Journey Of A Hero Chapter 6

4 Meeting Another Fairy Patched

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"So this is it huh?" Shirou entered the village of Burling and looked around. The place seems kind of desolate, although there were a few people here and there with smiles on their faces, he could tell that they were fake. The village may seem happy, but ultimately it was in despair. As he walked around he saw an eye-catching wooden building with a sign.

"Those who dreamt of everything, lost everything huh?" Shirou pondered these words for a moment. Those who dreamt of everything, lost everything? He could only think of a few ways that could've meant this judging from his requests, but it was still too soon to speculate. For now, he'll have to ask the person who submitted this request personally later. He had to at least observe the village for a bit here.

Walking in a random tavern, he was met with a bustling party, everyone seemed to be laughing and having a good time. It would almost be alright if it wasn't for what happened next.


A guy who had a two-toned hair of black and white tied up into a top knot slammed a red-headed girls cheese-cake. The whole place was quiet right after that. Everyone stared at the two as the tension in the room slowly grew tense. With Shirou's sense of smell, he found at least 3 people who seemed to be slowly creating a magic circle in their hands. Each of them were wearing 3 different color cloaks and the colors were red, blue, and green. It was weird to him, shouldn't they wear darker colors instead to avoid attention? It seems that they were either confident, new, or complete idiots. All which would most likely lead you to death if this was his previous world.

"Hey, isn't that him? One of the Element 4 of the Phantom Lord guild? What's he doing here? More importantly, why is he getting involved with Erza?" A guy asked confused.

"Idiot, don't you know? It was said that both Phantom Lord and her guild had a feud dating back to there creation! It seemed like both the founders didn't really like each other at all and even seemed like they wanted to annihilate the other guild!"

"Are you kidding?! If that's the case, what's going to happen here?" Many people had conversations in the background as they watched the scene that was about to unfold in interest while others backed off right away and did there best to get away from the incoming fight.

"Listen here, brat. No one here wants you! This place is under the jurisdiction of the Phantom Lord guild ever since we took the mission here! We don't need any flies to intervene! You were just here for a taste test, and now you want to intervene against some unknown mages?! Get lost kid or else I, Totomaru of the Element Four, will force you to. " The known sneered. He puffed his chest in pride showing off what seemed to be similar to a Ninja outfit that Shirou would usually see in those plays back in his world.

"My cheesecake... You destroyed my magnificent cheese-cake..." The girl named Erza whispered as she stared heartbrokenly at the cheese-cake in front of her.

"Huh? What are you talking about brat? Look here, if ya just leave, I'll maybe think about buying you a cheese-cake. Else, people would say that I like bullying children! If you don't listen though, I'll have to use force." Totomaru sternly said holding the katana on his waist.

"Trace, on..." Shirou whispered softly as he began to form a simple double-edged sword in his hand. The situation was getting too out of hand here. He already sensed 3 mages in the background who were about to attack as soon as the two fight.

"You'll pay for ruining my desert!" Erza yelled in anger as she requiped two swords in her hand.

'Now!' Shirou reinforced his legs and with the kick of his legs, he jumped above the crowd and was half-way to the mages already.

"Hey what the hell?!" One of the mages saw Shirou suddenly yelled alerting his companions.

"Attack, attack right away! Forget about the people here!" The mage in blue yelled as a ball of ice rushed towards Shirou. The other mages also used there spells shooting out it out together in hopes of fusing it. Sadly, it ended up canceling each other out leaving only the Blue Mage to do the work himself.

"God damn idiots! Didn't you hear them say that the unison raid requires a lot of skill?! We only just started and you're treating yourselves as if your a god amongst men who could do anything?!" The Blue Mage yelled in frustration at his companions. He was practically about to burst into tears. Why were they so useless?!

"Hmph...!" With a twist of his body, he used the force of his spin to cut the ball of ice! While his physique wasn't at it's best just like his times of being an Enforcer, it didn't change the fact his skills were still there! Even without it, he could come up with ways to deal with his situation.

"God damn it!" The blue mage panicked as he raised his hands to cast another spell making Shirou act immediately. Right when he landed, he once again used his legs to exert a large amount of force into the ground to immediately cut down the Ice-wielding mage.

Before the other two mages could react to the loss of their fellow member, Shirou untraced the sword in his hand and traced his favorite swords, The Bakuya, and the Kanshou. After he finished tracing, the two mages finally snapped out of it. It occurred to them that they were still in a fight, sadly though, in Shirou's opinion, it was already too late for them.

"You know, if you guys decided to attack me the moment I traced, you might've had a chance... Although, that could be false hope because my tracing..." Shirou began to speak as he held the married blades in the air and threw them straight into the guts of the two mages. The two had their eyes widened in disbelief as they looked down to see the married blades stabbed deeply into there guts before falling down.

"It would've been finished before your magic was even created." He finished as if he was teaching a bunch of students. A puddle of blood began to appear from the two and it slowly spread causing some people to finally notice and go alert.

