Journey Of A Hero Chapter 2

1 Not Necessary To Read. Just A Rant.

In a small place known as bullshitville, one man used a legendary technique known as "excuses." With a single use, he swayed thousands, and when he swayed thousands, he slew millions... His name was... Thousand_Blades...

Alright, in all seriousness, let's get down to the rant here. First off, don't worry, I won't be just ranting about other people, I'll also be ranting about myself here. Probably not as good as some of my other recent ones but it'll definitely be a rant at least...

I hope...

So if any of you were curious as to why the hell I'm suddenly doing total words that's about how many words I typed in the story total and the other that's basically extra authors note added to it, it's because I recently stumbled upon... some unsavory fanfics and novels. Now don't get me wrong here, I enjoy a nice refreshing short chapter sometimes if it was done right and of course, wasn't half a chapter filled with grammar mistakes and all that. Sadly, it happened, it wasn't done right, and if that wasn't enough to sort of agitate me, the wanker even had the BALLS to fucking say something like "Look, I'm not going to drop out of school just for this novel. I've been doing my best recently and this chapter took me at least 3 or 7 days to write" Keep note, this was a 200-500 word chapter. While I have to admit not everyone is creative and simply doesn't have the time at all, what I have to say is your spouting utter bullshit. 200-500 word chapter in 3-7 days? You bloody fucker, you were doing probably 50 words a day and if we were to calculate as to how much time it truly took using my super calculator in my brain here, you most likely wrote 5 words every half an hour and that's already freaking pushing it. It's not even like anyone was asking you to drop out of school in the first place! They were just asking you to be a little bit more serious with this and giving you some advice and criticism so you can improve on it!

How the hell do you expect your shit not to get bashed when you yourself simply never put any actual effort?! I hope you know, not everyone here is trying to read something made by another author who simply gives 0 fucks about what he truly writes and causes the story to become a cluster fuck just because you want it to be like Gary Stu or in what my previous websites reviewers say, Jesus-kun aka Kirito who gets fucking girls wet in 5 seconds left and right. Let's take me for example here, I am a Highschool Student in my Junior year. I have a job, I have friends, I stream, and I play a hell lot of games. The amount of words I write is probably around 2000+ a chapter in 7 days. That's 285 words a day. (No, you mathematical freaks, I'm not going to round it to the highest god damn number. I think I have enough math in my life already...) Of course, it's not completely true as during those 7 days, I sometimes forget to write as it hits me that I have a fucking Sociology project where I have to list 35 important events and people in the past century of American history due in December and I barely even started and I also have to study for my upcoming tests for math, Government, and etc. So let's put it down to a number like 4-5 days. That's still 500 or 400 words a day. Quite a lot since you also have to think about the situations, conversations, and all that jizz to fit it all in. I'd also have to go back and see if I made any major mistakes, and there was probably only one instance as to where I overlooked one and that was recently pointed out in the comments of my 4th chapter.

Keep note, if you indeed are someone like this, you're probably not the one I'm talking about unless you matched all the criteria's of what I just said. If you do match every single thing I said flawlessly then congrats, your probably the person I'm talking about and hopefully this would either force you to not give bullshit excuses and fix your mistakes quickly before others have the chance to criticize it, or it will probably force you to lose most of your will and make you take English classes!

I'm being serious though, either take some English classes or simply stop and write it in your own language and get a translator. There's a reason we have translators on this site after all. Your story just has to manage to capture their attention and you'll just have to ask to help translate your story completely. Don't give the dumb excuse of English is your third or 2nd language. I understand that most people on this website speak and read English, but that's not enough to justify your reason for switching over and using something as stupid as google translate. Seriously, do you actually know how inaccurate that shit is when it comes to translating novels or even sentences?

Like I said before on my previous chapter on Journey of a Hero, I'm a calm and patient person. Of course, this is immediately thrown, shredded, and also burned down in the clusterfuck known as my rage. There are very few ways to actually make me rage. I'll list them below:

1.) You spout utter bullshit to the point it's completely different to what you made it out to be. In other words: "I fucked lady gaga!" but "I fucked an old granny in a lady gaga costume!". Makes sense? No? Well then, here, I'll shorten this. What I'm trying to say is, you said you fucked lady gaga, but in reality, you fucked an old granny in a lady gaga costume. Never tried it? Well then, I think you should so you can understand my feelings. I'm fine if it's like a certain level of bullshit that's not too far from what actually happened or what you actually did. I do it myself, albeit with my friends. But once you actually try to make others believe you did this or that. Recently one system novel caught my attention so I began reading it. I won't lie, it kind of hurts my eyes as I absolutely had no fucking clue as to what exactly was happening. It moved from the guy suddenly dying, to the guy suddenly gaining a system, and then finally to him becoming a master swordsman who makes the girls wet in 5 seconds in the continent known as "You think I'll actually believe this utter bullshit?" I don't even think Against the Gods girls can be as easy as that!

