Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari Chapter 424

Jikuu Mahou de Isekai to Chikyuu wo Ittarikitari Going Back And Forth Between Earth And The Other World With Space Time Magic Chapter 424

Translated by: Parthios

Edited by: Black Jesus


Jikuu Mahou chapter 424: Dungeon master

I'm anxious about Oracle-chan, but I'm concerned about the change of the sunrise tower too, so I decided to investigate a little.

The first is the goblin dancing in front.


│Race: Goblin

│State: Level strengthening, dance strengthening

│Level: 20

│HP: 453

│MP: 344

│Power: 44 Endurance: 31

│Skill: 45 Magic: 34


│ Dancing 2


What's this!? The goblins on this floor should have been lower leveled. And I'm more concerned about the state's 'level strengthening' and 'dance strengthening' and skill 'dance'.

Is the rise in level due to [Level strengthening]? Is the skill [Dance] due to the [Dance strengthen]? In the first place, why is it strengthened?

「Nii-chan. You're not attacking it?」

「Hmm? Aya do you want to fight?」


Aya attacks the goblin.

However! Aya's first strike has been avoided by the goblin's dance of evasion.

「It is sa.s.sy to avoid my attack!」

However, Aya's second shot hit the goblin's emergency spot.


Goblin stopped moving while raising a death cry.


Hmm? Something has rolled.

I pick it up, and it's...... it was a magic stone.


│【Dance strengthening magic stone】

│A magic stone that raises dance skills.

│However, you would like to dance innocently.

│Rarity: ★★★★


I see, that dance skill is because of this magic stone.

「Nii-chan. What is that magic stone?」

「[Dance strengthening magic stone], it raises your dance skill」

「Eh? That's good. Give it to me!」


I gave it to Aya. She really wanted it, so she would have wanted to dance.

「Hooray! Nii-chan, thank you」

Aya started dancing a joyful dance. The effect of magic stone is excellent.

The dungeon capturing continued while I watch my sister's dance, searching for and defeating enemies with unusual movements.

Since Aya says she wants to fight, I left all the battles to her.

The situation is that it is a mixture of ordinary enemies, sometimes with strange movements and those running around, sleeping and wrestling with strange wrestling moves.

Those monsters also had high levels and also had unusual magic stones.

The rare magic stones gathered are like this. [Sprinting run magic stone], [Long-distance run magic stone], [Business prosperous magic stone], [House safety magic stone], [Child treasure magic stone], [Marriage magic stone], [Gastrointestinal tensifying magic stone].

They're just strange magic stones. Why is it that the effect that the makeup doesn't fall is added to [Long distance run magic stone]?.

There seems to be some changes in the sunrise tower.

We stopped the investigation once.

Then I sent Aya to the adventurer guild, and I decided to go to Oracle-chan.


I alone came to the 60th floor of the sunrise tower.

「Hey, Oracle-chan. Are you there?」

「Ah, Seiji!」

It was Oracle-chan! There is something behind the mana crystal of information magic.

「What are you doing?」

「Sorry. I can't release my hand now. The control system of the tower has run wild...」

「Run wild?」

「From the bas.e.m.e.nt of the tower, unfamiliar energy flows in, which causes some monsters to become violent. As the dungeon master, I am working on it, but I can't do much...」

Was Oracle-chan a dungeon master?

「Shall we lend a hand?」

「Thank you! Then take a look at the 4th bas.e.m.e.nt floor」

4 bas.e.m.e.nt floor...... where I fought against the earth golem?


When I went to the 4th floor by [Teleportation], the s.p.a.ce of a wide hemisphere was expanding.

「I guess there is nothing」

I thought there was a very violent boss monster.

Kin! Hmm? I heard something loud. What is it? After all, there is something?

When I go to the place where the sound came from....... It was small transparent slimes.

The five of them were competing for something sparkling from the wall.


│Race: Diamond Slime

│State: Level Enhancement

│Level: 75

│HP: 358

│MP: 3908

│Power: 37 Endurance: 1789

│Skill: 1804 Magic: 391


│ Earth 4, Light 2


The level is quite high. And the endurance and the height of the skill are abnormal! On the contrary, HP and power are quite low.

Because I was asked by Oracle-chan!


I shot an attack on the surface of the slime's body, despite the fact that I made a complete thrust with Masamune.

What a hardness. Truly diamond.


The slimes noticed that I was attacking them suddenly and fled around into five pieces.


I chase them, but the slimes run away.

I lose against them, so I have to use magic. I managed to catch up with one slime by making full use of [s.p.a.ce-time magic], [Body strengthening magic], [Wind magic], [Earth magic], and so on.

Then, at the moment of attacking the slime, the sword is filled with magical power to make it sharper.


The diamond slime of about 10 cm was split into two by my attack.

『Level has risen to 96』

Oh! Level up! That, maybe.......


『Level has risen to 97』

When the second diamond slime was defeated, the level rose again.

Maybe every time I kill one I get a level up!


『Level has risen to 98』



『Level has risen to 99』

Th, this is!!?

The last one!!!


……What? Only the last one didn't raise my level.

Well, maybe...... level limit?

And around me, as I was stunned at level 99, 10 diamonds slimes about 5 cm in diameter were scattered.

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