"MURDER!!!" A man screamed in fear when he saw the two mages down with a sword in there gut creating panic throughout the building. Screams were heard, both out of fear and pain as some were being trampled on by others. Everyone was in a rush to leave the building and by the end of it, groans were heard as people were still trying to slowly walk out of the building even when trampled on. Due to this, both Totamaru and Erza stopped there fight and finally brought their attention to Shirou who stood there above the two bodies before pulling out the Bakuya and Kanshou. Both blades were bathed in blood, creating a dark scene of Shirou who seemed like a bloodthirsty demon. It didn't help too because of his hair nor his clothing that was similar to Archer's making it even more intimidating.

"Did you just... No, it definitely looks like they're dead but still alive at the same time... Are you from the Dark Guilds?" Totomaru observed silently. He looked at the bodies and noticed that while they were still breathing and alive, the wounds that Shirou had inflicted on them were serious. If they weren't treated soon, it was most likely they would die! Who could be as ruthless as him other than those from the Dark Guilds?

Yet, Shirou didn't answer. He saw no reason to. Even if he did answer honestly, what would the outcome be? It would still be the same. For what he knew and what the red-head knew, Shirou most likely killed random innocent civilians! Not to mention that it seemed like they were aware of the unknown mages in the town too, so if they were to point fingers at anybody, it would most likely be him.

Normally, he would try to defuse the situation, but he was honestly feeling tired and since he already knew the results even if he did try to, he saw no point in it. Who would they believe, the man who had his hands stained in blood, or the two 'Innocent' Civilians laying on the ground with a sword stabbed in there gut? The answer was quite obvious. He hadn't gotten even a tiny wink of sleep ever since he left the guild two days ago and took the train. All he wanted to do now, is just knock the two out, wake them up and explain the situation, and then go to sleep. Maybe while he was at it, he'll just trace a few bandages to wrap around the people he stabbed, but for now...

"You... What did these innocent people ever did to you?!" The other red-headed mage roared at Shirou in anger. Her brown eyes were practically blazing in fury making Shirou stare at her silently before his eyes suddenly widened.

'A Fairy Tail member?' Shirou thought in his mind in surprise when he looked at the Blue Fairy Tail Emblem on her left arm. The girl's armor had completely changed into what seemed to be a damaged priestess outfit, courtesy of Totomaru. One katana was in her hand instead of the double-edged sword he saw her previously wielding.

"Hold on a minute here, we have a little misunderstanding! I'm from the Fairy Tail guild to-" Before Shirou could even finish, he was cut off by the sound of a katana ready to slice his neck off. Dodging it just barely, he looked at Erza who was somehow even more enraged.

"Don't you dare tarnish the name of my guild you faker! There is no way my guild would ever invite a blood-thirsty demon like you!" She yelled with anger while requiping another katana in her hand.

'This unreasonable little girl! Why is she even more unreasonable than Rin?! Moreover, I'm not a blood-thirsty demon! I'm a human, at least, a very distorted one, but still!' Shirou thought in disbelief. In all of his years, he thought Rin was unreasonable enough when they were in a relationship in his previous life with her mood swings, but it seems he actually found another one even more unreasonable than her! In this world too!

"Hold on, isn't this enough to prove it here?!" Shirou acted quickly and showed his guild mark on his upper right arm in hopes of diffusing the situation. Of course, with his luck, it not only did it not diffuse the situation, but it also made it even worse.

"You even had the audacity to copy my guild's mark?! Even if my fellow members forgive you for that, even if the master forgives you, I certainly won't!" With a mighty swing of her swords, she created a large hole on the ground that Shirou was previously standing on a second ago.

In her hot rage, Erza dashed towards Shirou with the intent to knock him out or even cut the poor bastard into pieces. Both of there swords clashed, with Erza constantly attacking Shirou and him constantly defending so he doesn't end up accidentally killing a possible friend of his Master. Each time she swung, the force she used kept on growing and growing to the point Shirou could barely take it anymore. When his body reverted, this included the stamina he previously had and his strength that was enough to take down even one Apostle Ancestor. It wasn't until after 30 seconds, a change occurred. Shirou decided to use his 'ordinary' style of fighting that's usually used against stronger opponents. He revealed a big opening after there next clash and right when Erza was about to take it, Shirou used the opportunity to dodge it by jumping in the air while spinning his body to use the hilt of his sword and smash it against the back of her neck knocking her out. Was it practical? Probably. Did she break her neck in the process?



Well, he'll find out later.

"Now, It's time to deal with you here..." Shirou turned his head towards the last guy but...

"Sorry, I'm out, I have to return to my guild to order some sushi, bye!" Totomaru said extremely fast before he disappeared right in front of Shirou making him dumbfounded. What was the point of saying that all of a sudden? Order some sushi? Did this world even have sushi? Also, why the hell did he even bother making an excuse if he was running away from him? Wasn't that just a waste of time? Not to mention that, wasn't that too random?

Unknown to Shirou, Totomaru actually had his reasons for leaving. If the red-head were to find out about his Guild Master's plan, he would no doubt be punished and probably even killed if not careful!

Shaking his head, he couldn't help but groan about how weird the people in this world are. They were as random as Rin's outbursts towards him.