2.) Now here is the common one everyone on both Wuxiaworld and FF has in common here. Mistakes. While not as big as FF, it's still there if its a major issue. If you want my honesty, while I didn't leave FF completely, it simply crushed me as no matter what, you always get people out there who are just trying to critique you for not following canon or trying to follow canon. I shit you not, no matter what you do, you simply cannot satisfy these people completely. It's the same for every other published author in the real world too. The only difference is they are making money and their shit is original while we really aren't lol. Anyways, back onto this topic here. Mistakes are quite commonly seen, and while no one can be truly perfect, I feel as if you should still try to fix these mistakes before it becomes a huge problem. After all, vs those who wants to read the original work and those who wants to read a chapter so full of flaws that it irritates there eyes to the point they'll think about beating the living shit out of you, which would you choose? Yeah, I'll choose option 1, thank you very much. I'm definitely not looking forward to getting beat up for stupid shit like that. I'll admit it here myself, I caught at least 1-4 mistakes in each chapter I've written and I fixed it while adding some more to make more sense into it and explain a few things. This is advantage novels and stories on websites have, and hence why I feel like the "Update" feature they have is pretty god damn useful. I'm pretty sure some of you have noticed this as well, but while huge books used for education and those chapter books used for entertainment are nearly perfect, it's still not there. Plot holes? I'm not too confident on diving into plot holes here cause I'm not totally sure if I have a plot hole myself lol. But grammar mistakes? Definitely there, and I feel like it's a simple mistake to fix. Now, I'm not saying ALL of them have grammar mistakes, but there are some that do have one, and you'll eventually encounter them if you bothered reading intently. Especially those books were given to you around the time your in middle school. I'm pretty sure I have gotten one that revolved around a mischevious guy who was left on an island to survive by the court or whatever? Idk, it's been a long time, so I can't remember the full details. Not even sure if I was thinking of the right one...

Okay, that was pretty random. Let's skip this here.

What I'm going to say here is that if you somehow manage to fuck up half of your chapter with grammar mistakes, I think you have a problem going on and you should seriously either fix it, give up and get a translator if you aren't well-versed in English, or do something else. I'd rather not torture myself.

Anyways, let's finally get onto me here even though I pretty much went maybe a lil in-depth about myself. Now I'll criticize the fact that I simply don't keep track if I already finished writing a paragraph or a sentence. As pointed out by Aeon who commented on my 4th chapter here (Thank you by the way.). I simply suck at it. I won't be giving any excuses for it as I did in my comments, but either way, I didn't notice it was there when I published the chapter and that was my fault for that.

2nd thing I'll go into is how pretty much I rip a few people a new asshole too and to shit even easier than what they previously were used to. I'm pretty sure a few of you encountered me commenting on some stories, and while there were ones I tried to be as gentle as possible, there were ones I couldn't stand to the point I'll be as toxic as I am in a Tom Clancy Rainbow Six Siege ranked match or if you guys prefer, A League of Legends match along with Overwatch. It's one of the negative traits I have, and probably something you'll get if you get deep into a game that's kind of competitive. In other words, I'm sometimes a complete total asshole to others depending on what they were doing.

The 3rd thing is how I simply write too quickly and dismiss it right after. Sure, I double check or triple check just in case, but I would only read specifically that paragraph before moving on. What I should've done was read my whole chapter and my previous chapter to see if it fits in with the rests but as fate would have it, I wasn't born with this thing called patience when it comes to that. Especially when I promised an update every Sunday and with my lazy ass, I start at probably Wednesday-Friday. One flaw is that I'm lazy by the way. Something that developed pretty easily when I became homeschooled in my Sophomore year. Still kind of there, but not as significant. Also fun fact, I developed fast reading to the point I re-read Emperor's Domination in only 2-3 days...




That was unimportant, and it wasn't even a rant. Now I'm just trying to fucking show off a skill that many others have. Anyways, I decided to rant about myself here. Although it's not as much as the others nor as harsh, I tried my best to make it as harsh as possible. I mean, this is me we're talking about. I can't really find all the flaws I have. I can only rely on others for that lol.

Anyways, that's all for the rant. I probably had a hell lot more to say, or type in this case, but it's 5:55 AM right now and I'm simply exhausted.

Is this a well-organized rant? Probably not, took me probably 30-50 minutes here.

Do I genuinely mean the things I said here? Yeah, I mean it.

Will you accept genuine criticism about your novels and stories? Yes, I will. I'm not sure if I said this before but it's not only the critiques that help you improve, it's also the genuine feedback and criticisms given to you by your readers. Although some may be harsher than others, you should try your best to keep a calm mind and ponder about what they just said. Although, for those that simply just comment "Trash" or review "Trash" without even a reason, I would simply be confused, kind of pissed off, and simply frustrated as I would have no idea what they are talking about.

Do I want others to review and vote for my story? Yes, I do. But only if it truly deserves that vote. I know I created the Spirit Contributors role in my discord, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't at least want a genuine ranking not influenced by benefits or by begging. As for reviews, I'm fine with them. To me, I wouldn't believe a 4-star story until I personally read it or if it has like 25-50 people who reviewed.

Oh, one more thing! I'm not sure if you guys got this confused or not, but stability means not how many chapters I put in a week, but if I update at that exact day as promised. So far, I think the stability is going pretty well if you just ignore the fact I published chapter 4 a day early than when it was supposed to be released...

Anyways, yeah. That's about it.

Total words in this rant including this here line in particular right here: 2504 words and what is said below.

(Another thing since I can't expand the limitations of an Authors thought. Hopefully you all won't butcher me for wasting a good few minutes of your life reading this rant. Or maybe even 20-30 minutes. Depends really.)
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