Journey Of A Hero Chapter 4

2 Just A Servant. Just A Faker.

It's been about three days since Shirou arrived in this world. During those three days, he gradually began to understand the basics of this world. The prana in the air was amazingly thick, or "Magic Energy" as they called it. It was so huge that they could even waste it on things like magic-empowered cars, magic lamps, and even a magic dishwasher? Everything they used required magic. Much different from his own that had a very limited amount of Prana so they used electricity instead as to not waste it.

"Fairy Tail huh..." Shirou mumbled walking around the town. He had stayed at the guild during his whole time there. Albeit, he would have to go to his Master's house and sleep over there since the Guild Master wouldn't allow anyone to sleep in the guild in fear they might destroy some things accidentally.

Shirou snapped out of his thoughts when he arrived at his destination. Staring at the biggest building in this town called Magnolia, he walked in and was greeted by the sight of the lively members in Fairy Tail chatting and laughing before they head out to their next jobs.

"Ah, your here! Ready to get your guild stamp?" A girl named Lisanna asked Shirou somewhat excitedly. She was the youngest of the Strauss siblings from what he knew. All of them had natural white hair, and blue eyes except for Elfman.

"Lisanna, you know that I'm just a servant to your sister." Shirou smiled at the girl. Although the words felt weird in his mouth, there was no denying that he was simply a servant to her sister as he was summoned by her. She even had the command seals on her hand. Although the appearance was slightly different, he was sure that it was the command seal.

"That still doesn't mean that you can't join the guild though!" Lisanna frowned.

"She's right you know. Even their pet cat became a member of the Guild." Mira walked in and told him. Her intention was evident enough. It seems she also agreed with her sister with that fact. From her stature and the way she talked for the past 3 days, it was clear she was still kind of uncomfortable with the Master-Servant Relationship. He didn't blame her though, as he had been through the same situation as her.

"He's not a pet, he's my kid! He also has a name too you know!" Lisanna pouted at her sister who just grinned at her.

"If I recall, his name was Happy right?" Shirou said with a strange expression on his face. If there was one thing he couldn't get used to was how a cat can be blue and also talk at the same time. If Happy was placed in Earth, there was almost no doubt that every Magus in the Magi Association and even the Church would move to catch and experiment him.

"Mmm! He's me and my husband, Natsu's, kid! Our pride and joy!" Lisanna said proudly puffing her chest causing Mira to simply shake her head. If that knucklehead Natsu thought a wife and husband was food, then she honestly doubted he knew about the feelings of her sister. He was pretty oblivious to all of her approaches after all even when it's been around 4 or 5 years. In a few years, who knows, maybe he will figure it out. For now, though, it was simply a dream for the guy to have any romantic feelings whatsoever.

"Right..." Shirou looked at her strangely. After all, he lived in Earth where common sense was that you married around 16 in Japan and most commonly known is 18 in the US. Not the age of 14.

"Shirou, just go and get your guild stamp now! It's an order from your master!" Mira finally had enough and shouted at Shirou who was slightly stunned for a moment before bowing. It was frustrating trying to convince the guy to get the guild stamp.

"As you wish, master." Shirou began walking away to get his guild stamp. Since his master ordered it, then there was simply no questioning her. Although he had done his best resisting on getting the guild stamp, all resistance was futile if she ordered it. Not to mention it was just a trivial matter too. If she had used her command seal on something as pointless as that, she would no doubt regret it in the future.

Looking at him finally walking away to get his guild stamp, Mira sighed.

"Are you still not used to it, big sis?" Lisanna saw her sister sigh and asked. It's been about 3 days since Shirou had been summoned and she honestly thought he was a little strange. When he looked at a mirror and saw his reflection, he was so surprised as if it was his first time seeing a mirror. Although they had no idea where he was summoned from, he must have at least seen a mirror at least once, right?

"No, I'm not! After all, who could be used to being a Master or Servant other than those willing to be subjugated and those nobles in Fiore! The more frustrating thing is I couldn't figure out what his magic is!" Mira growled as she rubbed her forehead in frustration. The guy seemed to have some skill in fighting, but so far he had never displayed a use for magic at all! While it wasn't unheard of people not being able to use magic, she was definitely sure Shirou could use it! She even brought him out to a few D and C-class missions to see his magic, but so far, he had only used hand-to-hand combat!

"If you wanted to see what magecra- magic that I'm using, you could've just asked me." Mira blinked a few times at the comment before she turned around. Seeing Shirou standing there with a calm face, she scanned his body up and down before she let out a scowl.

"If you're also wondering where my guild mark is, it's on my arm." Shirou thought she scowled because she didn't see his guild mark. To his surprise though, she let out a 'tch'.

"Whatever! Just tell me what magic you use!" Mira was practically dying to know what magic her servant used. It was one thing that bothered her for the past 2 days when she realized she absolutely had no clue what magic her servant was using.

"Hmm... No." Shirou smiled stunning Mira before she flew into a rage and attacked Shirou. After a few minutes of dodging her punches and kicks, she realized she couldn't touch Shirou at all so she just directed her anger at the other guild members who were staring at her in fear.

"W-Wait! Let's talk this out!"




Screams of terror echoed the guild hall, as everyone silently watched the Demoness unleashing her anger at the guild members.

"It's just another day at Fairy Tail..." Lisanna mumbled, reminding herself of this strange scene.

