? Do I look like a fool?" asked Qiao Ting, livid.

"Help me? Senior Qiao, you think too highly of yourself." Ling Lan's countenance turned dark, and the temperature in the canteen instantly dropped by several degrees, causing everyone to shiver.

"If it's not helping you, are you saying that it would be helping myself?" said Qiao Ting with a sneer. Unlike the others, the cold air emanating from Ling Lan did not affect Qiao Ting at all.

"Exactly so!" said Ling Lan bluntly.

Qiao Ting's eyes narrowed into slits, a dangerous breath of aura rising up from him. These absurd words of Ling Lan had indeed enraged Qiao Ting.

"If we become the champions of the Mecha Grand Tournament, it will definitely be very beneficial to your development in the army. Senior Qiao, shouldn't you consider collaborating this once?" Ling Lan was not at all afraid of Qiao Ting's rage; she calmly stated her stance.

As soon as these words were out, all those who caught what they had said could not help but inhale sharply. They looked towards Qiao Ting, waiting for his answer. If it were them, they would not be able to resist this temptation ...

Taken aback, Qiao Ting was silent for several seconds as if pondering the deeper meaning behind Ling Lan's move. Not long after, he asked, "Why me?"

Ling Lan responded evenly, "I do not want to continue being the perpetual number two. Since this is a matter concerning everyone in the academy, why should Lingtian shoulder the entire thankless burden ourselves?"

Ling Lan's words rendered Qiao Ting briefly speechless, but Ling Lan had not expected to receive an immediate answer from Qiao Ting anyway. She said, "There's still five days' time. I hope that you can give me a good answer in the end." Done speaking, Ling Lan moved to pass Qiao Ting.

At this moment, Qiao Ting suddenly asked, "If I don't accept?"

Ling Lan swung her head around and her gaze pierced right through Qiao Ting, making his heart clench.

"Could it be that after losing once, Senior Qiao has lost his ambition and drive? Or perhaps, you're afraid that you will lose in the Mecha Grand Tournament as well and lose face in the outside world too?" A trace of disdain pulled on the corners of Ling Lan's lips as she said this pointedly.

Qiao Ting's eyes narrowed again at these words, rage blazing in his eyes. It looked like Ling Lan's words had aggravated him.

"Me? Afraid of losing? Ling Lan, are you looking down on me?" Qiao Ting bit out word by word. From his tightly clenched fists, it was clear to see that he was indeed furious.

"In that case, it's settled!" Ling Lan's brows lifted up as she replied with a half-smile. And with that, she led the Lingtian members into the canteen.

The members by Qiao Ting's side waited till Ling Lan's group had moved further away before saying ecstatically, "Boss Qiao, that's awesome! This is a great chance. If we can become the champions of the Mecha Grand Tournament, when we return, there definitely won't be anyone who would continue nattering on about us. Even when we enter an army division, this result would gain us the attention of the upper ranks of the military."

Qiao Ting smiled wryly and shook his head without responding verbally to the member who had spoken.

That member's expression changed. "Boss Qiao, can it be that you're planning to refuse?" But this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

Qiao Ting sighed and said, "No, I'm just frustrated that I fell for Ling Lan's goading. That punk ..." Unconsciously, he had let the other grasp the initiative, and he himself had jumped into the trap accidentally.

At Qiao Ting's words, the member thought back on the earlier conversation and came to a realisation.

Qiao Ting turned his head to look at that dazzling cold youth he believed that for as long as the other was around in the academy, the position of number one faction would never fall to another. Leiting was likely to have difficult days ahead of them in the future.


After Ling Lan's group left Qiao Ting, they immediately walked upstairs and entered a private room. Li Lanfeng, Zhao Jun, and the rest were already waiting there. After Ling Lan had taken her seat, Li Lanfeng said with a smile, "Congratulations on obtaining Thunder King Qiao Ting."

Ling Lan glanced at Li Lanfeng, and her penetrating gaze almost wiped the smile from Li Lanfeng's face. Li Lanfeng's smile dimmed as he asked, "Did I say something wrong?"

"Hn. Don't smile if you don't feel like smiling." Ling Lan frowned slightly. "Too fake." Why was Li Lanfeng acting like this? Recalling that Li Lanfeng had mentioned hating the Thunder King before this, Ling Lan consoled him by saying, "Leopard, Qiao Ting is just working with us. After the collaboration ends, we will still be rivals. We will never be friends."

At these words, Li Lanfeng instantly broke out into a true smile. Ling Lan sighed softly this was how Li Lanfeng should be, like the normal Li Lanfeng. It looked like Li Lanfeng really hated the Thunder King who knew what had transpired between them in the past ... Ling Lan decided to let Little Four investigate the matter.

"Why did you choose to goad him?" Regaining his usual composure, Li Lanfeng piped up to ask. Earlier, due to this goading tactic, Qiao Ting's depressed mood had lifted considerably. Once Qiao Ting bucked up, he would definitely grow rapidly for them who could only be his opponents, Qiao Ting's accelerated growth was extremely disadvantageous.

"With a rival like this, won't it be very interesting?" Ling Lan's eyes glittered. "Besides, I think, for an exceptional ace operator like the Thunder King to grow up as soon as possible, it should not be a headache for us, but for our enemy nations!"

Li Lanfeng jerked and cold sweat beaded on his forehead. His eyes were shadowed and hard to read. In the end, he sighed and said softly, "Rabbit, I was wrong."

Even if the Thunder King could be that destined king of his, how could he plot and scheme to destroy the other just because of that?

"Rabbit, train me hard! I want to become strong!" Li Lanfeng's eyes blazed with fighting spirit. The corners of Ling Lan's lips curled upwards. The way he was right now was just like the leopard of old ...
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