"Owwww...." A painful groan was suddenly heard snapping Shirou out of it. Looking at Erza, he couldn't help but sigh. He didn't want to do it, but she practically left him with no choice. It was either that or slicing both her arms and legs while she listens to his reasons.

"Guess I have to take her to a hotel to rest here... Else, god knows what will happen nex-" Suddenly Shirou turned around with his bronze eyes widened. A strong smell of prana was gathering 3 miles away and seemed to be heading his way! Tracing a small shelter for the other three mages and holding Erza in his left hand, he began reinforcing his whole body right away. When a gold light suddenly approached him in extreme speed, he reached out his right hand to grab ahold of it!


Explosions occurred, the building he was previously in was toppled down and allowed everyone outside to see what exactly was happening. The clothing on his right arm was destroyed the moment his hands came into contact with what seemed to be a spear fused with light magic. His hands were burning, the rotation of the spear was enough to tear any normal man's skin! He was practically lucky it didn't happen due to how powerful and how many prana there was in this world that helped increase his magecraft. After a few seconds, Shirou finally gained control of the spear in his smoking burnt hands. The pain was still there, but compared to being stabbed in the heart by The Hound of Ireland, it was nothing.

"Here, I'll return the favor, Remnants of the Blue Skull!" Peaking into the history of the spear, he finally found out who was behind those previous mages and who exactly they were. With a mighty roar, he threw the spear right back towards the owners with the same amount of power and speed before he immediately tightened his grip on Erza and started running. He needed a place to get away from this village right now! Else, he might encounter the big boss of the Remnants! While he was pretty confident in dealing with him, he wasn't confident about the damages and the people around them if they were to engage in a battle. It wasn't just him either and from what he knew, there was an even bigger force backing them up behind the scenes known as the Balam Alliance. If they were as monstrous as the Heroic Spirits back in the Holy Grail War, then he was doomed. Especially since he doesn't know who exactly leads it and how powerful they are. All he knows for now though as he runs away from the village...

The situation was much more complicated than what he thought before...


Sorry for the late update even though I said in discord I was going to publish it yesterday. I may have fallen asleep while I was writing this... Just may have...

I'm not doing any info dumps by the way. Although I explain some things in my comments, Ultimately, it will be explained in the story as well as it progresses. Also, can anyone tell me why when I read some of the stories here everyone is always using things like

MC: Hey, can I have a system?

System: Yeah!

MC: Can I ravage the bunny inside you?

Girl: Sure!

Can anyone explain that to me? Because I sure as hell didn't expect to see a few stories like this. It's like reading a script from a play but the problem is for there to be really any impact, you need groups to actually read it together and act it all out. As another author from a different website, I actually didn't expect to see something like this as if you write like this on the other site I was previously in... Well, you better prepare for a hell lot of reviews of how shit your writing is and a hell lot of accusations of how lazy you are. Anyways, I was just curious about that. While I'm sure there are some who enjoy that type of writing out there, in my opinion, I feel like you should do the standards that basically every other novel or story out there writes. Anyways, I'll be posting another rant chapter here to release my frustrations in about a few hours. Also, I decided something. I will be doing a word count here (Not including the side notes and stuff like that.) since I saw one story here complaining about how hard it was to make a 200 word chapter with them having to go to high school and all that jizz, let me show you how much I write in a few days while playing games, doing projects, attending school, hanging with friends, and going to work.

Total words in the story: 2783.

Total words in this chapter: 3549 now including what I'm about to say at the bottom.

Part of my rant for now:

What I'm trying to say is, if you're going to complain about how you can write a total of 100-500 words in 7 days with barely any efforts to actually try and read your own story, go through the mistakes you made, and fucking fix it, then what about some others who actually try their best? Not to mention that, you have the fucking BALLS to say you're still doing your best when I see thousands of others in this website doing there best and actually put in the effort even when things going on irl? Trust me, I'm generally a calm and patient person (Not when I'm playing games though), but when I see fucking shit like that, I'm fucking livid as you know damn well you are just making bullshit excuses!

Don't get me wrong, I make a hell ton of excuses. But this is something that happens if something big has come up, and if there was a mistake somewhere that I usually get because of how trash my pc is when it comes to refreshes. Got prob a 100 tabs on google to read other stories, mangas, youtube videos, and research things through both wikipedia, and videos of events as well as other YouTubers who theorize about certain things. While I don't usually go freaking fanatic with there theories, I have to admit that some parts do make sense for me to add.

The whole rant I have is pretty much bottled up after reading about a dozen stories on this website. Anyways, as I said, the whole rant will be published in a few hours if you want to read that.

Total words in the story as of this moment: Probably around 10,000 if you don't include my chapter 0 rants.

Keep note: This will all change if I find any mistakes that I need to fix. For some reason, if you are reading this on the app, it seems like the updates I do on each chapter don't go through so I recommend going on like Safari or Google on your phone if your planning on reading or maybe a laptop or computer. Also, if you are in the top 5 in the power-votes, there is a role personally made for the top 5 in the discord.

I'm not perfect, I know my story isn't the best out there, but it's certainly better compared to those who wrote with no effort.

Edit: Fixed up major patches in the story.
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