"Just another day?" Shirou once again stared at her with a weird expression. If this was another day, then he would honestly be surprised at how none of the guild members were leaving to escape his master.

"Yep, just another day. By the way, why didn't you show my sister your magic?" Lisanna nodded in response before asking Shirou. She didn't understand why he had said no to her. So far, whenever her sister asked for something, he would do it. She was honestly surprised he said no for something as simple as showing his magic.

"If I were to say... It would honestly be because I was interested in what face my master would make when I reject her. Not to mention that, I think my magecraft is nothing noteworthy. At least, not compared to the people in this guild." Shirou spoke his thoughts honestly. Indeed, his magecraft did seem a little... underwhelming? Compared to the people in this guild. While it was true he could project Noble Phantasms, weapons of heroes in legends, the magic of the people here was simply fascinating. From what he learned, The Master of Fairy Tail was a Wizard Saint who specialized in Light and Titan magic. One who was ranked as one of the top 10 strongest wizards in the country! Not to mention him, there were others as well. Natsu, the kid that he beat down when he first arrived surprisingly had a type of ancient magic that could slay dragons! While there were weapons that can slay Dragons in his arsenal now, he honestly never heard of a magic that could kill them. The list goes on and on too, Smoke magic, Lightning magic, Take-Over magic, Ice magic, etc. It was simply neverending! Surprisingly too, there was even cooking magic where the food can boost a person's stamina, heal them, and even strengthen for a limited period of time!

If he had that kind of magic, what kind of effects would the food he makes produce?

As tempting as it was to learn it, Shirou was reminded of the fact he simply couldn't learn any of these magic simply because he was overspecialized in both Tracing and Reinforcing. Even forgetting about his Dual Origins and Element being a sword, he simply had a completely different system than them. They had a Magic Core to supply them in their use of magic, while he had circuits. While both seemed similar, the process and results are ultimately different.

"Shut up you arrogant prick!" Shirou suddenly heard his master, Mira, shouting loudly as she used her Take Over: Satan Soul charging at a blonde haired man.

"It's laughable! A future S-class wizard couldn't even land a single hit on her Servant so she's taking it out on these guys?!" The blonde laughed crazily dodging the attacks of Mira. Each and every single move of his was efficient, just like a warrior. Although there were some slightly wasted movements, it was nothing too significant.

"Strong..." Shirou whispered as he stared at the blonde man. He had no doubt that in perhaps 5 years, this man would be a monster capable of contending with the Lower-Rank Heroic Spirits with there full power gathered. And that was REALLY strong. Just imagine that in the Holy Grail War, people like Caster, Gilgamesh, and even Arturia only had a part of there powers during the war. One can only imagine how strong a Heroic Spirit was if they have all of their original strength! This is excluding if this man's magic was stronger than his own imagination as well!

As he watched his Master constantly attacking the blonde, he knew that she would lose the fight so he activated his circuits.

"Lightning Magic: Lightning Bullets!" The man shouted as a yellow magic circle appeared and expanded in his hand as balls of lightning shot towards Mira fast.

"As if!" Mira snorted as she used her dark magic to counter the attacks. Both bullets of darkness and lightning continued clashing with each other and cause the guild to rumble.

"If they continue, they're going to destroy the guild!" Shirou's eyes widened at that. While he knew the members were destructive, he didn't know they were at the point where they would destroy a building with there magic! If that was the case, then wouldn't that meanwhile they were out at missions, they...

As these thoughts become closer and closer, he realized that it was indeed possible. If his intuition was right too, in a few years, there was honestly no doubt that these would become nearly an unbreakable habit so the only thing he could now is to stop it before it's too late. Else, they might truly harm people without even realizing it.

With resolve in his eyes, he decided that today and this situation would be perfect to intervene before it's too late to reverse the effects. He didn't know what the guild master was thinking, allowing them to do this constantly. He can say it can improve there magic or whatever, but can't they take jobs in forests that involved no civilians or something like that instead if they wish to go all out? It was clear as day that they weren't used to holding back!

In his mind, he dived into his memories searching for anything that can possibly block the two attacks. As he searched deeper in deeper, he finally found something that seemed useful in his counterparts memories.

"Trace...on!" An image of two huge platinum plated shields appeared in his mind. Their history, aura, and material were all imprinted in his mind as it began appearing in his hand slowly. Pridwen. The Platinum Shield of the Untouched used by King Arthur in Arthurian Legends.

Right before they were finished forming, Shirou rushed in before the weight of the two shields slowed him down. He watched the intervals of each attack in his eyes and appeared as soon as there was a slight opening.


The attacks smashed against the shield making a loud exploding sound. It shook Shirou considerably, but it was nothing he couldn't handle as he stabilized himself.

"Stop, now!" Shirou let out a yell as a look of surprise flashed in his eyes. It didn't feel as taxing to summon two noble phantasms now, and it even felt like it could last in the world for probably a few months!

Did Gaia's influence weaken here?

"Hey, who are you to interfere!" The blonde roared at Shirou who only looked at him straight in the eyes before responding.

"Me? I'm no one important really. Just a servant. Just a faker." Shirou stared at the blonde as he raised his two shields up. If the man wished to continue the fight, he can. Although Shirou had a very high evaluation in his abilities, that was only in the future!

Right now? He wouldn't last 5 minutes against someone like him.
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