Journey Of A Hero Chapter 3

1 The Beginning

First, I'd like to say sorry for how short this chapter is. I was expecting it to be longer, but as I was writing this the page suddenly refreshed and deleted half of my work so I had to shorten the chapter forcefully before the time hits 12 AM. The next chapter will be longer. Also, for those who are wondering, this chapter is 3 years off of canon. It will remain like this until probably 5-10 chapters. I'm not exactly sure.


"Shirou!" Rin yelled, running towards the bloodied form of the man known as Shirou Emiya. Grabbing his bloody form, she shook him not caring if there was blood on her and held on to him tightly as if she was afraid that once she lets go, he would be gone for good.

"Come on, get up... Use Avalon and heal yourself!" Rin whispered as tears appeared in her eyes.

"It's alright Rin." Even with numerous unhealable injuries, Shirou still gave Rin a smile. A smile that held no regrets.

"Rin... Do you think I finally did it? I became a Hero?" Shirou asked her while staring at the numerous undead beings he had slain, each with a sword stabbed into them. Among the pile, there were two that stood out. Two which had a certain title that would cause many to shudder in fear.

Dead Apostles. Beings who gave away their humanity to achieve what they assume to be immortality.

"You idiot! I'm sorry okay?! I'm sorry for that stupid argument we had! I'm sorry for saying that I hate you! Just please, keep it together with me here until the medics arrive." Rin pleaded, her tears dripping down from her face as she held Shirou's hand.

A smile appeared on Shirou's face. It was one filled with acceptance. He even had the urge to chuckle lightly as Rin forgot one important fact. If Avalon couldn't heal him, the medics would definitely not be able to either unless they were able to recharge Avalon. He couldn't even trace it himself as he simply doesn't have enough prana left.

"Rin, you knew more than anyone how this is going to end. You knew more than anyone, how I never took those words to heart." Shirou closed his eyes, an image of majestic blond hair woman appeared in his mind causing his smile to grow.

"Saber... I can finally see her soon, Rin. Know that no matter what happens, I thank you for staying by my side to the very end. Thank you, for letting me experience this feeling..." Shirou's heart stopped beating causing Rin to freeze. Her skin deathly pale as she realized Shirou Emiya had finally left.

Looking around, she saw that the swords he had projected still stayed in its place, some vibrating as if they were mourning for his loss even if they were just mere imitations of the original.

Shirou Emiya, one of the Former Participants of the 5th Holy Grail War, had died on the hill of swords with a smile on his face.



Opening his eyes, Shirou began to look around at the infinite darkness he saw.

"Is this death? Did I not made it to the Throne like Archer?" Shirou wondered out loud, his voice filled with disappointment yet acceptance. If Alaya was willing to grant him a chance, he didn't know what choice he would make. Still, it was great that Alaya didn't appear. Else, he might have done the same thing Archer had done and led the same life he did. One that went against his ideals whether he liked it or not...

'Hm?' Shirou suddenly noticed something strange. Looking down, he saw his clothes were perfectly intact as if they never went through a bloody battle against the Dead Apostles. His black armor, similar to that of Archer, was perfectly fine. Another important fact though...

Why could he see himself when there is no light?

"Your journey does not end here, Incarnation of the Sword." Shirou heard a static voice sounding similar to that of a girl suddenly. Was this a chant? Did he truly made it to the throne but was about to be summoned right off the bat? But why did this chant sound so different from the ones that summoned other servants? Although he was no expert nor did he truly used a chant, Rin always told him how long the chant was and would be annoyed about it.

Still, a part of him was filled with anticipation, yet another was practically screaming how suspicious this was. What kind of throne was just endless darkness? Not to mention that... Where were the other heroic spirits? Where was Saber?

"I, Mirajane Strauss, A proud member of Fairy Tail, hereby summon you to fight for my cause!" A second later, Shirou felt something pulled him hard. His body began to heat up before it felt like he was crossing through flames. The stinging pain which felt like a million ants biting him began to grow more and more until Shirou began sweating like crazy. His mind also felt like it was torn forcefully by someone or something. He tightened his fist as he tried his best to resist this torture before small bits of his memories began appearing in his mind suddenly. His face was filled with confusion and pain wondering why was he remembering these at such a crucial time.

'I...Miyu, I wished her a... good life? No, wait a minute. This... When was my reality marble so cold? When was my reality marble filled with snow? These aren't my memories at all! It's someone else's!' Shirou saw many images of himself and his little sister, Miyu. No, not his little sister, but...

'My counterpart...' Understanding appeared in his eyes as he realized what was happening before the pain kicked in once again. Gritting his teeth, he endured what felt like thousands of swords ripping into his body before he hollered out. His mind felt like it was going to be destroyed from the endless memories that were entering him! More people began to appear who he didn't even know. It was then fear finally began to appear in his eyes knowing only one thing that will happen if these memories merged with his own.

