It Is Not Easy To Be A Man After Travelling To The Future Chapter 432

Chapter 432: Two Girls!
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Planet Qiming was a third-rate planet with very limited resources. Originally, planet Qiming was not called planet Qiming, but planet Bizarre. This was because the weather changes on the planet were extremely hard to predict. The changes were bizarre and would come on suddenly without warning one might even experience all four seasons in a single day. However, this type of bizarre weather conditions had caused the natives living here to have extremely sturdy bodies. Through scientific research, specialists had discovered that the bizarre climate of planet Qiming contained a strange type of magnetic field. This magnetic field had subtly enhanced the physiques of the people living here.

This discovery made many of the physical skills experts of the Federation very curious. They all came over to experience it for themselves and after living in the area for a time, they found that it was indeed somewhat effective. Especially when one was stuck at a bottleneck, under the influence of the magnetic field, they could better sense the possibility of a breakthrough. When this hypothesis was proven, a significant number of physical skills masters who had encountered bottlenecks would specially make a trip there and stay for a period of time to look for the catalyst to break through. Over the past few decades, there had indeed been quite a number of physical skills masters who had broken through their bottlenecks this way. In their great joy, all these physical skills masters spoke up to say that this was their place of enlightenment ... over time, this planet became known as planet 'enlightenment', hence planet Qiming 1 .

However, due to its changeable weather and scarce resources, other than those physical skills masters searching for a catalyst to break through, no one else was drawn to planet Qiming; thus, planet Qiming had always been very quiet. That said, this silence would be shattered every three years because the All-Federation Military Academy Grand Mecha Tournament was held on planet Qiming, and this year was the year when the 279th All-Federation Military Academy Grand Mecha Tournament would be hosted.

A month or so ago, almost everyone in the Federation was busy over one thing fighting to obtain a viewing ticket for the Mecha Grand Tournament. There were too many monks and very little porridge 2 if one was just a tad late, they would only be able to watch the live broadcast from their own homes. No one who had the means wanted to miss this opportunity to view the future of the Federation with their own eyes, and this caused the price of the limited few viewing tickets in the black market to rise again and again, even setting a new record. The tickets for this year's event were so highly sought after because the cadet who was known as the second Ling Xiao was very likely to appear ... everyone wanted to get a personal glimpse of the future god-class operator as he grew.

As the time to the tournament drew ever closer, planet Qiming became increasingly livelier as well. The area around the stadium where the tournament would be held had already been turned into a lively marketplace by now. There were specialties from various planets on sale the merchants were very clever and planned to use the Mecha Grand Tournament to earn a hefty sum.

One day away from the start of the tournament, the participating students from all of the military academies were basically already on planet Qiming. At 12 midnight today, the spaceport of planet Qiming would officially be closed. In the following two weeks' time, unless it was a military operation coming from the highest command, the spaceport would not open up for any spacecrafts. This was in order to protect the students participating in the tournament. After all, this tournament would gather all of the most outstanding cadets of the Federation in one place the Federation could not afford to lose them.


In the enclosed accommodation area of the participating students, two girls came to the registration hall. One was delicate and graceful, while the other was handsome and robust. One intense, one fragile, their temperaments were distinctly different yet the two fit surprisingly well together.

These two girls with distinctly different temperaments that somehow enhanced each other's radiance instantly attracted the attention of the students from some academy currently registering in the hall ...

"Oh wow, I never expected to see such superb goods at the Mecha Grand Tournament." A frivolous-looking young man's eyes lit up at the sight of the delicate young girl, his greed completely unconcealed. "She's even 30% prettier than the school beauty of the art institute next door."

"By the looks of their uniforms, they should be students from the Federal Co-ed Military Academy." A friend by that person's side seemed to know the uniforms of the various military academies very well, instantly able to guess which academy the two girls were from.

"Co-ed Military?" The frivolous youth rubbed his jaw contemplatively and said, "Other than our three major men's military academies, only the Co-ed Military Academy is worth watching ... Ah Li, go and find out who the primary force for the Co-ed Military Academy is this time. It would be best if you could obtain detailed information on him ... perhaps, we'll have the chance to sample the women of the Co-ed Military Academy." After saying that, the frivolous youth sniggered creepily he had managed to get his way more than once using this kind of ploy.


The two girls saw the students from some military academy busy with their registrations, and the delicate girl shyly tugged on the arm of the handsome girl beside her, asking her wordlessly to wait.

The handsome girl could not help but roll her eyes at this, but nevertheless, she obediently stopped walking and waited for those people to leave the hall. Only after that did the handsome girl pull the delicate girl by the hand up to the registration area and say to the staff there, "Big Brother, can we trouble you with something?"

The two girls were truly too dazzling; the staff member had also noticed them earlier. Seeing the handsome girl talk to him, his face was instantly flushed with pleasure as he said, "What is it? As long as it's something I can help you both with, just ask."

The handsome girl nudged the delicate girl, indicating for her to speak. The delicate girl's face turned red instantly and she lowered her head. Her bashful demeanour showed that she had absolutely no intentions of speaking. The handsome girl could only sigh helplessly she was trying hard to cultivate her good friend's interpersonal skills, but unfortunately, after more than a year, she still was not seeing any results. Resigned, she had to speak on their behalf. "Big Brother, I would like to know if the First Men's Military Academy has come."

The staff member shook his head in response. "No."

"No? Big Brother, are you sure you aren't mistaken? Do you want to check your records again before answering?" The handsome girl was very disappointed at his reply. Doggedly, she continued to ask, and her brusque attitude made the delicate girl's face turn even redder. The delicate girl pulled hard on her handsome friend's arm, trying to remind her friend to keep calm. At the same time, she did not forget to smile apologetically at the staff member.

The handsome girl's interrogation had initially made the staff member a little angry, but when he saw the delicate girl's smile, his heart melted. He could not help but explain, "I have been keeping a close eye out for the First Men's Military Academy, because the rumoured second Ling Xiao is from that academy, so I would not have remembered wrongly. But, you don't have to worry. There are still 8 hours before the spaceport closes. The participating students from the First Men's Military Academy are probably still on their way, and they should make it in time."

"Thank you!" The delicate girl flashed a grateful smile and thanked the staff member sweetly. This put the staff member in an even better mood and after some thought, he suggested, "Why don't you all leave a message? When I meet the First Men's Military Academy later, I'll pass on your message."

The handsome girl immediately nodded in approval and said, "Tell them that Luo Chao and Han Xuya are here, and for them to come find us quickly." If their communicators had not been disabled as soon as they entered planet Qiming, preventing them from contacting the outside world, they would not have had to resort to such a stupid method to look for Boss Lan and the others.

The staff member smiled and said, "Got it. Why don't you all leave a note too?"

Han Xuya and Luo Chao shared a smile and, in the end, Luo Chao was the one who bashfully picked up a paper and pen to leave a note. Only after that did they say goodbye to the staff member and went off to wait patiently for Boss Lan's group to arrive.
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