Journey Of A Hero Chapter 7

5 Important Announcement. Please Read.


Currently, because of my god damn state failing to find my scores from my freshman and sophomore year, I have to retake around 6-7 tests from that time going around Algebra, Biology, US History, English II, Geometry, and I believe regular English. Definitely going to be fun especially since my hair was already turning Gray from mentally being stressed!

Started about 1-2 days ago, and just when I said I was going to relax on the weekend and finish up my chapters early, this shit appeared and now I'm god damn even more stressed with work, projects, and these god damn tests happening next week. It's not only that too, as I also have to keep up with my school work as well!


Anyways, this is the situation here. The chapter will be a little bit later than usual, probably be done next Wednesday or Thursday. I'm going to be honest, they are only half-complete right now. I would publish them, but that'll probably ruin the flow if I separate it into two chapters. Especially since I really hate doing small chapters going around 1500 words. Prefer a little more detail and more depth so I usually do 2300-3000. Will probably do 5000-10000 words chapter soon but not completely sure. Depends on the events happening in the story and all that.

Anyways, this is all for now. Sorry, I didn't really expect this at all either. I can still stream games as it kind of helps me relax as long as I'm not doing anything competitive, but that's pretty much it. I still have to study for those tests so yeah. Once again, sorry.

The chapter will be posted next week around Wednesday through Friday and the stability will be back after two weeks. Actually probably not that either because you wanted to know why? Exams are also coming up as well!

Fuck me! @@
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