'I need to withstand this! I need to make sure none of these memories interfere with mine or else I'd really be gone!' with this thought in his mind, Shirou began to section off his memories in his mind. Splitting his memories was harder than fighting those dead apostles. He couldn't tell who's memory was who, but he still tried his best to separate them from his own. Miyu, Chloe, and Rider... People who he was sure he had never met before or friends with were separated into different sections of his mind away from his own memories. Slowly but surely, it started to work. Every memory he has been given started to make more and more sense as he pieced them together. The pain began to slowly numb around his body and he was calming down. A headache was still slightly there, but after what he assumed was an hour, it disappeared as well.

Although there were some parts of his memories being changed, he assumed he might have had at least 5% of his memories merged with his other counterparts. He wasn't totally sure about this. After all, gaining your counterparts memory is an entirely different matter than gaining a friend or a strangers memory. There were some that were ultimately very similar so it was difficult piecing them back together.

Shirou looked around the area and to his surprise, there wasn't infinite darkness anymore. Blurry lights went past him over and over making a beautiful scene. He was even sure he saw some colors that never existed before either. Slowly, he saw the light up ahead becoming brighter and brighter until he arrived at his destination.

"Eh? Hey Mira, weren't you supposed to summon a cool sword or whatever?" A boy who seemed like he was around 14 asked.

"You idiot! The chant was probably about a guy wielding a sword, not just the sword alone!" This time, it was Shirou's turn to be confused. Why was there a butt-naked 14-year-old?

"Gray, your clothes..."

"Oh shoot!"

Conversations took place and a crowd started forming all around. All of them were staring at Shirou with curiosity dancing around in their eyes.

"Hey, who's that kid? Why did he suddenly appear here?"

"Idiot, were you even paying attention? Levy needed help with the summoning spell but she didn't have enough magic energy so Mira stepped in!"

"Eh? Mira did? Is this a sign of the end of the world?"

"I ask of you..." Shirou finally took his attention away from the crowd and upon the white-haired gothic girl in front of him causing everyone to stop wondering what exactly is he about to say.

"Are you my master?" The moment he said those words, everyone was silent. Not even a single movement could be heard as they stared at Shirou with a look of disbelief.

"What?" The white-haired girl was obviously dumbfounded as well. To her, it was clear that the man in front of her was obviously around her age. While she was quite tyrannical in the guild, she wouldn't force anyone to call her "Master" or anything like that...



Well, other than Erza of course.

"It seems you didn't understand me, so I'll ask you again. Are you my master?" Shirou stared at the girl's eyes who began twitching making him sigh. It seems she didn't even have a clue as to what she just did or even why he asked if she was his master.

"Hey hey! Since you were summoned by Mira, does that mean your strong?!" An excited voice asked making Shirou turn to look at him before looking back at the woman.

'So her name is Mira huh' Shirou looked at the girl now identified as Mira. Staring a while longer, he couldn't help but internally nod in appreciation. The woman seemed to match Rin's looks just barely. Although her face wasn't as captivating as Rin's, her white hair and nice blue eyes definitely made up for it. If given time to grow, she could maybe even match or surpass Rin.

"Hey don't ignore me!" The kid from before roared as surprisingly, flames covered his fists and were launched towards Shirou causing him to narrow his eyes.

'What is this? Although it's not rare to see a magus use fire, the fact it covered his fists without even a fireproof glove or anything? Is this the magecraft of a parallel world?' Shirou wondered as he took a step back dodging the incoming flame-imbued fist and delivered a left kick to his head sending him straight to the ground.

'Weak.' Was the one word that crossed Shirou's mind as he looked at the twitching poor boy buried 3 inches in the ground.

"Who the hell are you?!" The butt naked raven-haired boy from before finally decided to wear shorts and began to approach him. Obviously, He did not take it kindly that Shirou knocked his "friend" unconscious.

"Why would I tell you that?" Shirou narrowed his eyes at him. This was getting more and more troublesome than it needs to be. While Shirou was confident in his skills, there were too many unknown factors. He was unfamiliar with the magecraft of this world and there might even be some people stronger than him watching. If they were to all suddenly jump and attack him, he wasn't sure he would survive or not!

"Can you tell us your name." Mira finally spoke gently causing Shirou to stare at her while the rest of her guild members stared at her in shock and fear.

'She's definitely up to something. Definitely!' Everyone thought. Whenever Mira was 'Nice', it would lead to either two things if you refuse something from her. The first being she would definitely beat you down until you are just barely alive. The second one is that whether you accept or refuse, she would crush you like a bug with her take-over magic. Whether it was the first one or not, he was definitely going to refuse! After all, he didn't even want to give Gray his name even when he asked!

"My name is Shirou Emiya. Your servant." Shirou introduced himself as he stared at Mira while everyone was in disbelief. That easy? Did he just fell for Mira? Was this the legendary love at first sight? Don't tell them he was just like Loki?!

"My name is Mirajane Strauss and I am your master?" Mira stared back at him and introduced herself sounding quite unsure.

No one, not even Shirou himself knew that because of him crossing over, Fairy Tail will both have a smooth yet rocky road from now on.
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